WordPress delivers higher ranking on Google Image Search

It seems to me that images published HERE show up more than any other free webpage.

Thanks,  Wordpress. I’m promoting my webstore. http://www.zazzle.com/gregvan* 

I figure with the TINY sales actually made on my zazzle webstore, advertising for pay is out of the question. I tried the $75 free Google adwords and have received many visitors… If I was actually paying for that service I would be taking a loss on my store everyday… While I recommend the free trial, be sure to cancel before they start charging you real money.

Learn MATH... It will serve you your whole life...


Yes, I had a fun evening playing with my image manipulation program… I could have wasted my life with a video game but it has been delivering error messages instead of fun. One fact of life to consider, If you do “cloud computing” all your work has to travel thru the internet to the server where your program resides. If you use WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX, you do not need to wait for all that communications software to perform. Often, the internet is simply broken here in Eureka, CA due to the fact that there is ONE fiber optic cable connecting us to the world. Conclusion: Think  Inside the BOX. Do your work on your own machine, save it on your own hard disk and then later… PUBLISH.

Avoid computing “FADS” and do what works best. Sure, I appreciate the fact that other people will give me disk space for free. Thanks. That way I have a safety backup if my machine fails. No, not IF… When. It is a certainty that my machine will fail so it makes sense to store your stuff “in the cloud” in many places…  Picassaweb, Office Live, Yahoo… Remember, if you just store it in one place, they can delete your files at any time. For example: GeoCities… So make multiple copies and store in many places… GEE, that sounds like the Human Brain and Holographic Memory.


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