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Planned Cities are vastly better than unplanned cities. The Joy of Columbia Maryland, Almaden and Scotia, CA and Reston, VA

April 19, 2018

I have had the joy of living in Columbia, Maryland and Almaden, California. I worked in Reston, Virginia and have visited Scotia, California.

Columbia is an example of a truly outstanding design. It is based on small “pods” of homes and businesses that are interconnected by bike trails and roads. Every home is within walking distance of stores that sell basic necessities. This becomes crucial during snowstorms when all the roads are undriveable. Designed by James Rouse. It is home to the Merriweather Post Pavilion concert venue in Symphony Woods. Across the street is a Shopping Mall and Lake Kittamaqundi… sail boats and canoes for rent. Columbia is home to Howard Community College and Hobbit’s Glen golf course. Yes, he planned for everything… and it’s all within biking distance.,_Maryland

Almaden: During the 1960s IBM built a disk drive factory in the rural farmland near San Jose, California. Then they build homes for the employees, a golf course and a swim and racquet club. They believed that they could attract a higher quality employee if the living conditions were ideal. It worked. The concept of a the database was invented there. One of those truly epic ideas…,_San_Jose,_California

Reston was a city built by Robert E Simon. Note his initials in the name of the city. Located near Dulles Airport it is a popular location for corporations. It is easy to fly into Dulles and take a taxi to a meeting. Having an airport close by was convenient for shipping our finished products to the customers. I worked for a defense subcontractor and Reston is close to the Pentagon and Washington, DC.,_Virginia

Scotia was built for the employees of The Pacific Lumber Company. Their plan was to harvest 1% of the trees every year and plant a new tree for every one harvested. That “100 year plan” was designed to ensure that there would be work for the mill employees forever. In a hundred years, the new trees would have grown up and be big enough to harvest again. Sadly, Charles Hurwitz used junk bonds to do a hostile takeover of the company, cut down all the profitable trees, looted the pension fund, hid the money in Texas and then declared bankruptcy. Now the company has been purchased by the Fischer family and they have returned to sustainable logging.,_California

There is a lovely coloring book of The Headwaters Forest.


On a personal note: If you and your friends drive over Blossom Hill Road from Los Gatos, California at night and you put Pink Floyd’s “Division Bell” CD in the stereo… when you crest the hill and can look down on the sparkling lights of the city of Almaden… the band sings…

The grass was greener

The light was brighter

With friends surrounded

The nights of wonder

it’s all true and a really emotional experience…

You see, it appears that the lyrics describe what is actually happening… Cosmic…

I had the blessing of attending many rock concerts at Merriweather Post Pavillion.

The Grateful Dead played there Six times while I was living on the east coast and I went to all six shows.

One night there was a thunder and lightning storm at dusk. Torrential downpour… all the power went out and we were treated to a drum duet played by Bill K and Mickey Hart. It appeared that they were incorporation the thunder into their music. A traditional tom-tom fill is “da da da, de de de, du du du, boom”. They used the flash of lightning to predict when the thunders boom would sound…

As a special blessing, half the audience on the lawn area went home… That solved the overcrowding problem. The rest of us stayed and danced in the mud.

Sadly, the audience forced management to prohibit the Grateful Dead from playing there.

One time there was a concert near July Fourth and the members of the audience set off too many fireworks after the concert. Since it is possible to buy rockets that fly up into the sky and explode in South Carolina (not too far away), that year there was a danger of setting Symphony Woods on fire. Oh Well… it all worked out because about that time the Grateful Dead became really popular and needed RFK Stadium to satisfy the demand for tickets.

Try “The Scientific Method”: Observe Reality, Collect Facts, Analyse the Data, Draw Conclusions. It’s the Opposite of the Republicrime Method.

April 19, 2018

Their plan is: Write a Conclusion, Make Up “Facts”, Pretend those “Facts” are Reality, Attack anyone who disagrees with their conclusion.

Learn about Critical Thinking…

It refers to the ability to analyze information objectively and make a reasoned judgment.

Comparative Religions: So Many Different Gods… Many Loudly Proclaiming that THEY are the One True God. Absurd!

April 19, 2018

I, like 100% of the people on Earth HAVE NO CLUE if God is real or not. Some people state that they know… but they are just deluding themselves… I don’t mind them deluding themselves, but if they Kill people that are of different Religions… They are Crazy and Dangerous.

I do pray… I may not believe in God but what if God believes in me? I often send prayers for good health to the people who are sick. If God is Real, he reads my email… and the people who get the email feel better…

I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior in 1976. If Christianity turns out to be the correct Religion, I’m Saved! I was living with my first ex-wife and she was interested in me becoming a Baptist and I was interested in sex with her so… I went forward at a meeting, accepted Christ, joined the choir and then got bored with it all… we rarely attended. I did like Communion… It’s a make believe Vampire, Cannibal Cult! Pretend to drink a persons BLOOD and Eat a persons BODY… OOOH! That’s Creepy! But FUN!

However, I much later I did become addicted to crack cocaine and when I wanted to stop I went to a Baptist Church and gave my addiction to Jesus, and never smoked crack again. That evening I went to the Pink Floyd “concert” called “Welcome to the Machine” and that helped also because it gave me something to distract my attention while I was suffering thru the withdrawal symptoms. Another time I went to the Presbyterian Church founded by Annie Bidwell in Chico and prayed that God would find my friends a JOB… and later that week both Manuel and Victoria were employed. A miracle…  Not only that but if I ever stub my toe or hit my thumb with a hammer I shout out JESUS!

When I joined Alcoholics Anonymous I was introduced to the concept of a “Higher Power” helping me with my addiction. The “Higher Power” that worked for me was The “Group of Drunks” an acronym GOD… We were supposed to seek guidance thru prayer and meditation. However I always got Nothing from Prayer or Meditation. ZERO. The Group did help and I stopped drinking alcohol. Remember, Bill Wilson invented Alcoholics Anonymous while tripping on Belladonna and Henbane. Both POWERFUL Hallucinogens. He saw the “White Light” and had a vision of God. Me TOO! Me TOO! LSD, DMT, Peyote and Magic Mushrooms all give you a vision of God. I do like AA so Bill’s Trip was a great help to mankind.

If the Hindus or Buddhists are right I’m set to reincarnate as a human or better because I’ve lead a good life. I have NOT killed any people but have eaten a few hamburgers… I love Bacon too… Oh Well… Maybe I’ll come back as a Cow… and then a Hamburger myself…

If the Mormons are right, I’m not in luck. I liked meeting the Mormon people in Utah, they were very friendly and helpful but I just can’t believe that God is an Extraterrestrial… Moroni from a star in the constellation Orion… Not very likely to be true.

However, maybe the “Ancient Alien” theorists are right. There sure is a lot of really strange evidence of Alien Visitation… For Example: Why did Mexicans, Cambodians and Egyptians all build Pyramids? What is their purpose? Did they have Alien Help?

If Islam is correct I’m screwed… But then, their Religion JUST SUCKS.

I like THOR… Valhalla I am coming. Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song”

I have a few members of my family that are Jewish and I think that on Judgement day they will let me in. I’ve been nice to them and that’s important in a world where some people put them in gas chambers and kill them.

Of COURSE, Gaia makes a lot of sense. I can really relate to the fact that all plants and animals are brothers and sisters… I really GROK this idea when I’m in a Redwood Forest. I lived on the edge of a second growth forest for 15 years and I “owned” a specific tree in Eureka. I sat on it daily and smoked cigarettes… I sat on it more often that anyone else so it’s MY TREE and I’m It’s Human. I will share that tree with our cat Meadow as she liked it too.

Then there are the Goddess Religions… Thankfully, I’ve met a couple of Goddesses and I sure am glad. One was nicknamed “Nature Nurse”. She became my Second Ex-Wife.

Another was Ja-Kay R. from Chico. We played the drums in a band in Paradise, California  and performed “Miserlou” at the Farmers market in downtown Chico. A beautiful Blond Nordic Goddess.

Another was a GURU/Teacher named Sonya Sophia who lead a group healing seminar at the Utah Rainbow Gathering. I also bought admission to her weekly internet sessions where we studied “Tapping” a self-help Acupressure technique… I did that for about a year and learned as much as she could teach. “I Love and Accept Myself”

Rastafarians? Sure, I’ve smoked a lot of reefer… I can play reggae music… it’s got ONE CHORD! Easy but I find it boring even when I’m stoned. Cannabis Psychosis is REAL. If you smoke every day you remain stoned even if you don’t smoke… You stay stoned for about a month… and I saw things that were not there but I believed that they were… Difficult to take care of business when I’m THAT Stoned…

Pastafarians? – The Flying Spaghetti monster is a good joke.

The Church of the Subgenius? OK, another good joke.

I’m a registered Minister in the Universal Life Church. Why Not?

Scientology? No thanks, that “E-Meter” is BOGUS science and I know enough about electrical engineering to see that the great OZ is just a man behind a curtain… It’s a GREAT religion for L. Ron Hubbard but not for any of the followers.

Timothy Leary and LSD? Ultimately it was disappointing and just an amusing ride… No more meaning than a good roller coaster…

Ram Dass? He took a lot of LSD and then went all the way to India to find a GURU… Then he learned to “BE HERE NOW” from a 6 foot 7 inch surfer from Laguna Beach. He could have saved a lot of time wasted on air travel if he had just gone surfing in California FIRST and Ignored the Indians… but he writes great books…

Ken Kesey and the Grateful Dead… Fun to dance to rock music on LSD. However it all has the creepy feeling that it was just an experiment in the CIA Project MKULTRA. What IF we dosed millions of people Nationwide? Would that be useful as a Weapon of War? Make the enemy too stoned to fight?

Surfing as a religion? Yes, that makes sense. Or to put it more simply, doing what you love to do as a way of life… Playing the ukulele or throwing pottery or oil painting or computer programming or dancing or bicycle riding or snow skiing or camping or taking photographs or … etc etc etc… Yes there is a bliss when a person is doing something they love and are totally focused… TIME itself seems to pass more rapidly… I have experience this myself while programming graphic arts… Suddenly hours have passed while I was “in the zone”.

A Christian fellow was giving a lecture at Humboldt State University one time and he said that there was only ONE WAY to go to Heaven, Jesus. He said that you couldn’t find God by Mountain Climbing OR Drugs… What he forgot to mention was finding God by Mountain Climbing AND Drugs. BOTH! at the same time! It’s not an either/or question… I have hiked to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite on LSD and I”m really glad I did…  He also said that Premarital Sex was a SIN. Like, BAD and you shouldn’t do it. What an Idiot. I bet that attitude prevented him from getting laid.

Once I read a book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and there was a lot of Toltec Wisdom there.

Another Book Series: “The Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda… Yaqui Indian Brujo Wisdom

I’ve played the Father Drum with Native Americans and THAT was “Big Medicine”…

“The Temple of the Screaming Electron” and Digital Immortality. Ray Kurzweil plans to  upload your entire Brain to the Internet and Living forever in the cloud.  I’m working on that too with my Blog by typing almost every event in my entire life and every opinion I’ve ever held…

So, if you don’t like your God simply FIRE him and Write your own Religion!

Read more of my Autobiography at:

Trump supporters are killing themselves in record numbers. Suicide and Opioid Overdose increasing in the uneducated white male population.

April 9, 2018

Hope for the future is declining among Trump voters. There is a growing realization that Trump has not done anything to improve the quality of life for the people of the working class.  Chance of getting a good job is low. Trump is only helping the super rich get more money…

“The Forces Driving Middle-Aged White People’s ‘Deaths Of Despair’. 

In 2015, when researchers Anne Case and Angus Deaton discovered that death rates had been rising dramatically since 1999 among middle-aged white Americans, they weren’t sure why people were dying younger, reversing decades of longer life expectancy.

Now the husband-and-wife economists say they have a better understanding of what’s causing these “deaths of despair” by suicide, drugs and alcohol. In a follow-up to their groundbreaking 2015 work, they say that a lack of steady, well-paying jobs for whites without college degrees has caused pain, distress and social dysfunction to build up over time. The mortality rate for that group, ages 45 to 54, increased by a half percent each year from 1999 to 2013.”

When I was working at the Postal Service Engineering Department there were many immigrant employees that I became friends with.

April 9, 2018

Since the USPS did not require a Secret Clearance from the Department of Defense, it was one of the few places that an immigrant draftsman could work in the Washington DC Area. One Friday night three of us went to New York City to attend a Hindu Wedding. I drove… We stayed at an apartment building in the Bronx. The entire multi-story building was filled with Hindus from around the world. They had a temple in the backyard. There was a lot of “Sacred” food to be eaten and supposedly we would be insulting our hosts and the Gods if we refused to eat it. The Groom was coated in a yellow colored spice (Saffron). He had a bad allergic reaction to it… I ended up eating much more than I wanted to. On the night before the Wedding we went to a Hindu Disco and danced. Some of the people my friend was related to lived on one apartment building and some lived in a different one. We had to walk the women from one building to another because the neighborhood was dangerous and they feared getting abducted… So whenever a woman wanted to go to the other building, we escorted her… At the wedding an old woman played the drums… My friend was from Guyana, South America… a former British Colony. His ancestors were imported slaves from India.

The third person in our adventure to NYC was a black American man. His mother lived in NYC and she was the owner of a Rastafarian Bar. We did not get to visit because the air conditioner in the bar was broken. Too bad… It would have been an interesting place to visit. Another draftsman at the USPS was a man my age from Vietnam. He said that when he was a child he watched the American Bombs exploding and he thought they were pretty. I’m not making this up.

Read more of my autobiography at:

Classic Parable: “The glazier with a rock”… (a glazier is a person that replaces broken windows)

April 9, 2018

When I lived in Maryland in an apartment complex with 500 units there was a man who replaced broken windows… When there were no windows to replace he hired children to throw rocks thru windows… Then he had work to do and got paid for replacing the broken windows. This plan is not that unusual… I have heard that firefighters in Trinity County California often are arsonists… Start a fire, go to work as a firefighter…

~~~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~~~

After getting out of the mental hospital I was released to an old folks home in Orangevale, California near Folsom. This is a completely different lifestyle because all my needs are met. A care-giver shops and cooks food, takes me to AA & NA meetings, takes me to doctor’s appointments and makes sure I take my medication.

In the beginning I went to a Psychiatrist and she prescribed a medicine that clouded my thinking and made my vision blurry… I could not read a book unless I put on my glasses and my glasses were in Eureka, CA at home. Thankfully, my insurance refused to pay for that psychiatrist and I stopped taking that drug. My vision regained focus and I became more interested in living life. It seems to me that the Doctor was giving me drugs in order to CAUSE mental health problems… Sort of like a “The glazier with a rock”. Cause a problem and then get paid to fix that problem.

I’m enjoying this lifestyle. It gives me a lot of time to watch TV, read books and write my blog. I used to waste a lot of time going shopping for food and cooking it… Driving is dangerous and I delegate that task to a young woman… I also am freed from the responsibility of maintaining a vehicle, paying for gas and Insurance.

My brother takes care of paying the rent. We inherited a lot of money when Our Father passed away and My brother is interested in playing the stock market… So I let him contol the family fortune and I just automatically get all I need. And I need very little… I worked my entire life and so I receive Social Security checks and a pension from the years I worked for the County of Humboldt.

Read more of my autobiography at:

Top 25 List of Great Artists… with pictures and links… My Favorites!

April 6, 2018

#1 MC Escher


#2 Salvador Dali

#3 Duane Flatmo

#4 Agustus Owsley and Bob Thomas

#5 Hipgnosis

Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell, and later, Peter Christopherson.

#6 Robert Crumb

#7 Gilbert Shelton

#8 Peter Max

#9 Piet Mondrian

#10 Leonardo Da Vinci

#11 Rene Magritte

#12 Andy Warhol

#13 Mouse/Kelly

#14 Wes Wilson

#15 Rick Griffin

#16 Joseph Parker

#17 Thomas Cole

#19 Pablo Picasso

#20 Vincent Van Gogh

#21 Rembrant

#22 Mati Klarwein

#23 John Pugh

#24 Richard Avedon



The unnamed artists at Farmville. Zynga has some REALLY fine art.

 #25 gregvanderlaan*

fish symbol IXOYE secret graphic code – used to fool the authorities – NSA Spying

April 6, 2018

For 2000 years people have been using secret

graphic symbols to avoid notice of “The Man”.

Hidden in plain sight, law enforcement is slow to

grasp the meaning of codes and cyphers.

For Example: This graphic image has meaning to humans

yet is difficult for computers to understand…

The US Government has computers working

24/7/365 watching the internet…

but they look for text…

they would have to hire humans

to read graphic files…

that’s the entire concept of “captcha”


which is used worldwide.

We can no longer afford to have a government that behaves like mindless vegetables.

April 6, 2018

Let’s cut defense spending and end CRAZYLAWS[tm].  The cost to society of the absurd Marijuana Prohibition plus War Profiteering will bankrupt our country and send the entire world into economic collapse. DUH.

RELEASE THE STORMY DANIELS PHOTOS. Nude pictures of President Trump? #ReleaseThePhotos

March 7, 2018

Enquiring minds want to know. Are there films? Is He A Porn Star TOO?

Things I Remember Growing Up in Los Gatos – Hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains

March 4, 2018

I remember hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains behind The Novitiate. I often went with my dog, Prince, a toy collie on that trail that went all the way to Lexington Reservoir. I caught a terrible cases of poison oak by petting the dog. However, one time made me immune forever. I collected sprouted buckeyes and planted them in the backyard of our home on Bruce Ave and one of them grew up to be a giant tree. For years we collected the buckeye seeds and burned them in our fireplace. They POP at random times and that’s fun when watching a fire. I also walked trails up and down Los Gatos creek from Campbell percolation ponds to Vasona to Lexington. It was fun to swim at Vasona. We would dive in from the dam and swim until the park Ranger approached in his boat. It was illegal to swim there and so we had to keep an eye out for the law. Another good swimming hole was the Almaden Reservoir. That one was supposed to be so polluted with Mercury that it was dangerous to swim there… However, Both of my parents and I swam there with no ill effects… Go Figure…

My dad lived in Los Gatos as a Jr. High School and High School Student and Mom was from Willow Glen [near San Jose]. Dad moved to Los Gatos to cure his Tuberculosis at the Top of the Hill Sanitarium off Kennedy Road. When I went to my Dad’s Funeral at the Unitarian Church on Blossom hill Road I could see the “Top of the Hill” from the deck outback… I felt comforted in being able to see the beginning and the end of his Los Gatos residency.

In 1976 I went with my wife to Wine Tasting at the Novitiate. They were a major supplier of wine used in Communion Services. I remember that they had a cave used for aging the red wines that had a crack in the ceiling caused by the 1906 earthquake. They used giant redwood barrels that absorbed the wine and the outside was wet. The air in that cave could make you drunk from breathing the alcohol. Los Gatos is famous for Almaden Wine and Saratoga has Paul Masson. One of my in-laws worked at Paul Masson and another worked at Sebastiani. When we went wine tasting at Sebastiani they brought out the “good stuff”, wines that were for family, not sold to the general public. Yes, it really was good quality. Especially the brandy.

We had really High Quality Public Schools in Los Gatos. In Elementary School at Daves Ave we were taught the “New Math”. I don’t actually remember how that was different than the “Old Math” but at least they were trying to help us learn. We studied the Spanish Language all through school. I didn’t really get good at it until I was an Adult working at Radio Shack on Branham Lane. It’s a comissioned salesman job and many of my customers spoke Spanish as their primary language. Yes, I got good when my Paycheck depended on it. Hector Sianez was the store manager and people from all over the Bay Area would drive to our store because we had the advantage of being Bi-Lingual.
We were taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math at LGHS. A college prep curriculum… After I graduated from LGHS I went to Chico State for two years and the West Valley JC (an outstanding school to learn Electronics Drafting). One class at West Valley was scale model building. I took blueprints of a cabin my Dad was having built at North Shore Lake Tahoe and built an accurate scale model. I still have that model because Dad liked it and made sure it never got accidentally damaged.

Things I Remember Growing Up in Los Gatos, California… during the 1960s

March 4, 2018

I enjoyed growing up in Los Gatos starting in 1960 until graduation from LGHS in 1972… an Ideal Childhood… Then I Went to West Valley College, learned electronics and got a job at System Industries in Santa Clara… I live in Orangevale, CA (Near Sacramento) in an Old Folks Home. Quite a life and I’m looking forward to at least another 20 years of retirement… One peak experience in Los Gatos was attending the Tower of Power concert outdoors at the Chateau… In the Redwoods…  I remember going with Rich Field to the Tower of Power Concert and we saw how they achieved the flute to trumpet blending on “Diamonds Sparkling in the Sand”. One man walked towards his microphone while the other walked away… both were playing the same note… This amazed Rich as he was a jazz band member at school and this effect was a mystery to him until we saw it done… I also remember that the Hells Angels and The Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle clubs both arrived at the concert at the same time and I was concerned that there would be violence… so I walked to the other side of the concert as far as possible away from them…. Years later I learned that they OFTEN partied together at the Chateau and my fears were unjustified…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember playing my harmonica at a school play with Barry Hill. It was called “Sneaky Fitch is Dead” and I had a great time performing… We also performed “Hippie from Olema” by the Youngbloods at a talent show in the high school gym. Rich Field and Nancy King and Rachael Ludlum were also in the band.

Many of the students performed as Spearchuckers and Slaves in the Opera “AIDA’ at the San Jose Civic Auditorium. There was a touring opera company that filled the stage with locals… They instructed us to move our mouths BUT DO NOT SING… They had a choir that did the singing and we would have just been annoying and off key. Since the big scene we were in was when the hero came back from the Middle East with the spoils of war, we had to cover our bodies with dark brown stage paint… We were supposed to be playing the part of black people… I had long blond hair but they just tucked that up under a hat… Big Fun… Liz Dunbar was in the Opera also [LGHS ’73]

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember going to a wonderful natural hot spring in Pfeiffer Big Sur State park. We hiked 12 miles into the Ventana Wilderness along the Big Sur River to get to “Sykes” Camp. The Park Rangers kept the Hot Spring maintained so that about 6 people could bathe at the same time. I went with my high school friend Joe Franck, his older sister Peggy and their cousin Katie. At our campsite a raccoon started to eat our food and Peggy went to shoo the raccoon away… The raccoon turned and hissed at her and bared it’s claws… She screamed really loud and in the end, we fasted for a couple of days… Wild animals would win any fight…
I also saw a cat that was about the size of a toy collie… I guess it was a Bobcat, not a mountain lion… There were also wild pigs that ran around at night… In my imagination, they were as big as “Wonder Warthog!”. Also on the Big Sur River close to the Pfeiffer Campground was a swimming hole with a waterfall at the upstream end. Very popular and private… perfect for skinny dipping. I sure hope that the hot springs are still being kept in good repair. It was Well worth the 12 mile hike in… I also went to the campground on the day that President Nixon resigned. I took LSD and had to go lie down in the woods when the hallucinations peaked so I missed the actual resignation. (oops, got stoned and I missed it.) There was great celebration at the campground that night.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

My favorite beach in Santa Cruz was Manresa. It was about ten miles south of town and It always seemed to be sunnier and warmer. It’s a very long beach and you can walk far away from other families. No need to listen to their loud children… I also liked the Boardwalk. In the late 1960’s there was a Funhouse with slides and a giant record player that threw the kids off due to centrifugal force. I also loved the Merry Go Round and the automatic music box. My dad reached his limit when we rode the Wild Mouse. He swore that he would never go on another ride ever… and he never did. The Giant Dipper was a classic wooden roller coaster and vastly superior to the more modern ones that are made of steel (Like Great America). When we went to the beaches North of Santa Cruz we walked thru a Brussels sprout farm. We always ate the fresh sprouts but it was important to remember to wash off the poison in the ocean first. To this day I like Brussels sprouts and artichokes due to growing up near the farms. We grew Apricots at home (4 trees) and cut cots at a neighbors smokehouse. They let us use the sulfur smoker if we worked on their farm cutting cots. There were a lot of prune orchards in our neighborhood. The most famous was on Daves Ave and had the Billy Jones Railroad. We rode the train for a penny… just throw it into a jar…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

Things I remember growing up in Los Gatos, California in the 1960s – Autobiography of Greg Vanderlaan

March 4, 2018

I feel blessed that not only did I grow up in a great location but I also grew up at a great time. Starting first grade in 1960 I experienced President Kennedy’s Challenge of putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade. We were trained in school to become astronauts or rocket scientists. NASA and Lockheed. Eventually I did end up designing computers that were flew on USAF jets. So my early dreams were fulfilled. I always wanted to design Spaceships but USAF Jets is close enough…

and then during the late part of the 1960’s I got to participate in Anti Vietnam War protests. We were successful as eventually the vast majority of the American People grasped the concept that the war was Pure Evil. Nixon ended the war AND ended the draft. Saving countless American lives, including Mine. The draft ended just as I turned 18 and I was not asked to go to Vietnam. Thank You, Richard Nixon…

and then I had the opportunity to go to Grateful Dead Concerts High on LSD. Including the concert at Winterland where they filmed “The Grateful Dead Movie”… THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

Ecology became popular when I was growing up. I participated in the “Youth Walk for Survival” at UC Berkeley. It was a fundraising benefit for Ecology groups. We asked people to sponsor us for a few cents per mile walked. We started at the Football field on campus, walked around Lake Merritt in Oakland and then back to the football field. Then there was a concert and Malvina Reynolds sand “Boxes, little Boxes”.  I also worked for the Sierra Club in the Action Clean Up project at the Little Kern River… We camped out for two months and picked up garbage, burnt it in a campfire and packed out the remaining waste to a big dumpster at the trailhead.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I’m glad that I never played football in High School. Many of my friends and co-workers have developed severe spinal pain due to old football injuries. I was on the team for one week in 7th grade but quit because David Morera and Brett Mannon hurt me every day. Not Fun.

I was a swimmer. We had an AAU team at Pete Denevi’s Swim and Racquet Club on Oka Road and then there was a team at LGHS. I won sixth place in breaststroke at the “Far Westerns” held at Foothill Junior College. Anyone from West of the Mississippi could enter. My swimming career peaked at 12 years old and went down from there… sigh…

I also played basketball but was bad at it. Always sitting on the bench while the skilled players took the court. My Coach was Isidro Maytorena. My Idol in 8th grade.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I went to Isla Vista, CA to visit my brother at UC Santa Barbara. I remember that there was tar on the beach and when we came back to the apartment there was a can of gasoline to be used to clean the bottom of our feet so we wouldn’t track the oil into the home and ruin the rug. Companies were drilling for oil offshore and it was leaking onto the beach. California outlawed offshore oil drilling to fix this problem. Now, in 2018 our President Trump wants to start drilling again off ALL the coasts of the USA… That would increase the chances of an ecological disaster like BP had in the Gulf of Mexico. Trump’s Policy often benefits the super rich at the expense of the American people…

We also went to a nightclub that had a color organ attached to the record player. The lights would flash in time to the music. Bass notes would trigger red lights, mid-range was green and high frequency sound was blue. By combining Red, Green and Blue equally you can create white light.
This machine blew my mind. Visual Music… Synesthesia…  Seeing Sound…

During the years my brother was at UC Santa Barbara, the students burned down the Bank of America to protest the Vietnam War. My brother says he was not involved with this arson as being outdoors on the streets was dangerous. Too much possibility of having your head bashed in by a cop.

One time when we were hiking in the mountains behind Santa Barbara I saw a Condor. They are amazingly large birds… It impressed me.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I really enjoyed riding a skateboard at Daves Ave School. They had concrete hallways that formed a circle and we kids would race. I was also really interested in baseball and marbles. The school was within walking distance of home so I always walked to school.

All my friends really enjoyed riding bicycles around town. Los Gatos is small enough that we could go anywhere on a bike. Barry Hill and I raced down the hill from the Novitiate and I had a bicycle accident. I ran off the road at a sharp curve, plowed into a short stone wall, flipped over my handlebars and landed on my back in a bush. No real injury except for cuts and scrapes. Had to replace the front wheel but we were able to bend the forks back into shape. One time a bunch of us decided to ride all the way to Big Sur but I got tired and quit before I got to Summit Road. Going uphill all that way didn’t seem like a real fun trip after all. Years later I lived in Chico, CA and enjoyed bicycling everywhere for years… Especially in Bidwell Park.

One time I rode my bike all the way to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. I always loved that museum with it’s Egyptian Pyramid displays. We could go down in a tunnel into King Tut’s Tomb… Across the street was a magical bookstore that also sold paintings by Joe Parker, a surrealist/psychedelic painter. He did mandala sunsets in magical landscapes. His paintings were also sold in a record store on North Santa Cruz ave.

My whole family rode bicycles on Highway 280 before it was opened for cars. Thousands of people rode in a one day celebration. We started near the Winchester Mystery House and rode towards downtown San Jose. I’ve always loved 280 as it was a fast and beautiful way to go visit San Francisco. We had friends that lived in “The City” and would go visit them often. One took me to the Fillmore West in 1969 to go see a band called The Youngbloods. The big song of the night was “Get Together” a classic Hippie Anthem. There were light-shows on the walls of the concert hall. Squishy Water (like the album cover of Iron Butterfly’s In a Gadda da Vida Album) and many movie loops. There were blacklights and people were painting each other’s bodies with fluorescent paint. Big Fun. We also went to The Exploratorium. That museum allowed the visitors to play with the exhibits. My favorite was the custom built musical jam session where a half a dozen people plated synthesizers that were designed to never play a wrong note… that way visitors that had no musical training could experience the joy of playing without the pain of making noise that was not pleasant. They also had a virtual reality experience where I was flying thru a tunnel and my spaceship traveled in the direction that I looked. It was a game where the goal was to crash into floating cubes that moved randomly. The cubes had people’s faces on them and one was Jerry Garcia. This was long before VR games became available to the general public.

We visited the Winchester Mystery House when I was a child. I was not impressed as I was expecting something more like Disneyland. In retrospect, I am admire the giant house and appreciate the story of Sarah Winchester being haunted by the ghosts of all the men that died from gunshot wounds caused by her husbands rifle. She employed carpenters to work around the clock so that their sounds would keep the ghosts away. And if she did have any nightmares she had strong men to protect her.

“TGAN” by greg vanderlaan – A silly Science Fiction Story:

March 4, 2018

Chapter Zero:

“You are under arrest” said THE MAN.

“Eat Lead, Copper.” said Merle.

and THE MAN did…

They were at a remote marijuana plantation in Humboldt County and Merle was not about to let Federal Law Enforcement interfere with his profit.

Too Bad, So Sad for THE MAN’s next of kin but everyone voluntarily selects their own career… It appears that  THE MAN’s choice was not the most brilliant idea.

The next puzzle was how to dispose of the body… Ecologically…

This area of the woods is home to BEARS and BIGFOOT… Someone was going to get a free lunch… and here comes one now…

“DANG” exclaimed Susan “These reality TV Shows are SOOOOO predictable… The criminal always gets caught in the end. BORINGGGGG. I’m changing channels right now. ”


“Whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Oh Boy, A Space Opera. ” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Who are you talking to?” aske Bob as he entered the room with a pizza, six pack of Sierra Nevada Beer and a big ol’ bag a weed…

“Nunya Beeswax” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-KA BLOOOEY!” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Wow, Look at that!” said Bob.

“The SLIME from the dead alien is dripping onto the floor” said Susan.

“And it stinks” said Bob.

“That’s ABSURD. These new TV sets from [product placement] with ‘SMELL-O-VISION’ are more trouble than they are worth.”


TALKING HEAD: “In other news, Dr Ron Paul has accepted the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States.  We go live to the convention floor where a riot has broken out. ”


“Wait a second, go back to that news report. That’s an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.”

“Oh don’t be surprised, it’s FOX news… they often write fiction and present it on the TV as news. ”

“Are you sure? They seem so sincere.” said Bob

“Yep, they have meetings, get blasted on mind altering substances and write collaborative fiction…” replied Susan

“Sounds good to me. Would you like a puff?”

“Yes. We’ve got some fiction to write ourselves… because this story is starting to drag.” Exhaled Susan

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Let’s watch CNN, they tell the truth…


“In other news, President Obama Legalized Medical Marijuana today. Stating, “I was wrong… I asked my doctor and she said there IS medicinal value to Medical Marijuana… So we have stopped the DEAth Squads… ” said the talking head.

Oh… CNN has gone NATIVE also… have we a distortion of the space-time continuum? asked Susan.

legalize marijuana spinner



Why should we all vote against all Republicrimes Everywhere, Everytime? Because they are the paid puppets of the NRA.

February 23, 2018
The Gun manufacturers business plan depend on people that already own guns to buy more guns. Everyone who wanted a gun has already bought one and so the industry depends on people that want to increase their arsenal from 5 guns to 50 guns. The Gun Lobby publishes hysteria producing propaganda about dangerous evil strangers that plan to attack your family. The Brainwashing causes gun owners to spend money buying more and more and more guns to defend themselves from an imaginary enemy… In FACT, having a gun in the house increases the chance of having a gun accident… Families are LESS SAFE with firearms in the house because they are often used upon the family. Get Smart America! #OutlawGuns

Trump’s plan of ARMING TEACHERS is astonishingly stupid. What happens when a student grabs the gun and takes it away from the teacher? The Teacher gets DEAD. Many High School boys are bigger and stronger than their teachers and could wrestle away a gun. This is a classic BONEHEAD TRUMP IDEA… The answer to gun violence is making guns illegal… FEWER GUNS lead to FEWER DEATHS. #OutlawGuns

Republicrimes are ANTI-Family Values. They supported an accused Child Molester in Alabama [Moore] and an accused Wife Beater in the White House [Porter]. They are opposed to Health Care and voted to end Obamacare and cause millions of people to lose their insurance… Causing untreated sickness and early death…

Here in California it is possible to Register to Vote on the Internet. For people that are house-bound this is a way for them to vote by mail. Many old people never go out except to go to the doctor. Many have moved from their family house to an old folks home and need to re-register… Go visit your parents and help them register. This election is extremely important. We all have to join together and throw all Republicrimes OUT! Register and Vote for Green, Democrat or Libertarians…

Digital Paintings of Tropical Fish… and Mao Quote about Country Joe and the Fish…

February 8, 2018


“The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea. ” – Mao
Origin on the name of Country Joe and the Fish.










Three Spaceships Landing on Planet X… and other COSMIC ART

December 9, 2017


Original Art created in Photoshop, WINPLOT, GIMP and Paint-dot-net…

all four programs used…

release all cannabis prisonersFeel free to Pirate these Images and set them free all across the internet.

California was part of Mexico from 1760 to 1849 when gold was discovered and we became part of the USA. Texas was part of Mexico too. So when Trump wants to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out, he is 250 years too late…

December 2, 2017


Most of the cities of California were founded by a Catholic Priest called Junipero Serra. That’s why we have Spanish Names… San Jose was named for Saint Joseph… San Francisco was named for Saint Francis of Assisi… The Ciudad de Los Angeles=The City of the Angels… He rode north from Mexico on El Camino Real(the Royal Road) and built a Mission one days ride apart going up the coast… San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterrey all were Mexican towns originally.


In Texas, El Paso(The pass), Amarillo(yellow) and the Rio Grande(big river) have Spanish names.

It makes a lot more sense to be friends with Mexicans than to build a wall to keep them out.

A Brief History of the Vietnam War. 58,000 American Soldiers Died for Nothing…

December 2, 2017

During the 1950s Americans went into a Panic about Communists taking over the world. We built thousands of Nuclear Missiles and fallout shelters. The US Congress had witch hunts (Joe McCarthy-HUAC) to expose Commies who worked in The Hollywood Movie business and blacklisted folksingers that were leading our young people astray with anti-war songs. During the height of this hysteria Vice President Richard Nixon went on Television and explained “the Domino Principle”
while pointing to a map of Asia. His theory was that one by one those countries over there would turn Commie and soon they would take over Mexico and threaten the American Way of Life. Soon, President Eisenhower and Kennedy sent advisors to help the South Vietnamese soldiers fight the North Vietnamese soldiers. Then President Johnson sent even More American Soldiers to fight the Viet Cong. Then President Nixon continued the War for another 5 years before eventually he decided to allow the South Vietnamese to fight their own war and we left. Quickly the South lost and thousands of Boat People fled South Vietnam because they thought they would be killed.
As it turned out, The Domino Principle was false. Communism did not take over the world. The entire war was a waste of lives and money.

The main reason we ended the Vietnam War was the huge protest movement against the war. Lead by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin of the Yippies, The Students for a Democratic Society and The Weatherman staged immense protest marches expressing the desire of the American People to end the war. Eventually the US government got the message…

Ho Chi Minh was the heroic leader of North Vietnam. He successfully threw out the French Colonialists and The Americans. He reunited his country and Vietnamese people ruled Vietnam.

The Vietnam War inspired many anti-war protest songs. Country Joe and the Fish’s “Fixing to Die Rag”, Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant, The Door’s “Unknown Soldier.and “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” and “Big Muddy” by Pete Seeger…

Then the Draft (forcing people to go fight in wars) ended and we were at Peace for Ten Years…

Many corporations profited from the War in Vietnam including Dow Chemical, Monsanto and Hughes Aircraft. The Government bought a lot of Napalm, Agent Orange and Helicopters.
Some say that corporations had President Kennedy Assassinated because he was going to end the war and they wouldn’t reap the profits…

President Lyndon Johnson was the main promoter of the Vietnam War. He is the one that changed from sending advisors to sending combat troops. Even after it became obvious that we could not win he continued to send more combat troops because he did not want to be the first President to lose a war. Robert McNamara was the Secretary of Defense at the beginning of the war and then he quit because all his experts said that we could not win. At one point, Barry Goldwater (The Republican Candidate for President) recommended dropping Atomic Bombs on Hanoi but he lost the Election to LBJ and we never dropped any. We did drop an astonishing amount of traditional bombs, Napalm
(jellied gasoline) and Agent Orange (a defoliant). That killed about two million Vietnamese people. Since they were fighting in defense of their own country they were able to outlast the Americans because they were interested in winning. The American public became opposed to the war in such numbers that eventually Richard Nixon ended the war. At one point, Nixon was so afraid of the protesters that he encircled the White House with Buses parked end to end so that people could not jump over the fence and attack. One protest march walked from the Lincoln Memorial in DC to the Pentagon in Virginia and encircled it. The plan was to hold hands, sing and chant until the Pentagon levitated into the air vibrated and collapsed into a pile of rubble. This march was documented in the Norman Mailer book “Armies of the Night”.

Many thanks to all who protested the war as we saved countless lives. Including my own.
———- (~);-} ———-
I participated in “The Moratorium” anti-Vietnam War protest march in San Francisco. We had protest marches that day in every city in the USA. At my high school we chartered a bus and many students rode from Los Gatos, California to San Francisco. The march ended at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park.There was a vast sea of people and The Beatles song “Come Together” was playing on the public address system when I walked over the hill leading to the field. I felt a feeling of “Oneness” with the crowd. It’s emotionally valid to be in favor of good and opposed to evil. The Vietnam War was pure evil. We cut school to participate in this protest march but the principal of our High School did not assign any punishment for our missing class. He told us to figure out for ourselves the meaning of not getting assigned detention. (he was proud of us for risking punishment in support of
our beliefs.)
I participated in a Candlelight March down Main Street in Los Gatos with my parents. I also collected signatures on an Anti-War petition from passers-by in front of the Post Office in Los Gatos. One man who was in favor of the war gave my father a book for me. “You can Trust the Communists” was the title and it’s contents explained the justification for the war.

The Movie “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming” documents in a humorous way the PANIC Attack of the USA about Global Communism and the threat to our way of life. ALSO, “Doctor Strangelove” ridiculed the Pro War people… Both movies are worth watching. “Team America: World Police” is a more recent mockery.
Ironically, during the 1960s most Americans were in favor of the war because they believed in obedience. The concept was that if the government told them to do something that people should simply do what they are told. During the late 1960s there was a global awakening and people started
to think for themselves and question authority.

I protested against the war in Vietnam not only because it was pure evil but also to save my own life. I turned 18 in 1972 and registered for the draft but was NOT asked to go to war. I missed the war by exactly ONE year. Thanks to Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Peter Paul and Mary, John Lennon and the millions of other people who protested the war. “All We are Saying, is Give Peace a Chance” …

How I meditate. I Lie down in a quiet room and close my eyes. I Look at what I see and pay attention to the patterns behind my closed eyelids.

December 2, 2017

I Focus on my breathing. Breathe very deeply and constantly.
This causes a great deal of oxygen in the body. Including my brain.
I feel tingling on my extremities, my nose and cheeks.
If they itch, I take a moment to scratch instead of paying attention to the itching…
If I’m breathing thru my mouth, I pay attention to the wind on my tongue and lips.
If I’m breathing thru my nose I can feel wind inside my nostrils and on my moustache.
This technique requires that I pay attention to many things at once.
My Eye-Closed Visuals, My Breathing, The Mantras and The Thoughts flowing thru My Imagination.
In “Real Life”, Multitasking does not work. Here it’s a technique I use to free my mind…
and visit altered states of consciousness…
Silently say these mantras… changing them at will… Make up new ones as they appear…
When I notice thoughts, I either pay attention to them if they are worthy and try to control their flow…
I ignore them, send them away and return my attention to my visuals, my mantras and my breathing.
This technique is part of an Idea Mining Practice… Hoping to Harvest New Concepts for Art, Lyrics and Tales…

[Inhale]…My Mind…[Exhale][Inhale]…is completely Relaxed…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…My Body…[Exhale][Inhale]…is completely Relaxed…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I’m going deeper…[Exhale][Inhale]…and deeper…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I’m going deeper…[Exhale][Inhale]…and deeper…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…Into a Hypnotic…[Exhale][Inhale]…Trance…[Exhale]{REPEAT}

[Inhale]…I can fly… [Exhale][Inhale]…I can fly… [Exhale]
[Inhale]…I leave my body [Exhale][Inhale]…and reach for the sky [Exhale]{REPEAT}


[Inhale]…BE… [Exhale] [Inhale]… HERE… [Exhale] [Inhale]…NOW… [Exhale]
[Inhale]…BE… [Exhale] [Inhale]… HERE… [Exhale] [Inhale]…NOW… [Exhale]{REPEAT}

When thinking the words “Be Here Now” focus on the meaning of each words and experience them…
For example: When focusing on them experience the experience of existing…
Realize that I am Here, right Now.

[Inhale]…When I Sleep…[Exhale][Inhale]…I will Dream…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Visit…[Exhale][Inhale]…An Art Gallery…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Remember…[Exhale][Inhale]…The Images…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…and Use Them…[Exhale][Inhale]…In My Own Work…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Read…[Exhale][Inhale]…An Imaginary Book…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Remember…[Exhale][Inhale]…The Words…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…and Use Them…[Exhale][Inhale]…In My Own Work…[Exhale]{REPEAT}

Hare KRSNA, Hare KRSNA, KRSNA KRSNA, Hare Hare, Hare RAMA,
Hare RAMA, RAMA RAMA, Hare Hare,
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas Christmas, Merry Merry,
Marijuana, Marijuana, Juana Juana, Merry Merry {REPEAT}

The Doors of Perception are Opening to Reveal Enlightenment.
Not Peppermint, Not Spearmint but Enlightenment…
Zoom… Zoom… Zoom… in my four cornered room.
Outer Space Whoosh Whoosh Music is the best.
Why Not? What IF? Where can we go? What Exactly is Possible?


[Inhale]…My Body…[Exhale][Inhale]…Will Feel No Pain…[Exhale]

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