Re-set Social Security Retirement age to 55: Cure Unemployment NOW.

There are simply not enough jobs to be filled by people looking for work.

If we reduced the quantity of people looking for work by re-setting the age to 55, we would solve the unemployment “crisis”.

When I was young, everyone retired at 55. Every year the age has crept up… Now it’s 62. a few years from now it’ll probably be 64, then 66, 68, 70, 73, 78… how high can we count? It seems that retirement is always a few years away and constantly receding…

My dad pointed out that when he was working, the secretaries never got carpool-tunnel sin-drome… Why do they report it now???

Well, they typed on typewriters until their fingers wore out (at about 55) and never complained because they were retired… or never complained because they were afraid of getting fired… Lack of reporting does not mean the problem didn’t exist.

So, in order to reduce unemployment and reduce worker’s compensation claims… Set Social Security Retirement Age to 55.

If we have a trillion dollars to give away to the bankers, we can spent what’s needed to pay the people that have WORKED THEIR WHOLE LIFE.

Get the Baby Boomers out of the workforce so that the NEXT generation can thrive without unfair competition.

So, what’s it to be? Pay for Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability, State Disability, Welfare or do the right thing and re-set retirement age to 55.


Feel free to forward this message to friends, family and elected officials.


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