Microsoft is holding my website’s content hostage.

They have decided to terminate Office Live on 4/30/2012 and give me the opportunity to move my content to a PAY PER MONTH service. I have YEARS of work on that website. I AM NOT AMUSED.
So, enjoy it while you can… I have 300 visitors a day that read my stuff and come May, it will all be gone. A Thousand Pictures… Last Chance:

Yes, I can move all the content but I should be creating new works of art… I should be doing creative writing… I will be copying and pasting instead of doing actual artwork. What will happen to the Domain Name? Does anyone have a good idea for automated mirroring? What about the business cards that have already been printed? What about the thousands of links worldwide that will soon point to nothing? Maybe a DNS can redirect to a Google page?

This does solve a problem of how to keep my content alive after I’m Dead. I’ll simply be posting on a dozen sites and hope that some will continue to be in business for centuries… I was planning to pay the yearly $14.95 to Microsoft for my Domain Name by having my family continue authorizing payment as specified by my will… That will not be needed…


Most new content will be at:


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