4/20/11 “Overgrow the Government” March on Washington.

Everyone come to the giant protest march at our nations capitol. It will be a fun time for the whole family. Legalize Marijuana Nationwide.


You could organize your own local protest march… Here in Humboldt County California we traditionally meet at the JAIL~~~> 5th & ‘J’ Streets, Eureka…

Starting 1/1/2011 possession of less than an ounce is a $100.00 ticket in California. No jail time, No court appearances, No bail bonds, No criminal record… and you do not have to leave the event you are attending… OH HAPPY DAY… Decriminalization of Marijuana is the LAW. Thanks Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You are Numero Uno!

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Free the Kind Herb!

legalize marijuana worldwide

legalize marijuana worldwide


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6 Responses to “4/20/11 “Overgrow the Government” March on Washington.”

  1. gregvan Says:

    Visit http://www.loompanics.com/Articles/OvergrowTheGov.html to readmore about Steve Kubby’s book.

  2. gregvan Says:

    Official Website for 420 in DC protest march

  3. gregvan Says:

    Official Facebook page for Willie Nelson’s “Teapot Party” click here.

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