stole money from my friend. memoryLane ripoff.

They claim that three months ago she signed up for a three month trial for half price. She never got any kind of confirmation notice. And three months ago she did not notice the debit in her account. NOW, there was a $15.00 debit and my friend noticed over the weekend… They refused to refund the money. They apparently depend on people not noticing the debit. There was no notification of the renewal at full price. BEWARE OF THESE BANDITS.

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Controversial business practices

It is standard practice for to auto-renew memberships at the end of each billing period. In December 2006, when PCWorld field tested several companies to determine how easy or difficult it was to cancel their service, was one of the companies that received their worst rating.[16] also routinely sends e-mails indicating that one of the recipient’s classmates is looking for him/her. Allegedly, this is frequently untrue, and currently faces a lawsuit for this practice (which, if the allegation is true, constitutes fraud).[17] In addition, does not allow members to provide each other with private e-mail addresses, street addresses or phone numbers since this would allow the members to communicate with one another outside of the site and therefore not pay for communications.
[edit]Settlement on hidden online shopping fees

On August 18, 2010, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced a settlement with six companies, including Classmates, as part of a probe into the discount club industry. Classmates was among the retailers that agreed to pay $2.1 million toward refunds and consumer education.[18] Under the scheme investigated, consumers who signed up for discounts or cash-back promotions were asked to enter their payment information; entering this information triggered small, easy-to-overlook recurring charges on the accounts, billed to unfamiliar company names. Classmates’ share of the settlement amounts to $960,000 and a commitment to end these practices.[19]
[edit]False Advertising Lawsuit Settled

Seattle-based has agreed to pay up to $9.5 million to its users to settle a lawsuit that accused the social network of sending fraudulent emails that told recipients their old friends from school wished to reconnect (and the recipients would need to buy memberships to receive their old friends’ contact information). The lead plaintiffs in the case, David Catapano and Anthony Michaels, would each receive $20,500 as part of that provision.

United Online, the parent company of, earned $70 million from marketing practices under investigation in 2009 by the Senate Commerce Committee involving piggybacking a second credit card transaction with membership to involving a loyalty program.[20]


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