“Hello Dolphins” Lyrics by Biff Rose

Hello dolphins I hope you think I’m beautiful.
’cause we may be living together real soon.
You can teach me all the dolphin laws.
I can teach you some progressive jaws.

(plays jazz riff)

Looks like we people want to blow up the whole wide world,
but not on porpoise…

Besides, you dolphins walk on water backwards…
You got that natural Christ-like zeitgeist…

I can teach you tikki tikki tikki piano if you need help.
You can teach me to appreciate kelp.

You can play piano… yes you can, look…
(shows hand and knuckles rocking back and forth…
plays just the black keys ascending using knuckles)
That’s dolphins walking on the water backwards…
Can’t make a mistake…’cause all the drops of water go…
(plays black keys)
and it’s very effective and impressionistic…

Oh dolphins, looks like we’ve reached the end.
Let’s mutate together. the sooner the better.
You’ll see I’m a whale of a friend…



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