Solar Desalinization: Change the Climate of Southern California. Humid… Rainy Desert.

Let’s build A Solar Desalinization plant… It would change Seawater into Steam, Salt and Electricity… Possibly Changing the Climate of California making it more Humid and Rainy… Use a Solar Furnace to Boil water from the Ocean and Create Big Puffy Clouds… At night, the Steam Cools and falls from the sky as Rain. Water for plants, livestock, drinking, bathing, washing cars or creating perfect ice cubes for a Scotch on the Rocks… Since this is distilled water, there maybe there is a way to bottle it and sell it to chip factories or Nestle… It could be the base for a series of beverages with natural flavorings… fennel for a licorice taste or cinnamon, nutmeg, tea, lemon, Orange peels etc. etc. etc.

Please share this information… If we built these Solar Desalination plants all along the coast of Southern California we could create a moist rainy climate downwind. Much better than wildfires. The website address for this post is:


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