Is it possible to make a recreational drug from industrial hemp by extracting the THC?

June 21, 2013

Senator Dianne Feinstein believes hemp should remain illegal to grow in the USA due to the possibility of people making hash oil… It seems impossible to me… Most hash oil recipes use THC rich marijuana, NOT industrial Hemp. What is the truth? email me at gregvan [at] yahoo [dot] com

Is Something on Fire? or is it a SKUNK? The NOSE KNOWS.

April 28, 2013

Is Something on Fire? or is it a SKUNK? The NOSE KNOWS.

S and P 500 Index shows that the American Stock Market experienced TREMENDOUS GROWTH with Democratic Presidents.

September 6, 2012
Obama and Clinton have worked MIRACLES!
Bush lost about half our money. Idiot.

Vulture Capitalism. Willard Mitt Romney and Global Economic Collapse

July 22, 2012

Question. a Quest for an Ion… Like CERN and subatomic physics…

July 15, 2012

So, there has been great strides forward in physics… The articles I have read make me wonder… since this discovery is of a truly fundamental nature, what IS the Higgs Boson and how will it effect our understanding of reality… It is FUN to QUESTION REALITY.Image

I do not pretend to actually understand what it is that they have discovered but… It seems that this particle is what causes mass to exist at all. AND it helps to explain why spiral galaxies don’t simply expand forever instantly… There is a fundamental mystery being explored there. Thanks CERN. For Your Information: That is where Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He needed a way to navigate easily from one computer file to another… so he invented the LINK. Pretty profound Idea… Here is a LINK:

Directly above is a LINK to my Zazzle Webstore and “Question Reality” Bumper Stickers…

Outrage about Willard Mitt Romney and Tax Evasion by Tom Nash.

July 15, 2012

He has written some coherent posts on Facebook.

Romney is whining over a charge from Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter that Romney might have committed a felony by misrepresenting his position at Bain in sworn testimony.

“It’s ridiculous, and of course it’s beneath the dignity of the presidency and of his campaign. He sure as heck ought to say that he’s sorry for the kinds of attacks that are coming from his team.”

Tell ya’ what Mitt, why don’t you release Board minutes from 1999-2002 and tax returns from 1999 forward to prove to Obama how unfair his team’s accusations are.

After all, the president released his birth certificate in response to whining from the right.


Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are pushing for tax cuts applied to all earnings under $250,000, that applies even for a billionaire’s regular income.

The Democratic proposal includes these provisions: a 20 percent capital gains rate on those earning over $250,000; and estate taxes on estates over $3.5 million.

So the moneyed elites will still get very favorable tax treatment just because they didn’t have to break a sweat, punch a clock, or even show up in order to earn their money. Everybody, including the wealthy will get a tax break extension on the first quarter of a million of non-capital gains taxable income.

Sounds like a sweet deal for the rich, right?

“What the President is proposing is therefore a massive tax increase on job creators and on small business. Small businesses are overwhelmingly being taxed not at a corporate rate, but at the individual tax rate. So successful small businesses will see their taxes go up dramatically and that will kill jobs.” (Mitt Romney)

Unfortunately it’s not as sweet of a deal as they want. As far as the “small business” crap goes, they will pay modest 4% increase on income above $250,000. If they don’t want to pay it, all they have to do is leave the excess in their business. Like maybe use it to create a job or 2 for a change.

With wealth disparity so severe that the richest 400 Americans own more than the bottom 150,000,000 Americans, it’s about time we reinstated a modest estate tax.

For you Fox News people who don’t understand my terminology:
Estate Tax=Death Tax
Billionaires=Job Creators
In right wing buzzword gibberish.


In sworn testimony establishing residency status in Massachusetts to run for governor Romney noted that he regularly traveled back to Massachusetts and “remained on the board of the Staples Corporation and Marriott International, the Life Like Corporation” at the time.

Yet a 2011, federal disclosure form filed as part of his presidential bid, he said:”Mr. Romney has not had any active role with any Bain Capital entity and has not been involved in the operations of any Bain Capital entity in any way.”

There are liars, damned liars, then there’s Mitt Romney.

Tropical Fish ART… Cosmic Coral Reef… er…

July 14, 2012

Infinite ART…

soon to be published on my zazzle webstore… a CAMO FISH!

Debunked: The Gender Wage Inequality Gap

June 19, 2012

Debunked: The Gender Wage Inequality Gap.

Bubble Up Economics

June 9, 2012

What IS “Bubble Up Economics” and how does it work? Simply put, increase minimum wage and all those workers will have more money to spend at American Businesses. The increased sales will cause a need to hire more workers. The increased profits will cause more money to be paid in taxes and increased earnings by stockholders. Everyone WINS.


We have tried “Trickle Down Economics” for decades and it has clearly failed. Why not try something different? I have found that when I try something and it fails, and then I try the same thing and it fails again and the it continues to fail for the third, fourth and fifth time… It’s time to notice the trend and try something different. DUH.

An open letter to Republicans. by Tom Nash

June 3, 2012

Do you miss the good old days when conservative Republican statesmen were thoughtful, considerate, kindly gentlemen like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan? Do you yearn for a time when civility, propriety and decorum ruled the day? Are you fed up with the regressive, belligerent, obstructionist stridency of the current Republican Party?

On behalf of the Democratic Party, I am putting out the welcome mat to any patriotic Republicans who are unhappy with the decline of your party. You will find us to be a friendly, civilized party who champion the American principles of freedom, fairness, justice, tolerance, integrity and truth. We appreciate civil discourse and diverse opinion, so there’s plenty room over here for anybody who truly loves America.

You could be one of those Blue Dog Democrats. They are basically reasonable, conservative, decent Christian folks who believe that we can all work together to solve America’s problems. They would probably be Republicans if they could tolerate the smell over there. Most of them are about as conservative as President Reagan was.

Christian patriots are welcome too. All of the Democrat Presidents down through history have been good Christians. Despite what you hear on Fox News about President Obama being an Islamic terrorist, he is actually a devout Christian who practices good family values. Jimmy Carter was even a born again Southern Baptist. What would Jesus do? He was a man of peace who healed the sick and fed the poor. With values like that, he wouldn’t feel very welcome in today’s Republican Party.

So anyhow, come on over here and join with the Democrats for the betterment of America. We can all work together to undo the damage caused by that radical Republican free market agenda that concentrates all the wealth at the top. We can rebuild the middle class back to those good ole days before trickle down economics. We can create new opportunities for our children to prosper. We can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and make our schools great again. Even rich Republicans would be wise to join with us. When the middle class is healthy again, they will spend lots of money, and you can get even richer.

Your new Democrat friend,
Tom Nash stole money from my friend. memoryLane ripoff.

May 17, 2012

They claim that three months ago she signed up for a three month trial for half price. She never got any kind of confirmation notice. And three months ago she did not notice the debit in her account. NOW, there was a $15.00 debit and my friend noticed over the weekend… They refused to refund the money. They apparently depend on people not noticing the debit. There was no notification of the renewal at full price. BEWARE OF THESE BANDITS.

Read More: 

Controversial business practices

It is standard practice for to auto-renew memberships at the end of each billing period. In December 2006, when PCWorld field tested several companies to determine how easy or difficult it was to cancel their service, was one of the companies that received their worst rating.[16] also routinely sends e-mails indicating that one of the recipient’s classmates is looking for him/her. Allegedly, this is frequently untrue, and currently faces a lawsuit for this practice (which, if the allegation is true, constitutes fraud).[17] In addition, does not allow members to provide each other with private e-mail addresses, street addresses or phone numbers since this would allow the members to communicate with one another outside of the site and therefore not pay for communications.
[edit]Settlement on hidden online shopping fees

On August 18, 2010, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced a settlement with six companies, including Classmates, as part of a probe into the discount club industry. Classmates was among the retailers that agreed to pay $2.1 million toward refunds and consumer education.[18] Under the scheme investigated, consumers who signed up for discounts or cash-back promotions were asked to enter their payment information; entering this information triggered small, easy-to-overlook recurring charges on the accounts, billed to unfamiliar company names. Classmates’ share of the settlement amounts to $960,000 and a commitment to end these practices.[19]
[edit]False Advertising Lawsuit Settled

Seattle-based has agreed to pay up to $9.5 million to its users to settle a lawsuit that accused the social network of sending fraudulent emails that told recipients their old friends from school wished to reconnect (and the recipients would need to buy memberships to receive their old friends’ contact information). The lead plaintiffs in the case, David Catapano and Anthony Michaels, would each receive $20,500 as part of that provision.

United Online, the parent company of, earned $70 million from marketing practices under investigation in 2009 by the Senate Commerce Committee involving piggybacking a second credit card transaction with membership to involving a loyalty program.[20]

We are all one ‘neath the Infinite Sun

May 12, 2012

Planned Cities are vastly better than unplanned cities.

May 8, 2012

I have had the joy of living in Columbia, Maryland and Almaden, California. I worked in Reston, Virginia and have visited Scotia, California. This is what I’ve learned.

Columbia is an example of a truly outstanding design. It is based on small “pods” of homes and businesses that are interconnected by bike trails and roads. Every home is within walking distance of stores that sell basic necessities. This becomes crucial during snowstorms when all the roads are undriveable. Designed by James Rouse. It is home to the Merriweather Post Pavilion concert venue in Symphony Woods. Across the street is a Shopping Mall and Lake Kittamaqundi… sail boats and canoes for rent. Columbia is home to Howard Community College and Hobbit’s Glen golf course. Yes, he planned for everything… and it’s all within biking distance.,_Maryland

Almaden: During the 1960s IBM built a disk drive factory in the rural farmland near San Jose, California. Then they build homes for the employees, a golf course and a swim and racquet club. They believed that they could attract a higher quality employee if the living conditions were ideal. It worked. The concept of a the database was invented there. One of those truly epic ideas…,_San_Jose,_California

Reston was a city built by Robert E Simon. Note his initials in the name of the city. Located near Dulles Airport it is a popular location for corporations. It is easy to fly into Dulles and take a taxi to a meeting. Having an airport close by was convenient for shipping our finished products to the customers. I worked for a defense subcontractor and Reston is close to the Pentagon and Washington, DC.,_Virginia

Scotia was built for the employees of The Pacific Lumber Company. Their plan was to harvest 1% of the trees every year and plant a new tree for every one harvested. That “100 year plan” was designed to ensure that there would be work for the mill employees forever. In a hundred years, the new trees would have grown up and be big enough to harvest again. Sadly, Charles Hurwitz used junk bonds to do a hostile takeover of the company, cut down all the profitable trees, looted the pension fund, hid the money in Texas and then declared bankruptcy. Now the company has been purchased by the Fischer family and they have returned to sustainable logging.,_California

There is a lovely coloring book of The Headwaters Forest.

On a personal note: If you and your friends drive over Blossom Hill Road from Los Gatos, California at night and you put Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell” CD in the stereo… when you crest the hill and can look down on the sparkling lights of the city of Almaden… the band sings…
The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The nights of wonder
it’s all true and a really emotional experience…
You see, it appears that the lyrics describe what is actually happening… Cosmic…

I had the blessing of attending many rock concerts at Merriweather Post Pavillion.

The Grateful Dead played there Six times while I was living on the east coast and I went to all six shows.
One night there was a thunder and lightning storm at dusk. Torrential downpour… all the power went out and we were treated to a drum duet played by Bill K and Mickey Hart. It appeared that they were incorporation the thunder into their music. A traditional tom-tom fill is “da da da, de de de, du du du, boom”. They used the flash of lightning to predict when the thunders boom would sound…
As a special blessing, half the audience on the lawn area went home… That solved the overcrowding problem. The rest of us stayed and danced in the mud.

Sadly, the audience forced management to prohibit the Grateful Dead from playing there.
One time there was a concert near July Fourth and the members of the audience set off too many fireworks after the concert. Since it is possible to buy rockets that fly up into the sky and explode in South Carolina (not too far away), that year there was a danger of setting Symphony Woods on fire. Oh Well… it all worked out because about that time the Grateful Dead became really popular and needed RFK Stadium to satisfy the demand for tickets.

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Global Awakening 2012. Peace be with US.

March 3, 2012

This year, with the Gathering of the Tribes on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico I foresee a great awakening… Starting 12/1/2012 and continuing until 1/1/2013 there is an announced Rainbow Gathering at the Mayan Ruins near Palenque.

But this is MUCH BIGGER than just the Rainbow Gatherers… At Chichen Itza there will be an event on 12/21/2012 with Jose Arguelies… He organized Earth Day and the Harmonic Convergence at Mount Shasta, CA years ago. Astronomers, Astrologers, New Agers, Barking Pumpkins and Mayans will be there…

One Side note: all hotel rooms have already been booked… Plan to live outdoors with the animals of the jungle… Some are Dangerous.

Peace on the Farm with Fruit, Trees, Castles and Visual Echo-Echo-Echo

March 3, 2012


Peace Rally in Eureka, CA. “Aware, Awake and Appalled” says the sign…

For years we have held Peace Marches and Rallies in Eureka. Starting in 2003 before the War in Iraq started and every year since… Eventually, the President of the United States got the message and the War in Iraq ended. Except for the Blackwater Mercenaries… They remain… but, they are civilians and employed to protect our oil companies… The 1% feel it’s a good investment. That’s why our Peace Protest has turned into an OCCUPATION.

Read More at:

Microsoft is holding my website’s content hostage.

February 26, 2012

They have decided to terminate Office Live on 4/30/2012 and give me the opportunity to move my content to a PAY PER MONTH service. I have YEARS of work on that website. I AM NOT AMUSED.
So, enjoy it while you can… I have 300 visitors a day that read my stuff and come May, it will all be gone. A Thousand Pictures… Last Chance:

Yes, I can move all the content but I should be creating new works of art… I should be doing creative writing… I will be copying and pasting instead of doing actual artwork. What will happen to the Domain Name? Does anyone have a good idea for automated mirroring? What about the business cards that have already been printed? What about the thousands of links worldwide that will soon point to nothing? Maybe a DNS can redirect to a Google page?

This does solve a problem of how to keep my content alive after I’m Dead. I’ll simply be posting on a dozen sites and hope that some will continue to be in business for centuries… I was planning to pay the yearly $14.95 to Microsoft for my Domain Name by having my family continue authorizing payment as specified by my will… That will not be needed…


Most new content will be at:

Legalize Marijuana 2012

February 13, 2012

Write to the President... email, USPS, Smoke Signals... Whatever works.

Re-Elect the President. Obama 2012.

February 11, 2012

Click on the picture to see it bigger...

Go Ahead, PIRATE this image and share it far and wide… what would REALLY be nice would be if people would MODIFY IT, deface it and satirize it… GO NUTS! We will win this 2012 election and President Obama will enjoy 4 more years…

Classic Rainbow Squiral. (a Spiral made of Squares)

President Obama. A Man of Action

Click on the Image to Visit my Webstore with many Obama Gifts

Click on the image to visit my webstore for Flag Gifts

Queen of the Mushroom People

February 6, 2012

Mom says: Eat your Mushrooms! They are a GOOD Vegetable.


Domino Theory 2012. Not so absurd anymore…

February 4, 2012

Consider this scenario:

If Wall Street in the USA fails due to bonehead mortgage lending… and the USA stock market self-destructs, that will cause the Hong Kong Bansai market to collapse… the collapse of the Hong Kong Bansai will cause the German Gotterdammerung Market to falter bringing down the London Picadilly Circus… With currency values plummeting so fast that the pound will only be usefull as toilet paper, the Brazilian ALCOOL futures market will boil over and leave a stinking mess on the floor. As everyone knows, Brazilian ALCOOL is directly related to college frat party drinking of ethanol right from the pump causing widespread panic among people over thirty. Since people over thirty are about half of the investors in feng-shui arrangement services, that entire business will effortlessly re-arrange itself into a zen masterpiece drawn in sand that subsequently gets washed away when the tide rushes in… The other half of the investors in feng-shui services (people under thirty) will start texting each other frantically causing an email flash mob to converge at the corner of 34th and Vine, Los Angeles… there they will demand little bottles of “Love Potion #10″… even though they have never even downloaded the song! RRRRIOT control special forces from Blackwater Incorporated will tazer the mob and they will all be taken away to secret government prison camps located in the Trinity Alps. Displaced Marijuana farmers, freaked out by the sudden population increase of texting nerds, will stop making their income tax payments, get a haircut and get a real job. This will disrupt the delicate balance of power between the Mexican Mafia, the Russian Mafia and the actual Mafia.

In order to keep the balance and prevent the end of Western Civilization, the US government nationalized the banking industry by purchasing banks for $700 billion dollars… causing Communism to have won… The means of production are now owned by the people! Or at least, the financing of production is now owned by the people… or the government… or someone… not you… not me either…

So, you can see that “The Domino Theory” was accurate!
If your pizza takes more than thirty minutes to deliver, you get $3.00 off the price.

If you have never heard of the Domino Theory…
During the late 1960′s a bizarre concept arose among wacky think-tank dwellers, Supposededly, if we lost the Vietnam war, then countries near Vietnam would fall to communism… First Vietnam, then Cambodia, the Laos, then Thailand and they would keep on falling like dominos until Mexico fell and we had communists at our border…

Sure, with 20-20 hindsight we can see that this theory was totally false, but at the time, it was widely believed by the gullible masses…


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