Global Awakening 2012. Peace be with US.

This year, with the Gathering of the Tribes on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico I foresee a great awakening… Starting 12/1/2012 and continuing until 1/1/2013 there is an announced Rainbow Gathering at the Mayan Ruins near Palenque.

But this is MUCH BIGGER than just the Rainbow Gatherers… At Chichen Itza there will be an event on 12/21/2012 with Jose Arguelies… He organized Earth Day and the Harmonic Convergence at Mount Shasta, CA years ago.¬†Astronomers, Astrologers, New Agers, Barking Pumpkins and Mayans will be there…

One Side note: all hotel rooms have already been booked… Plan to live outdoors with the animals of the jungle… Some are Dangerous.


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