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Photoshop Tutorial: Improve Portraits of your Friends… Improve Computer Performance: Delete Cookies, Restart Browser.

April 19, 2018

How to make everyone look better in Potatoshop. Resample image Height=106% Width=94%. Suddenly, Everyone got Taller and Thinner! It’s a Magic Trick. Do not tell your friends THAT it was done.  In order for this to really work, they must remain unaware.

They Just Think, Hey I look good!

Works in almost every photo image processing program.

Try blurring the cheeks and forehead on your friend’s faces.  Instantly Younger…

Eat Girl Scout Cookies – Delete Computer Cookies.

Internet Troubles? Fix Edge-Chat-Error… Delete Cookies, Restart Browser. Save Passwords but delete all unneeded files.  Fixes a LOT of problems… Why does Facebook store Thousands of thumbnails on my computer? Could I simply decline to store that useless information, supposed to fire my imagination… Adobe Flash gives control of that option.

Brookings Oregon

A Five Star Experience!

Just over the border [Welcome to Oregon]

~~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~


She said: “I question my beliefs. Do You?”

He said: “Sure, I Also question your beliefs… Duh”

She said: “What I meant was… Do you question your OWN beliefs. ”

Coloring Book 8 images

March 19, 2016

Hexagon Drafting Template – Paper Plate Crafts Project

February 1, 2016

Fold paper plate in half, then thirds. Clip edges. Automatic ‘Snowflake’ Design template. When folded, plate looks like a slice of Pie. Handy for all Six Sided Artwork…
Star of David, Peace Sign, Atomic Danger Icon, Recycling Icon… When drawing on T-Shirts be sure to use Sharpie Felt Pen Permanent Markers.



drafting-template-paper-plate-crafts-project-trace-felt-pens-vandergreg-art-gregvan-420-design-toolfold paper plate in half, ten thirds. Clip edges.
Automatic ‘Snowflake’ Design template.drafting-template-paper-plate-crafts-project-trace-felt-pens-vandergreg-art-gregvan-4201-design-tool




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May 17, 2011

Thankfully, the price of a bus ticket remains the same even with the gas prices going CRAZY. It’s $2.20 round trip. This is less money than driving. Especially when you figure in the SURPRISE repair bills that come out of nowhere and whack you on the side of the head. Talk about a stressful situation… You and I have to get a high paying job to pay for the commute to our job. Circular madness… Yet, I have not found a way to earn a fortune online… My webstore has paid about $200 per YEAR. Sure, it is gratifying to sell my art at all, but it’s a long way from paying the rent and buying food.

You might have to stand on your head to find out the answer to this question…

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My Invisible Friend (lyrics)


I’ve got an invisible friend
and I call him Hay-seuss.
not Dr. Seuss or mother goose
but JESUS.

If you don’t believe
in Hay-seuss or mother goose
you’ll got to HELL (or Pittsburg)
and burn for eternity.

Oh, me and Jim Jones
we believe in Hay-seuss
and cyanide suicide
will get you quicker to his side.

I didn’t eat for three days
and I heard voices
God talked to me
like I was on LSD
and said you’re SATAN (or Peter Pan)
This Song was written when a friend of mine decided to find Jesus by fasting. He got real angry and became dangerous to be around… Considering that he spent time inside… I just walked the other way until he ate a big pile of spaghetti. FSM to the Rescue…
Here is some art to take your mind off troubles… Like friends acting crazy due to “Their Invisible Friend”.
Let’s suppose you wanted to distribute a secret message to your friends and family… Put your message in a Picture.  NO computer program would be able to “captcha” the secret message. It would take a HUMAN to read it… Comprende? Figure that the “Three Letter Agencies” have vast money to spend on data mining using computers but a dramatically smaller budget for employing PEOPLE to read your email. If everyone would just create messages that the computers can’t read, that would increase employment for voyeurs. The Peeping Toms that read your Facebook page are gainfully employed… Hey, it’s one way to decrease unemployment…
Hire more **@$#%#%#%%^&%^&%^&***
Of course, if you really want privacy… get the good stuff from PGP. At one point in time, it was a Federal Offense to export their data encryption programs. What a great selling point. Their programs are so good that they are ILLEGAL. 
Here is a gift to new musical groups… Lads Gone Native might be a great name for a Band. I’m not using it… You can have it!
I wrote some lyrics… 

Ever notice a service offered by google called Zeitgeist? It ranks billions of we searches and displays what people type into the searce engine… supposedly it shows what people worldwide are interested in… Last years winners [2010] were:
justin bieber
nicki minaj
katy perry
Makes me wonder because I am interested in almost NONE of these subjects…

RESET Social Security Retirement age to 55

click on the link above for campaign gifts promoting the idea of:


Gregvan Tutorials Image Manipulation

May 10, 2011
Create a Winged Heart from any Picture. Or a HEART. Photoshop.

Create a Rainbow Squiral using Photoshop Actions.

Make people look more beautiful: Really!

Letters in a circle: Handy for making Buttons with words.

Photoshop Tutorial: Winged Hearts from any picture.

February 6, 2010
Sunset over the Mall in Eureka, California

example of mathematical Winged Heart

The winged heart shape is created in Photoshop by using EDIT-TRANSFORM: PERSPECTIVE: and then moving the lower corner all the way to the opposite lower corner creating two pyramid shapes… one right side up, the other upside down… then… FILTER- DISTORT- POLAR COORDINATES- RECTANGULAR TO POLAR… then…  LAYER- STYLE- INNER BEVEL…

To get a heart shape without the wings… when you are doing the perspective transform, bring the lower corner to the center of the picture at the bottom… Have Fun!

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Rainbow Squiral using Actions.

October 13, 2009
rainbow squiral

AFTER: rainbow squiral

BEFORE: Redwood Forest in Eureka, CA

BEFORE: Redwood Forest in Eureka, CA

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Rainbow Squiral using Actions.

Window:Actions allows you to memorize series of commands to be played back later. In this example we will play back an action 42 times.

Open a SQUARE image. Like this Redwood Forest… 1536px by 1536px
Layer: Duplicate layer: OK
Edit: Free Transform: 90 percent both vertical and horizontal: click check mark…
Layer: Layer Style: Outer Glow:
select from the drop down box Structure: a rainbow gradient,
drop down box Elements: Technique: select precise,
set size to 79…OK

(size is related to picture size-try different numbers)

Layer Style Photoshop

Layer Style Photoshop

Now we have a rainbow edged layer…

Rainbow Edged Forest Layer...

Rainbow Edged Forest Layer...

Click on Window:Actions to open the menu.
Click on the three tiny lines in the upper right hand corner.

actions menu

actions menu

Click on NEW ACTION from the drop down box…

Give it a name and click on RECORD button.

new action

new action

{record all these mouse clicks to be played back later…}
Layer: Duplicate layer: OK
Edit: Transform: Rotate:
92 percent both ways, -12 degrees, click on the check mark…
Image: Adjustment: Hue/Saturation: -25 hue, OK
Filter: Blur: Blur

Stop recording by clicking on the square at the bottom of the Actions Menu.



Click on the name you gave your action in the list of all possible actions…
Play that action again by clicking on the triangle at the bottom of the actions menu…

rainbow forest after a couple of rotations...

rainbow forest after a couple of rotations...

play that action about 42 times… YES, 42 times!

Layer: Flatten Image
File: Save for Web and Devices, SAVE, give it a name, SAVE

This is a Archimedes Spiral. Not a Fibonacci Spiral… that one is interesting too!

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