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How horrible it must be to be conservative. by Tom Nash

April 6, 2018

Consider for a moment just how terrifying it must be to live life as a true believer on the right. Reality is scary enough, but the alternative reality inhabited by people who watch Glenn Beck, listen to Rush Limbaugh, or think Michele Bachmann isn’t a joke must be nothing less than horrifying.

In the real world, the rate of violent crime in the US is at the lowest point since 1968. It’s also true that 84 percent of white murder victims are killed by other whites. But if you watch Fox, on any given day you will see extensive coverage of any incident in which a black person harms a white person. These fit in with the narrative – advanced by people like Glenn Beck and Michael Savage that we stand on the brink of a race war, led by the New Black Panthers. Marauding “flash-mobs” of black teens are a near-obsession at many conservative outlets these days.

So be nice to conservatives. They are poorly informed, very frightened and well armed.

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I was proud of the troops today. by Tom Nash

As a patriotic American who loves his country with all my heart, I was crazy proud of the troops today. Amy Goodman played the statements made by the courageous soldiers who told the truth about what really happened in Iraq and Afghanistan at the NATO Summit. After eloquently speaking their hearts, they solemnly returned all the medals bestowed upon them for fighting in wars that they now know to be immoral.

Then I was so ashamed of the actions of the Chicago Police Department who savagely brutalized other patriotic citizens for having the temerity to stand up and speak out against the unholy abomination of these wars.

It is so sad to see how far we have strayed from the principles that this country was founded on.


Last week an international tribunal ended an extensive investigation and trial into the torture allegations brought against the Bush administration. It concluded that the Bush torture team (including Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush) is guilty of war crimes..

Despite considerable international media coverage of this trial, especially in Asia and the Middle East, the American media have been silent on this verdict.

Why the Occupy movement frightens the corporate elite:

What fosters revolution is not misery, but the gap between what people expect from their lives and what is offered. This is especially acute among the educated and the talented. When they feel, with much justification, that they have been denied what they deserve, they will set out to rectify this injustice. The longer the injustice festers, the more radical they will become.

An open letter to all patriotic Republicans,

On behalf of the Democratic Party, I am putting out the welcome mat any patriotic Republicans who are fed up with the regressive, belligerent, obstructionist, anti American and anti Christian policies of the current Republican Party. There is plenty of room over here for any true lovers of America.

You could be one of those Blue Dog Democrats. They are basically reasonable, conservative, decent Christian folks who believe that we can all work together to solve America’s problems. They would probably be Republicans if they could tolerate the smell over there. Most of them are way more conservative than Dwight Eisenhower was.

Christian patriots are welcome to join us. All of the Democratic Presidents down through history have been good Christians. Despite what you hear on Fox News about Obama being an Islamic terrorist, he is actually a devout Christian who practices good family values. Jimmy Carter was even a born again Southern Baptist. And you Catholics who think that you have to ride the elephant, don’t forget that the only Catholic president we’ve ever had was a Democrat.

What would Jesus do? He believed in healing the sick, feeding the poor, and over turning the tables of the money changers. He would be for Obama Care, MediCare, MediCal, FoodStamps, and Occupy Wall Street. He would surely be a democrat because we support things that he believed in.

So anyhow, come on over here and join the Democrats and we can all work together to undo all the damage to the country that has taken place since Ronald Reagan started screwing everything up. We are a pleasant Party who is friendly and inclusive of all Americans who love this country. We listen well and don’t try and tell you what to think. We celebrate diversity and you will probably fit right in. We can rebuild the middle class back to those good ole days before trickle down economics. Even rich patriotic citizens would be wise to join us. When the middle class is healthy again, they will buy lots of crap and you can get even richer.

Your new Democrat friend,

Tom Nash

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Patriotism is about supporting an America that provides opportunity for ALL Americans.

Those who earn tens of millions of dollars a year but pay less than 14 percent of their incomes in taxes, and argue the rich should pay even less, are not patriots.

Those who defend indefensible tax loopholes, such as the “carried interest” loophole that allows private-equity managers to treat their incomes as capital gains even if they risk no income of their own, are not patriots.

Those who avoid taxes by putting huge amounts of their earnings into IRAs via foreign tax shelters are not patriots.

Those who want to cut programs that benefit the poor — Food stamps, child nutrition, Pell grants, Medicaid — so that they can get a tax cut for themselves and their affluent friends— are not patriots.

Even when they wrap themselves in the flag, politicians who support these policies because they are in the pocket of wealthy donors who benefit from them are not patriots either.

How Bubble-Up Economics Works. Give all working people a Raise and we will spend it in American Businesses.

July 17, 2017

If we raise the Minimum Wage, those employees will spend more money at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. There will be a need to hire more people to serve the new customers. Reducing unemployment costs. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. Those extra employed people will be spending their paychecks at American Businesses, Increasing Sales. Causing the need for more hiring. These are people that pay taxes… Not Greed Freaks that Hide their money in the Cayman Islands…

The Extra Money just “Bubbles UP” throughout the entire economy…  Everyone wins…

Just giving more money to the Super Rich will not help anyone. They already have more than they can possibly spend. Corporate Welfare just encourages them to slack off and not put any effort into running their companies smartly… Why TRY when the Government will just give you free money?

Compulsive Hoarding of Money Syndrome Can be Cured! Simply Join Greed Freaks Anonymous and GET HELP!

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Analog Synthesizer Tips and Tricks. Electrical Engineering FUNdamentals

April 13, 2016

SOLARWIND… Our Musical Group.
I was fascinated with playing electronic music and played with my friends (Ken, Mark and Leon) in Ken’s basement for 5 years on the weekends. I also had a setup in my living room and would invite guests. This was at the time of analog synths and the beginning of midi. My favorite instrument was the Korg Polysix… It had the ability to make those really astonishing outer space sounds… Modulated resonant filter sweeping… like Steve Miller, Edgar Winter or Doctor Who… The pitch of the note could be defined by the control voltage input on the rear panel… well, I had a Radio Shack “100 in One experimenters kit” and a bag of capacitors, resistors and light emitting diodes that I hooked up to generate an oscillating circuit… Absolutely no one else on the planet was making the noises that I made… similar, true, but my noises were unique… Since it was created using wires and SPRING CLIPS to connect the components, the resistance of each connection varied according to stress on the wires… for example: if I blew at the circuit, the music would change due to the pressure of the wind…

Leon had a black box that allowed me to sing or talk into the synthesizer and the volume of my voice determined the sound of the synth… You can hear this particular technique on THE DOORS- STRANGE DAYS… Listen carefully and when Jim Morrison sings the words “Strange Days have found us…etc” there are squiggly noises that follow along with the vocals… (amplitude to control voltage converter, also pitch to control voltage)
I also had a display of 18 strands of christmas tree lights that would blink on and off… they were hung in the corner of the room with a mylar mirror on each wall… That provided enough light to be able to see the controls and keys on the keyboards… Each strand of lights would be either on or off and they all had different timing cycles… this made the whole display appear to experience waves of rainbow colors… The keyboards were all interconnected to allow waves of sound to evolve over time as the modulated filters ebbed with tidal forces…
Fun, but all those analog synths are hard to find anymore… they were replaced with digital ones that were cheaper to produce and more reliable… somehow there was a move towards realistic instrument sounds instead of outer space whoosh whoosh… too bad…
I remember Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert at the Winterland in San Francisco… Keith jumped off the stage and wandered around the dance floor “zapping” people with a ribbon controller that was making “ray-gun” sounds… A good example of the ribbon controller was on “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys… the part that goes oooWWWWEEEwooowooo… ooooWWWWEEEwooowooo…
Another beautiful synth was bought used at a yard sale for 75 dollars. It was a minikorg and had been thru severe abuse on the road. This marvel is most famous as the lead voice on Kitaro records… the breathy flute sound that he uses to play melody parts… The theme to Silk Road, etc… This was a monophonic synth that had ring modulator effects and white noise… this also had a switch for setting the pitch to an extremely low tone… as if you were playing notes on a piano that were way off the end of the left hand… this machine allowed me to create what I called the “Dawn of Time” sound… A growling bass note that needed about 10 seconds to play… A ring modulator lets each key have its own vibrato rate… for example” “C” might have a wow wow wow sound that shanged every half a second while “C#” would have a wow wow wow that changed 42 times a second… “D would be 6 times a second etc… this tonal quality creates many of the more avant garde (or teeth gratingly irritating) sounds of extremely early synth recordings…
I also became fascinated by the possibilities of echo and computer controlled music. Lucky for me, instruments started being built with a MIDI interface… this caused older instruments to go on sale at extremely cheap prices…
The Roland microcomposer was 8 1/2 by 11 inches and had a microcomputer in it. I stored sequences of pitches and durations of notes using the tiny keyboard… really, really tiny… It was designed to drive two SH101 Roland synths and could play two notes simultaneously… what a breakthrough… from ONE NOTE at a time to two… By typing in a series of bass notes each with a duration of 1/8 of a bar… and then running it thru an echo box that had a time set to 3/16th of a bar… and setting the voltage controlled filter so that some notes were silent, some notes were muted and some notes were loud… I was able to trick the system into composing by itself a never repeating bassline that was fun to improvise over… the computer selected which notes to play and when… cosmic…
This worked well for music that is called MODAL… In that style, there are no chord changes at all… the performers select a handfull of notes as the scale and just go to it… the most famous modal piece is “The Old Washer Woman” and The theme performed by Edith Bunker on the television show “All in the Family”… The music is played entirely on the BLACK NOTES of the piano… I think they called it “Those Were The Days”… “Didn’t need no welfare state, everybody pulled his weight, gee those old La Salles ran great… THOSE were the DAAAAAYYYYSSSS…. It is an extremely simple song. So simple that I was able to teach a computer to play in that style… Of course, my compositions were not at all like that whiny song… more robotoc and like German Technopop…
Music nonstop, technopop… Bleep, blonk… tchatchink…
I was fortunate to have read an article in the Washington Post about the upcoming Kraftwerk concert so I went out and bought the recommended album Autobahn and liked it… The basic style of music sounded interesting and so, I went to the beautiful Warner Theatre to see them. This was an elegant performance space that started out as an ART DECO theatre and then became a dance hall for rock music… oh how lucky we were… This was my first exposure to the technopop music and many of the people in the audience were Germans… I had no idea that such music was even possible. The tour was to promote their albums Computerworld and Man Machine… They had two fellows that beat with “knitting needles” on touch sensitive drum machines while the other two played keyboard synthesizers… The drummers were wild because every time a knitting needle contacted the machine, a loud percussive sound happened… not drum sounds but more like boink or ping or even pffffbtt… When they performed their song “pocket calculator” they walked to the front of the stage and had members of the audience play the notes… The lyrics state ” by pushing down a special key it plays a little melody” blink bonk…. katrronk…. Quite an effective piece of showmanship and audience participation… Then at the end of the show , all the people left the stage and let the computers play the song… for about ten minutes… wild dancing to actual robot performers… I was amazed… Their website has a toy on it that lets you play a drum machine… boing, boom, tchack, peng, zonk…
Much of the time when I played with my friends in the basement in Manassas, Virginia we had a home made laser lightshow going… My friend built this using an extremely slowly rotating mirror that had a little “house” built on it out of transparent “walls” and clear glue… The “house” was about 3/4 of an inch tall and caused interference patterns to be displayed on the ceiling… these took the appearance of galaxies or clouds that slowly changed. The speed was about One RPM. He had guests come over and bring their instruments… A trumpet player from the Redskins Football Team band was a memorable evening. In general, we played music that you would hear as a soundtrack for a motion picture… Incidental music or abstract jazz or “outer space whoosh whoosh”…..
We made a demo recording and had an agent in New York try to sell it to people making corporate videos… No sale, but it was fun trying… When we recorded the demo, I loaned a huge pile of my equipment to Leon and he set up a special studio in the basement of his grandpas home. His grandpa was a Retired General in the Army and had a mansion in McLean and another in Arizona. I never met the grandpa because were were not allowed to visit when he was in town nor were we allowed in many parts of the mansion due to breakable oriental antiques. These people live in a truly different world than us peasants.
I really got into samplers when I got a midi controlled 4 second monophonic machine. It could be controlled by the drum machine. My favorite sound was a pan pipe. I set up the sound so that the sampler could play it back very slowly giving a low pitch. It sounded as if a giant was blowing on a pan pipe 20 feet tall… I made a tape and gave it to my friend “Major” Tom (a Bowie fan). He was very happy with it because when it was played on the car stereo, it put his children to sleep… Unfortunetly, also on that tape were some doppler effect noises and he panicked because he thought it was a police car siren. A moment of fear but it was quickly resolved by erasing that song from the tape…

Free Marijuana – Medi-Cal Covers it.

April 11, 2016

Free Marijuana at the Medi-CAL office. Prescriptions for Medical Cannabis ARE COVERED in California. Stay High, Stay Dry is the patient’s Motto. (name withheld -HIPPA Security Requirement)

If you apply for benefits, it is possible that YOU will be eligible for FREE MARIJUANA. I’ve seen it happen. Try it. Could save you a LOT of money. FREE WEED! $15.00 an Hour Jobs. NorthCoast California is Heaven.

and now… Positive Worldbeat Music by WOMAMA – HSU Students You Rock! Yurok.

Build a Raft out of 12 Empty 2 Liter Coke Bottles and Filament Tape – Fun toy for the beach or pool.

If you took a Thousand empty Coke Bottles and Taped them together you would have an ocean going vessel. Strapping Tape is very tough.

World’s Greatest Pot Pipe – Take a standard Tobacco Smoking Pipe, Remove the stem and force it into a hole in the side of an Orange Juice Bottle (2 Liter)

The smoke fills the bottle and give a BLENDED puff.
Half Air and Half Smoke. Super for Nose Hits.
REMEMBER to smoke Sitting Down.
That way you won’t Fall Down and injure yourself.
The Nose Hit Headrush CAN cause total OOBE.

Bernie Sanders for POT USA gregory vanderlaan 4 42 420 4201 42012

April 8, 2016


Bernie4POTUS – BErnie For Pot U.S.

April 8, 2016

Remember, Bernie Here Know.


Please print many Bernie4POTUS paper plates ~ fill them with food ~ give away on the streets of the USA ~ “Madam, the people have no bread to eat” ~ “Let’s Bake ’em a Cake!”  (~);-} Gregory Vanderlaan 4 42 420 4201 42012 etc



“Madam, the people have no bread to eat” ~ “Let’s Bake ’em a Cake!”  (~);-}

Please Printmany Bernie4POTUS Paper Plates. Fill them with food, give away.

April 8, 2016


MKULTRA – CIA LSD Mind Control Experiment

April 7, 2016

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MKULTRA: a CIA Mind Control Project in the USA during the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were looking for a way to use drugs as weapons of war. For example: LSD as a way to simply get the “enemy” to lay down their arms, voluntarily… like, too stoned to fight…

The project conducted tests on college students at Stanford University. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter both were employed. Later, Ken started having “ACID TEST” parties where the participants took LSD and danced to the Music of the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead.

Just co-incidence?
or were “the sixties”
a CIA experiment to test MKULTRA?

Source: The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks.

The OSS (predecessor to the CIA) agent Edward Hunter created a new word for the English Language: BRAINWASHING: to cause a person to radically change their beliefs… They wanted to test if it was possible to cause people to start believing what they were told to believe… useful for control of a nation of sheep…

We can see that many people believed the LIES told by George Bush and voluntarily supported the invasion of IRAQ… Congress funded the war and teenagers joined the ARMY because they BELIEVED THE LIES! Two people are required for LIES to be effective… The TELLER of the Lies and the BELIEVER of the Lies.  It would be a good survival strategy to become skeptical. That way, you don’t end up a gullible fool.

“Think for Yourself and Question Authority” -Timothy Leary

Would the knowledge learned by years of research be useful in our present day war in the Middle East? Could we use psychedelics to reduce the will of the enemy to fight? Change a whole culture into Pacifists?
What would happen if ten million muslims ate LSD ? Would they put down their guns and pick up a guitar? Write some POETRY? Become HIPPIES?

Supposedly MKULTRA ended, but we hear rumors of it being continued in 2007. Amy Goodman interview on Democracy NOW with Jose Padilla’s psychotherapist makes the claim that during his 3 1/2 years in solitary confinement, he was dosed with LSD as part of the interrogation… no proof, because the hallucinations of sensory deprivation are indistinguisable from those caused by eating psychedelics. The victim would not be able to tell the difference…

BRAINSPLICE: Center of the Cyclone by John C Lilly.

MKULTRA: The Leary personality test was developed for the CIA by Dr. Timothy Leary years before he became famous for being the “ACID GURU” The title of Leary’s Ph.D. dissertation was, “The Social Dimensions of Personality: Group Structure and Process.”

One result of LSD use is the realization that we are all one… Countries and borders become obviously fake… The only REAL lines on a map are coastlines… The absurdity of going to war is exposed… Why would we travel halfway around the world to kill strangers? That’s why hippies rarely VOLUNTEER for the Army… The death business holds no facination…
It could be that LSD use provides a biological survival value… Darwin survival of the fittest… If there is a voluntary death cult like the US ARMY… some brainwashed people will join and die… Guaranteeing that their genes will not be passed onto the next generation… slowly breeding the warrior gene out of the species…
Hippie men will laugh at the concept of joining the military and go sing love songs to ladies… a lot more fun!

After all is said and done, we do have to thank the CIA for making LSD so widely available and popular… If they had never done project MKULTRA, then millions of people would not have been introduced to psychedelics…

MKULTRA: What they learned was that the most effective way to brainwash a person is to start training them at birth. The agents at the CIA have a long history of using themselves as test subjects. They would slip LSD into each other’s drink just to see how it would work in an operational setting… George Bush senior was employed at the CIA as the director. Is it possible that he used his own son as a brainwashing test subject?

Now that you suspect that George the Son was trained from birth to be a pre-programmed robot, does not his behavior seem understandable? He says “GOD” told him to smite Saddam… could that not be an implanted thought to be triggered later? He would have no understanding of reality because all he has ever known is the world created for him by the Agency… He appeared to be waiting for someone to tell him what to do on the morning on 9/11/2001 while he read “My Pet Goat” with children after being informed of the second plane crash…

The Motion Picture “Manchurian Candidate” explores the possibility of creating a brainwashed assassin. The original stars Frank Sinatra and Angela Landsbury. It’s one of the finest movies ever made. A remake with Denzel Washington expands upon the theme by making the puppet masters a multi-national corporation. Quite a realistic premise given Halliburton and Blackwater’s insane behavior…
“Conspiracy Theory” stars Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patric Stewart. Mel names MKULTRA as the source of his troubles…   What, you never heard of Blackwater ???

Dr. John Lilly did experiments involving electrodes being inserted into the brains of monkeys and letting them push a button that caused a feeling of pleasure. He also invented the Isolation tank. The Movie “Altered States” is quasi-biographical. The Movie “The Day of the Dolphin” was about his research into man-dolphin communication.

MKULTRA: The Leary personality test was developed for the CIA by Dr. Timothy Leary years before he became famous for being the “ACID GURU” The title of Leary’s Ph.D. dissertation was, “The Social Dimensions of Personality: Group Structure and Process.”

MKULTRA: One rumor is that after the CIA sponsored LSD tests were completed in Palo Alto on Ken Kesey, Robert Hunter (lyricist for the Grateful Dead) and Stewart Brand (Whole Earth Catalog), the CIA allowed them to create the traveling ACID TEST that featured the musical performances of The Grateful Dead. The agency just wanted to see what would happen if millions of people took LSD in uncontrolled situations… It always amazed me that we were able to trip in public in crowds up to 80,000 people without adult supervision or mass arrests. Just co-incidence? I don’t think so. I think the CIA was just curious… They wanted to see how effective it would be to dose millions of people. Would they become docile and easily controllable?  Now, we find that Bob Wier and Mickey Hart have joined the “Bohemian Grove” club… known as a men’s summer-camp visited by republican political leaders and the super-rich… Did they get invited because they could perform well at campfire sing-alongs? I hope so…

MKULTRA: The mystery of Mary Pinchot Meyer. She was a friend of John Kennedy and supposedly gave him Marijuana and LSD while at the White House as a guest. Then, a few days after his assasination, she was killed and the crime has never been solved. Her family gave the CIA her diary to help them figure out what happened, and they claim to have burned the diary-unread… She was a friend of Timothy Leary.

A group of women were turning on the top 1% of the men in society: political leaders, movie stars, artists, scientists and business leaders. The idea was to change the whole world by changing the minds of the leaders…

MKULTRA: In Canada, Dr Ewan Cameron had a hospital where he tried to help mentally ill people by months in sensory deprivation and endless LSD trips. The victims had to listen to tape recordings of their own voice expressing their deepest fears. This “psychic driving” technique was supposed to destroy the victims ego and create a clean slate to build a brand new person… Eventually, the country paid $700,000 to the survivors of the experiments. A movie called “The Sleep Room” was made about his hospital. In a bizarre twist, the head of the World Psychiatric Association (Dr. Cameron) did unspeakable torture to his patients… as if he was the MOST mentally ill of all. All funded by the CIA.

MKULTRA: The mysterious death of Dr. Frank Olson. He was a US ARMY employee that was dosed with LSD without his knowledge and then got upset. He sought psychiatric help and then a couple of days later died after he went out a window of a hotel on the 13th story. Fell, jumped or was pushed? no one knows. President Gerald Ford gave the widow $750,000 for settling out of court.

This is the conspiracy theory… The CIA wanted to test what would happen if large numbers of people were dosed simultaniously. The did an experiment with an exploding lightbulb filled with LSD in the New York City subway system. This delivery method was a failure… a few people were dosed heavily and the mass were not dosed at all… An alternative delivery technique was to dissolve LSD into a beverage and give it away free to a large crowd of people. This technique is errily similar to what happened at the Acid Tests…
Just co-incidence???

I believe that the CIA felt that people who had had the LSD experience were less likely to protest the War in Vietnam… Those people would have a tendency to drop out and go practice subsistence farming in rural communities instead of participation in the violent overthrow of the US government. This belief seems accurate… Hey, I live in Humboldt County, California… I’m not really that interested in revolution… more interested in ART, MUSIC and webpage design…

To furthur add to the mystery, it seems to me that there was very little law enforcement in the parking lots of the concerts.
Obviously, everyone knew that it was easy to find and purchase illegal drugs there. Somehow, the police  simply decided to
not enforce the law at the shows…
Sure, some people were busted and that was a tragedy, but,
for years a triving illegal business community followed the Dead around… or did the Dead follow the community around?

After all is said and done, we do have to thank the CIA for making LSD so widely available and popular… If they had never done project MKULTRA, then millions of people would not have been introduced to psychedelics…

The Motion Picture “Manchurian Candidate” explores the possibility of creating a brainwashed assassin. The original stars Frank Sinatra and Angela Landsbury. It’s one of the finest movies ever made. A remake with Denzel Washington expands upon the theme by making the puppet masters a multi-national corporation. Quite a realistic premise given Halliburton and Blackwater’s insane behavior…

“Conspiracy Theory” stars Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts and Patric Stewart. Mel names MKULTRA as the source of his troubles…   What, you never heard of Blackwater ???

Burning Man … a San Francisco art project that grew up and moved to the desert… big fun for the whole family of man…

MKULTRA: Yellow Submarine… Take a look at that movie. Would the Beatles have ever tripped if not for the promotion and popularization of LSD given by the CIA ??? The Magical Mystery Tour was a bus trip extremely like Ken Kesey’s Bus trip paid for by his book royalties from “Sometimes a Great Notion”…
“One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest”.  That book was an account of madness in a hospital… sort of like his experience with LSD at the MKULTRA sponsored hospital in Palo Alto run by Dr Sidney Gottlieb… read more at:  OH, what great artwork Zane Kesey has done with his website… Thanks Zane!!!

The music of the western world changed dramatically… The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, The Moody Blues, Country Joe and the Fish, The Grateful Dead, Cream and countless others used their experience to help them compose… Speaking of experiences, what about the Jimi Hendrix Experience?

And the ART! Peter Max… Mouse Kelley, Rick Griffin, Hipgnosis…

And the Books!
Carlos Casteneda: The Teachings of Don Juan.
Aldus Huxley: The Doors of Perception.
Ram Dass: Be Here Now. Still Here…

recommended reading:

The Search For The Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control, The Secret History of the Behavioral Sciences by John D Marks.

Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond.  by Martin Lee; Bruce Shlain

The Frank Olson Project – a website created by Frank Olson’s family to explore the issues surrounding his death.

Results of the 1973 Church Committee Hearings, on CIA misdeeds.

Rockefeller Commission:

The commission was created in response to a December 1974 report in The New York Times that the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities, including experiments on U.S. citizens, during the 1960s. The commission issued a single report in 1975, touching upon certain CIA abuses including mail opening and surveillance of domestic dissident groups. It publicized Project MKULTRA, a CIA mind control study.

On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said:
“The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an ‘extensive testing and experimentation’ program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens ‘at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.’ Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to ‘unwitting subjects in social situations.’ At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers.”  source: Congressional Record.
Storming Heaven: LSD and The American Dream.  by Jay Stevens
Jay Stevens is a journalist, social historian, and novelist living in Vermont. He has written numerous magazine and newspaper pieces. Mr. Stevens co-wrote “Drumming at the Edge of Magic” and “Planet Drum” with the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, published by Harper’s San Francisco.

Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse. by Gordon Thomas

John C Lilly:

In the Sleep Room: The Story of the CIA Brainwashing Experiments in Canada by Anne Collins

1984 by George Orwell

Brave New World by Aldus Huxley

Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley.

Fiction by Tom Wolfe:

Ken Kesey’s Magic Bus named FURTHUR.

How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla
By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!. Posted August 17, 2007.

Jose Padilla has been found guilty in court and faces possible life in prison, but forensic psychiatrist Dr. Angela Hegarty explains after interviewing him that Padilla already paid the ultimate price through torture — he’s lost his mind.

According to his attorneys, Padilla was routinely tortured in ways designed to cause pain, anguish, depression and ultimately the loss of will to live.

His lawyers have claimed that Padilla was forced to take LSD and PCP to act as a sort of truth serum during his interrogations. (JUST LIKE PROJECT MKULTRA)

Origins of the term “brainwashing”

The term brainwashing first appeared in the English language relatively recently. Author John Marks writes that a journalist later revealed to have worked undercover for the Central Intelligence Agency first coined the term in 1950.

Edward Hunter (1902-1978) was an American journalist, author and intelligence agent. He is credited with popularizing the use of the term “brainwashing” in English, and collected a large number of examples of Chinese Communist propaganda targeted at the (largely illiterate) population in the immediate post-revolution period.

A plan to end war worldwide

What if… Millions of people in Gaza and Israel ate LSD? Would they stop killing each other? History shows that people lose interest in murder after having the Psychedelic Experience… What if… Billions took a trip? Would we have Global Peace?

KH: AWESOME Idea Greg….you are absolutly right…seriously. Cia did experiments on troops in the 60s….they could “crop dust” the whole Gaza area with some good ol’ Owsley!

Greg Vanderlaan MKULTRA

KH: Acid is transdermal
KH: Hey Greg….we finally agree on something…n no response? LOL

AS: Lol let’s do it!

KH: I seriously have access to a crop duster plane…. =0)

KH: Wether it’s up to a trans atlantic flight…..well! LOLOL

AS: No fly zones dude. Best to go aerosol

KH: What? Put the shit inna can? Would take to long! Go with a Owsley bomb than….F-16 fly over n BAM! LOL

KH: Greg….see the conumbdrum you’ve started!LOL

KH: Fuck “No fly zones”. We’re the USA!

AS: Hot air balloons launched from Cyprus when the winds are bowing ese

Greg Vanderlaan

Project MKUltra — sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program — is the code name of a U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans.

CO: Not really. It all highly depends on your personality. Sometimes I feel like a predator while tripping in the woods at night. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take everything human from those people. That could backfire really bad.

Liberia was the best example. A huge mix made out of different psychedelics, weed and cocaine turned those people into naked cannibals with machetes.

Even stuff like DMT could go wrong. People who are that religious will use that experience to get even more fanatic. I mean that’s how every religion was made in the first place.

KH: Greg….I wouldn’t trust Wikipedia for information on how to boil water!

Greg Vanderlaan: Seriously, one of the subjects studied in the CIA project MKULTRA was how to use LSD during war… for example: What if the “Enemy” took a trip… would they lose all interest in war? Would they become guitar players and poets?

Greg Vanderlaan: How could anything backfire worse than what it is now? Those people over there have been killing each other for thousands of years with no end in sight… Why not try something different?

CO: I know. I have the dox on my drive. Wait I will upload it.

Greg Vanderlaan: The project conducted tests on college students at Stanford University. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter both volunteered to eat LSD and other mind control drugs and report on the effects. Later, Ken started having “ACID TEST” parties where the participants took LSD and danced to the Music of the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead.

Just co-incidence?
or were “the sixties”
a CIA experiment to see what happens?

KH: N…Those bad trips…or violent trips are one in a million.

KH: Silly Syben Mushrooms……those things just make you giggle n grin.


KH: Am I into a conversation that is way above my head?


Acid Dreams
The complete social history of LSD: The CIA, the sixties and beyond.

Greg Vanderlaan: “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks

Greg Vanderlaan: “Journey Into Madness” by Gordon Thomas

CL: MAPS is doing a study in Israel using MDMA to treat PTSD. Rick Doblin envisions one day an Israeli-Palestinian rave for mutual healing.

DW:We should just dose their water supply

DC: Send some my way

SM: Greg, the fighting will continue. Hamas, regardless of what they say, will continue to kill their women and children by storing weapons and rockets in schools and hospitals. Have they bitten off more than they can handle? Way in over their head. Obama And Scary Kerry really supporting Hamas.

SL: If you were to give LSD to a soldier who was just “serving his time” and doing his job there is every chance that he would loose interest and ability to wage war – his attention would be applied to something that he considered important, However, if you were to give LSD to. someone who was by nature a “warrior” be could use it’s awesome power to enhance and expand his perception and skills. – becoming like a real life Rambo, — Many people would experience insights and revelations that completely “re write” their view of the world and their place. within it ,– This could be for good or evil – The deciding factor would be the set and setting – LSD trips taken willingly in a supportive enviroment rarely go bad – but if it is. administered. to unwitting subjects it can become a devastatingly bad trip – Tripping out. groups of unsuspecting people would be real terror

SL: LSD has changed the world for the better more than most people appreciate- Due to it being illegal most people who have been positively affected by it are unlikely to declare it

Greg Vanderlaan What other plan has any chance at all to stop the killing? Anyone have any suggestions? Anything at all?

Great Books: “Will” by G. Gordon Liddy.

He is most famous for Operation GEMSTONE later called Watergate.

This book is an Autobiography and speaks of his entire life. Childhood, Navy, FBI, at the Whitehouse, incarceration and then release from prison.

He was involved with many Capers… Including Arresting Timothy Leary at Millbrook.

In 1971, E. Howard Hunt and Liddy planned to drug Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) with LSD-25 at a dinner where Ellsberg was to speak… to befuddle him and make him appear to be a near burnt-out drug case… Classic MKULTRA…

However, MKULTRA was not revealed to the Public until years later… So Gordon Had Insider Knowledge… Fortunately, this project was not approved of in time to actually carry it out…

Classic… He never really thought out the consequences of his plans… For example, Daniel Ellsberg getting up to speak and shouting out “I’ve Been Poisoned” then Police testing the bowl of soup… Blowback!

Project MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress, and a Gerald Ford commission to investigate CIA activities within the United States.

Further Reading:

We ALL have to thank Liddy for helping get Nixon to Resign… Without Watergate, Nixon might have been President for another three years.

Is MKULTRA going on now?

MKULTRA was [is] a CIA Mind Control project designed to find out if drugs could be used as weapons of war. Can LSD be used to cause the “enemy” to surrender because they are too stoned to care about fighting? Is there a “truth serum” that would be useful in interrogation?

Supposedly, this project ended in the 1960s… really?
Or did they stop experimenting and put the techniques learned into production?

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Rainbow Gathering 2004 California

April 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders for President Coloring Book

April 7, 2016

Coloring Book 8 images

March 19, 2016

Coloring Book Election 2016 – Arcata CA

March 19, 2016

February 27, 2016

Lie with Statistics – Learn How to Create Misleading Bar Charts
Bar charts that use a resized photograph instead of a bar Automatically give the viewer an exaggerated idea… RESIZE the photo using constrained proportions. This gives the illusion that a increase of Two times is displayed as a Four times increase in area. This technique was used a lot by the newspaper USA TODAY.

Normal, Accurate Bar Chart.

Distorted Chart Using a Resized Photo as bars in the bar chart.

Double the Height = Four Times the Area.

Visually Exaggerating Change. It’s an Illusion. A Magic trick.

Compare the two charts. What do you see? Report results in the comments section below. It appears to me that the bottom chart shows a situation that is More Significant than the top chart…
I learned this from Dr Kim of Humboldt State University. Thanks! Dr. Kim.

Outrage about Willard Mitt Romney and Tax Evasion by Tom Nash.

July 15, 2012

He has written some coherent posts on Facebook.

Romney is whining over a charge from Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter that Romney might have committed a felony by misrepresenting his position at Bain in sworn testimony.

“It’s ridiculous, and of course it’s beneath the dignity of the presidency and of his campaign. He sure as heck ought to say that he’s sorry for the kinds of attacks that are coming from his team.”

Tell ya’ what Mitt, why don’t you release Board minutes from 1999-2002 and tax returns from 1999 forward to prove to Obama how unfair his team’s accusations are.

After all, the president released his birth certificate in response to whining from the right.


Harry Reid and President Barack Obama are pushing for tax cuts applied to all earnings under $250,000, that applies even for a billionaire’s regular income.

The Democratic proposal includes these provisions: a 20 percent capital gains rate on those earning over $250,000; and estate taxes on estates over $3.5 million.

So the moneyed elites will still get very favorable tax treatment just because they didn’t have to break a sweat, punch a clock, or even show up in order to earn their money. Everybody, including the wealthy will get a tax break extension on the first quarter of a million of non-capital gains taxable income.

Sounds like a sweet deal for the rich, right?

“What the President is proposing is therefore a massive tax increase on job creators and on small business. Small businesses are overwhelmingly being taxed not at a corporate rate, but at the individual tax rate. So successful small businesses will see their taxes go up dramatically and that will kill jobs.” (Mitt Romney)

Unfortunately it’s not as sweet of a deal as they want. As far as the “small business” crap goes, they will pay modest 4% increase on income above $250,000. If they don’t want to pay it, all they have to do is leave the excess in their business. Like maybe use it to create a job or 2 for a change.

With wealth disparity so severe that the richest 400 Americans own more than the bottom 150,000,000 Americans, it’s about time we reinstated a modest estate tax.

For you Fox News people who don’t understand my terminology:
Estate Tax=Death Tax
Billionaires=Job Creators
In right wing buzzword gibberish.


In sworn testimony establishing residency status in Massachusetts to run for governor Romney noted that he regularly traveled back to Massachusetts and “remained on the board of the Staples Corporation and Marriott International, the Life Like Corporation” at the time.

Yet a 2011, federal disclosure form filed as part of his presidential bid, he said:”Mr. Romney has not had any active role with any Bain Capital entity and has not been involved in the operations of any Bain Capital entity in any way.”

There are liars, damned liars, then there’s Mitt Romney.

Tropical Fish ART… Cosmic Coral Reef… er…

July 14, 2012

Infinite ART…

soon to be published on my zazzle webstore… a CAMO FISH!

Planned Cities are vastly better than unplanned cities.

May 8, 2012

I have had the joy of living in Columbia, Maryland and Almaden, California. I worked in Reston, Virginia and have visited Scotia, California. This is what I’ve learned.

Columbia is an example of a truly outstanding design. It is based on small “pods” of homes and businesses that are interconnected by bike trails and roads. Every home is within walking distance of stores that sell basic necessities. This becomes crucial during snowstorms when all the roads are undriveable. Designed by James Rouse. It is home to the Merriweather Post Pavilion concert venue in Symphony Woods. Across the street is a Shopping Mall and Lake Kittamaqundi… sail boats and canoes for rent. Columbia is home to Howard Community College and Hobbit’s Glen golf course. Yes, he planned for everything… and it’s all within biking distance.,_Maryland

Almaden: During the 1960s IBM built a disk drive factory in the rural farmland near San Jose, California. Then they build homes for the employees, a golf course and a swim and racquet club. They believed that they could attract a higher quality employee if the living conditions were ideal. It worked. The concept of a the database was invented there. One of those truly epic ideas…,_San_Jose,_California

Reston was a city built by Robert E Simon. Note his initials in the name of the city. Located near Dulles Airport it is a popular location for corporations. It is easy to fly into Dulles and take a taxi to a meeting. Having an airport close by was convenient for shipping our finished products to the customers. I worked for a defense subcontractor and Reston is close to the Pentagon and Washington, DC.,_Virginia

Scotia was built for the employees of The Pacific Lumber Company. Their plan was to harvest 1% of the trees every year and plant a new tree for every one harvested. That “100 year plan” was designed to ensure that there would be work for the mill employees forever. In a hundred years, the new trees would have grown up and be big enough to harvest again. Sadly, Charles Hurwitz used junk bonds to do a hostile takeover of the company, cut down all the profitable trees, looted the pension fund, hid the money in Texas and then declared bankruptcy. Now the company has been purchased by the Fischer family and they have returned to sustainable logging.,_California

There is a lovely coloring book of The Headwaters Forest.

On a personal note: If you and your friends drive over Blossom Hill Road from Los Gatos, California at night and you put Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell” CD in the stereo… when you crest the hill and can look down on the sparkling lights of the city of Almaden… the band sings…
The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The nights of wonder
it’s all true and a really emotional experience…
You see, it appears that the lyrics describe what is actually happening… Cosmic…

I had the blessing of attending many rock concerts at Merriweather Post Pavillion.
The Grateful Dead played there Six times while I was living on the east coast and I went to all six shows.
One night there was a thunder and lightning storm at dusk. Torrential downpour… all the power went out and we were treated to a drum duet played by Bill K and Mickey Hart. It appeared that they were incorporation the thunder into their music. A traditional tom-tom fill is “da da da, de de de, du du du, boom”. They used the flash of lightning to predict when the thunders boom would sound…
As a special blessing, half the audience on the lawn area went home… That solved the overcrowding problem. The rest of us stayed and danced in the mud.

Sadly, the audience forced management to prohibit the Grateful Dead from playing there.
One time there was a concert near July Fourth and the members of the audience set off too many fireworks after the concert. Since it is possible to buy rockets that fly up into the sky and explode in South Carolina (not too far away), that year there was a danger of setting Symphony Woods on fire. Oh Well… it all worked out because about that time the Grateful Dead became really popular and needed RFK Stadium to satisfy the demand for tickets.

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Peace on the Farm with Fruit, Trees, Castles and Visual Echo-Echo-Echo

March 3, 2012


Peace Rally in Eureka, CA. “Aware, Awake and Appalled” says the sign…

For years we have held Peace Marches and Rallies in Eureka. Starting in 2003 before the War in Iraq started and every year since… Eventually, the President of the United States got the message and the War in Iraq ended. Except for the Blackwater Mercenaries… They remain… but, they are civilians and employed to protect our oil companies… The 1% feel it’s a good investment. That’s why our Peace Protest has turned into an OCCUPATION.

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Re-Elect the President. Obama 2012.

February 11, 2012

Click on the picture to see it bigger...

Go Ahead, PIRATE this image and share it far and wide… what would REALLY be nice would be if people would MODIFY IT, deface it and satirize it… GO NUTS! We will win this 2012 election and President Obama will enjoy 4 more years…

Classic Rainbow Squiral. (a Spiral made of Squares)

President Obama. A Man of Action

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Domino Theory 2012. Not so absurd anymore…

February 4, 2012

Consider this scenario:

If Wall Street in the USA fails due to bonehead mortgage lending… and the USA stock market self-destructs, that will cause the Hong Kong Bansai market to collapse… the collapse of the Hong Kong Bansai will cause the German Gotterdammerung Market to falter bringing down the London Picadilly Circus… With currency values plummeting so fast that the pound will only be usefull as toilet paper, the Brazilian ALCOOL futures market will boil over and leave a stinking mess on the floor. As everyone knows, Brazilian ALCOOL is directly related to college frat party drinking of ethanol right from the pump causing widespread panic among people over thirty. Since people over thirty are about half of the investors in feng-shui arrangement services, that entire business will effortlessly re-arrange itself into a zen masterpiece drawn in sand that subsequently gets washed away when the tide rushes in… The other half of the investors in feng-shui services (people under thirty) will start texting each other frantically causing an email flash mob to converge at the corner of 34th and Vine, Los Angeles… there they will demand little bottles of “Love Potion #10″… even though they have never even downloaded the song! RRRRIOT control special forces from Blackwater Incorporated will tazer the mob and they will all be taken away to secret government prison camps located in the Trinity Alps. Displaced Marijuana farmers, freaked out by the sudden population increase of texting nerds, will stop making their income tax payments, get a haircut and get a real job. This will disrupt the delicate balance of power between the Mexican Mafia, the Russian Mafia and the actual Mafia.

In order to keep the balance and prevent the end of Western Civilization, the US government nationalized the banking industry by purchasing banks for $700 billion dollars… causing Communism to have won… The means of production are now owned by the people! Or at least, the financing of production is now owned by the people… or the government… or someone… not you… not me either…

So, you can see that “The Domino Theory” was accurate!
If your pizza takes more than thirty minutes to deliver, you get $3.00 off the price.

If you have never heard of the Domino Theory…
During the late 1960’s a bizarre concept arose among wacky think-tank dwellers, Supposededly, if we lost the Vietnam war, then countries near Vietnam would fall to communism… First Vietnam, then Cambodia, the Laos, then Thailand and they would keep on falling like dominos until Mexico fell and we had communists at our border…

Sure, with 20-20 hindsight we can see that this theory was totally false, but at the time, it was widely believed by the gullible masses…


January 8, 2012

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