Why wasn’t global warming an issue in 1972?

Air pollution was much worse in 1972. Cars were using LEADED gasoline and I remember that in San Jose, California the air pollution was extreme. I worked outdoors in Almaden and some days I could not see Mount Umunhum. Standing at the corner of Blossom Hill Road and Almaden Expressway, visibility was reduced to less than 10 miles…

Then we all switched to a mixture of UNLEADED gasoline and conditions improved.

Riddle me this, Batman. Often people claim that global warming is caused by air pollution… I’m not kidding… So, when air pollution was really bad, we heard not a peep but now that air pollution has gotten better we have climatologists running around in circles screaming “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling…”

Maybe the eARTh is heating up because of the HOTTER SUN we have in the last few years. Could be… Nasa says the SUN is producing more energy recently. Both the eARTh and Mars have had similar shrinkage of their ice caps…

We should do real science and figure out what the real cause is. Then we can take appropriate action. Like Building the SPACE PARASOL.

Let's Build the Space Parasol

Let's Build the Space Parasol


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