12 volt dc human/bicycle generator:

This machine converts human fat to electricity. By riding the exercise bike, a person spins the automobile generator creating power. Designed and Built by the Humboldt State University Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, this generator is used to power the public address system at SLAMFEST and many other gatherings on campus.

12 volt power generator

12 volt power generator


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One Response to “12 volt dc human/bicycle generator:”

  1. Bart Orlando Says:

    Each exercise bike is pedal powering a belt driven permanent magnet generator ,,,, not alternators as incorrectly discribed above. Each pm generator is rated to produce 24 v at 800 rpms.
    The pedaling cadence is about 60 rpms but 80 rpms is what you should design for so that it is not hard on the knees. That would be obtained by substituting a slightly larger diameter pulley on the generator drive shaft. Alternators require a much faster rpm (3,000 to 10,000 rpm) which is difficult to engineer in a simple and efficient belt or chain drive. Alternators use electro-magnets instead of permanent magnets to supply the dynamo’s electric field. Electro-magnets sap 1/3 of your pedal power whereas pm generators do not and so are more efficient than alternators. This system is an example of what could be accomplished on a shoestring “budget” back in the back 2003. Current pedal power systems integrate electric generators into electric assist transportation bikes using a rear wheel elevating kick stand like that of a motorcycle. Thank’s again to Windy Dankoff who first explained about using pm generators to me back in 1990.
    The Occupy Wall Street and Occupy S.F. encampments are now powered by pedal powered generators (as of 11/27/2011)!
    This revolution is pedal powered!

    This correction posted by:
    Bart Orlando – Designer of the CCAT pedal powered generator, assembled with the assistance of HSU Appropriate Technoloy Engineering Students.

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