Goal. Take the corporate funding out of campaign financing.

When Karl Rove’s group [Crossroads GPS] spends $600,000 on TV advertisements that removes democracy from the election process. Take a moment to join the discussion on their facebook page. Explain WHY the occupy movement is a good idea. http://www.facebook.com/CrossroadsGPS
We ought to have majority rule in the USA. Sadly, when corporations fund the election process… this is lost. Many people still watch TV and their minds have been brainwashed. More pictures of #occupyEurekaCA  click here


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One Response to “Goal. Take the corporate funding out of campaign financing.”

  1. ch4wordpress Says:

    the occupy movement must become its own political party ,that is the only way they can guarantee and functionally block of corporate funding from a political parties plate, demanding it from the streets will not get it done http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/9128905/the_sixth_party_system_the_tea_party.html?cat=3

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