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Mateel is between the Lost Coast and the Avenue of the Giants.

The Watershed is formed by the Matole River and the Eel River.

 Highway 101 North from San Francisco… take a left at Fernbridge, drive over the bridge… to Victorian Ferndale. Drive down main street and make a Right at Ocean Drive (at the Big Hotel )… Left on Wildcat Ave (sign points to Capetown Petrolia)… drive over the mountain to the pacific ocean…. Where cattle graze on the beach…

Beyond Counterculture is the History of the Hippies who fled The Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco and Moved to Southern Humboldt County to Earn their living farming Cannabis. Originally a Doctoral thesis.

Between the Eel and Matole Rivers, Garberville and the Lost Coast.

Mateel is a Sunny and Warm.

Once PALCO logged the area, the land was really cheap. Perfect for growing Marijuana Outdoors. This location is Not on Google Streetview.

Beyond Counterculture: The Community of Mateel

Paperback – June, 1990 by Jentri Anders.

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