Afghanistan War causes increased Opium Production. UN study shows.

Opium Production in AfghanistanWiki graph of the failure of the US war in Afghanistan

Wiki graph of the failure of the US war in Afghanistan

The USA attack on Afghanistan has been an astounding disaster and Obama wants to continue the war. The “enemy” needs money to buy weapons so they grow opium… As the above chart shows, the US war has actually DOUBLED production. That’s why there is so much heroin for sale in your hometown. The “enemy” has been selling it to Americans as a hidden attack…. flood American Cities with a cheap addictive poison…  More info at:

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One Response to “Afghanistan War causes increased Opium Production. UN study shows.”

  1. juiceempire Says:

    “An astounding disaster” seems a bit out of line.

    We destroyed the Taliban-Al Qaida stronghold that was Afghanistin, which in turn pushed them into Pakistan (inevitable anyway, concerning the Pakistani ISI having long used asymmetrical fighters such as factions of the Taliban as a hedge against both India in Kashmir and Afghanistan [Pakistan and Afghanistan have a long-standing border dispute].

    Now we’re tackling the real issues:

    Nuclear-armed Pakistan’s role regarding non-state entities hostile to the West.

    Destroying Taliban and Al Qaida elements and infrastructure.

    All this while employing a surge of civilian personnel to establish viable governing and civilian-based economic and welfare programs for the population, coupled with a surge of U.S. soldiers to the most troubled parts of Afghanistan to establish outposts near the villages who fear most, due to proximity, the Taliban.

    And keep in mind, the core of the Taliban and Al Qaida fighters operating in and around the Afghan-Pakistan border are the ones directly responsible for 9/11.

    Many of their front-line fighters do so simply because of a lack of jobs and opportunities.

    Please check out my blog:

    I am interested to read comments on what you think.



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