25th Amendment – How to replace a president who has health problems

There are a few ways to remove Trump from office… Impeachment is the obvious first choice but Disability has potential… If he becomes bored with being ‘resident he can voluntarily step down. He has a history of declaring bankruptcy in business deals, would this be any different? If his cabinet agrees that he can’t do the job they can force him to quit. If he goes to a hospital for example… Not that unlikely as he is older than dirt and lives a high stress lifestyle… He cannot serve if he is locked up in Jail…

Disability Clause
The 25th Amendment provides two remedies when a president is disabled. 1. The president of his own volition may turn over the power of his office to the vice president. 2. The vice president, with the assent of a majority of the leading members of the cabinet, may make himself acting president on a temporary basis. http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/812


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