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Comparative Religions: So Many Different Gods… Many Loudly Proclaiming that THEY are the One True God. Absurd!

April 19, 2018

I, like 100% of the people on Earth HAVE NO CLUE if God is real or not. Some people state that they know… but they are just deluding themselves… I don’t mind them deluding themselves, but if they Kill people that are of different Religions… They are Crazy and Dangerous.

I do pray… I may not believe in God but what if God believes in me? I often send prayers for good health to the people who are sick. If God is Real, he reads my email… and the people who get the email feel better…

I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior in 1976. If Christianity turns out to be the correct Religion, I’m Saved! I was living with my first ex-wife and she was interested in me becoming a Baptist and I was interested in sex with her so… I went forward at a meeting, accepted Christ, joined the choir and then got bored with it all… we rarely attended. I did like Communion… It’s a make believe Vampire, Cannibal Cult! Pretend to drink a persons BLOOD and Eat a persons BODY… OOOH! That’s Creepy! But FUN!

However, I much later I did become addicted to crack cocaine and when I wanted to stop I went to a Baptist Church and gave my addiction to Jesus, and never smoked crack again. That evening I went to the Pink Floyd “concert” called “Welcome to the Machine” and that helped also because it gave me something to distract my attention while I was suffering thru the withdrawal symptoms. Another time I went to the Presbyterian Church founded by Annie Bidwell in Chico and prayed that God would find my friends a JOB… and later that week both Manuel and Victoria were employed. A miracle…  Not only that but if I ever stub my toe or hit my thumb with a hammer I shout out JESUS!

When I joined Alcoholics Anonymous I was introduced to the concept of a “Higher Power” helping me with my addiction. The “Higher Power” that worked for me was The “Group of Drunks” an acronym GOD… We were supposed to seek guidance thru prayer and meditation. However I always got Nothing from Prayer or Meditation. ZERO. The Group did help and I stopped drinking alcohol. Remember, Bill Wilson invented Alcoholics Anonymous while tripping on Belladonna and Henbane. Both POWERFUL Hallucinogens. He saw the “White Light” and had a vision of God. Me TOO! Me TOO! LSD, DMT, Peyote and Magic Mushrooms all give you a vision of God. I do like AA so Bill’s Trip was a great help to mankind.

If the Hindus or Buddhists are right I’m set to reincarnate as a human or better because I’ve lead a good life. I have NOT killed any people but have eaten a few hamburgers… I love Bacon too… Oh Well… Maybe I’ll come back as a Cow… and then a Hamburger myself…

If the Mormons are right, I’m not in luck. I liked meeting the Mormon people in Utah, they were very friendly and helpful but I just can’t believe that God is an Extraterrestrial… Moroni from a star in the constellation Orion… Not very likely to be true.

However, maybe the “Ancient Alien” theorists are right. There sure is a lot of really strange evidence of Alien Visitation… For Example: Why did Mexicans, Cambodians and Egyptians all build Pyramids? What is their purpose? Did they have Alien Help?

If Islam is correct I’m screwed… But then, their Religion JUST SUCKS.

I like THOR… Valhalla I am coming. Led Zeppelin “Immigrant Song”

I have a few members of my family that are Jewish and I think that on Judgement day they will let me in. I’ve been nice to them and that’s important in a world where some people put them in gas chambers and kill them.

Of COURSE, Gaia makes a lot of sense. I can really relate to the fact that all plants and animals are brothers and sisters… I really GROK this idea when I’m in a Redwood Forest. I lived on the edge of a second growth forest for 15 years and I “owned” a specific tree in Eureka. I sat on it daily and smoked cigarettes… I sat on it more often that anyone else so it’s MY TREE and I’m It’s Human. I will share that tree with our cat Meadow as she liked it too.

Then there are the Goddess Religions… Thankfully, I’ve met a couple of Goddesses and I sure am glad. One was nicknamed “Nature Nurse”. She became my Second Ex-Wife.

Another was Ja-Kay R. from Chico. We played the drums in a band in Paradise, California  and performed “Miserlou” at the Farmers market in downtown Chico. A beautiful Blond Nordic Goddess.

Another was a GURU/Teacher named Sonya Sophia who lead a group healing seminar at the Utah Rainbow Gathering. I also bought admission to her weekly internet sessions where we studied “Tapping” a self-help Acupressure technique… I did that for about a year and learned as much as she could teach. “I Love and Accept Myself”

Rastafarians? Sure, I’ve smoked a lot of reefer… I can play reggae music… it’s got ONE CHORD! Easy but I find it boring even when I’m stoned. Cannabis Psychosis is REAL. If you smoke every day you remain stoned even if you don’t smoke… You stay stoned for about a month… and I saw things that were not there but I believed that they were… Difficult to take care of business when I’m THAT Stoned…

Pastafarians? – The Flying Spaghetti monster is a good joke.

The Church of the Subgenius? OK, another good joke.

I’m a registered Minister in the Universal Life Church. Why Not?

Scientology? No thanks, that “E-Meter” is BOGUS science and I know enough about electrical engineering to see that the great OZ is just a man behind a curtain… It’s a GREAT religion for L. Ron Hubbard but not for any of the followers.

Timothy Leary and LSD? Ultimately it was disappointing and just an amusing ride… No more meaning than a good roller coaster…

Ram Dass? He took a lot of LSD and then went all the way to India to find a GURU… Then he learned to “BE HERE NOW” from a 6 foot 7 inch surfer from Laguna Beach. He could have saved a lot of time wasted on air travel if he had just gone surfing in California FIRST and Ignored the Indians… but he writes great books…

Ken Kesey and the Grateful Dead… Fun to dance to rock music on LSD. However it all has the creepy feeling that it was just an experiment in the CIA Project MKULTRA. What IF we dosed millions of people Nationwide? Would that be useful as a Weapon of War? Make the enemy too stoned to fight?

Surfing as a religion? Yes, that makes sense. Or to put it more simply, doing what you love to do as a way of life… Playing the ukulele or throwing pottery or oil painting or computer programming or dancing or bicycle riding or snow skiing or camping or taking photographs or … etc etc etc… Yes there is a bliss when a person is doing something they love and are totally focused… TIME itself seems to pass more rapidly… I have experience this myself while programming graphic arts… Suddenly hours have passed while I was “in the zone”.

A Christian fellow was giving a lecture at Humboldt State University one time and he said that there was only ONE WAY to go to Heaven, Jesus. He said that you couldn’t find God by Mountain Climbing OR Drugs… What he forgot to mention was finding God by Mountain Climbing AND Drugs. BOTH! at the same time! It’s not an either/or question… I have hiked to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite on LSD and I”m really glad I did…  He also said that Premarital Sex was a SIN. Like, BAD and you shouldn’t do it. What an Idiot. I bet that attitude prevented him from getting laid.

Once I read a book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and there was a lot of Toltec Wisdom there.

Another Book Series: “The Teachings of Don Juan” by Carlos Castaneda… Yaqui Indian Brujo Wisdom

I’ve played the Father Drum with Native Americans and THAT was “Big Medicine”…

“The Temple of the Screaming Electron” and Digital Immortality. Ray Kurzweil plans to  upload your entire Brain to the Internet and Living forever in the cloud.  I’m working on that too with my Blog by typing almost every event in my entire life and every opinion I’ve ever held…

So, if you don’t like your God simply FIRE him and Write your own Religion!

Read more of my Autobiography at:

NO Nukes! Stop Vogtle Georgia, USA. They are building a Fukushima… Chernobyl… TMI…

April 6, 2018

You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

NO Nukes! Stop Vogtle Georgia, USA Postcard

NO Nukes! Stop Vogtle Georgia, USA Postcard by gregvan

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click on the link above for ALL my No Nukes Products…

First Nuclear Reactor construction in the USA in 34 years.

Fukushima, Chernobyl, TMI… WTF…

In February 2012, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the construction license of the two proposed reactors at the Vogtle plant. NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko cast the lone dissenting vote on plans to build and operate the two new nuclear power reactors, citing safety concerns stemming from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, and saying “I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima never happened”.

The only way banks would approve this construction loan is with the guarantee that the Federal Government would pay off the loan in case of default.

It is essential that we guard our Nuclear Waste to prevent people from stealing it and building a dirty bomb. Therefore, we will have to pay the salaries of security guards for 3 billion years…  $8.00*24*365*3,000,000,000=2.1024e+14 

$210,240,000,000,000 per security guard… and we have at least 50 places that need to be guarded… in the USA alone… That’s a huge pile of money!

Who said: “I KNEW there was something they weren’t teaching us in school” attributed to Jerry Garcia about his first LSD Experience?

March 4, 2018

At the end of the movie “Orange Sunshine” there was a lot of interviews with the members of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love…

One man made that statement… I can’t find any verification on the internet using Google Search…
Maybe it was said by someone else… It’s possible that the man interviewed was simply confused about history…

“For me it was a profoundly life changing experience. It has a lot to do with where I am now and why I’m here and why I do what I do and it all fits in and it was all happening as I was making the decisions to become who I am, you know what I mean? So it all steered me directly into this place.” – Quote from Jerry Garcia

from the Relix interview…

The last thing I want to ask you about, this is sort of an odd question but it’s a simple one: Why are you giving me this interview?
I want to be able to say to people in this time, with the big “Just Say No” where everybody is so roundly against drugs, that, hey, not all drug experiences are negative. I would like for that minority voice to be heard. Some drug experiences are quite positive and can be life-enhancing and can be pleasant and can be not dangerous and don’t necessarily promote criminal activity.
One of the quotes that I read was that you realized there was more than we’d been allowed to believe.
Who allows us?
That’s what I wonder. Who is the guy, where does it say, even in the ten commandments, “Thou shalt not get high. Thou shalt not change your consciousness” ? Who says? The way I understood it, it was helpful to change your consciousness sometimes.


“TGAN” by greg vanderlaan – A silly Science Fiction Story:

March 4, 2018

Chapter Zero:

“You are under arrest” said THE MAN.

“Eat Lead, Copper.” said Merle.

and THE MAN did…

They were at a remote marijuana plantation in Humboldt County and Merle was not about to let Federal Law Enforcement interfere with his profit.

Too Bad, So Sad for THE MAN’s next of kin but everyone voluntarily selects their own career… It appears that  THE MAN’s choice was not the most brilliant idea.

The next puzzle was how to dispose of the body… Ecologically…

This area of the woods is home to BEARS and BIGFOOT… Someone was going to get a free lunch… and here comes one now…

“DANG” exclaimed Susan “These reality TV Shows are SOOOOO predictable… The criminal always gets caught in the end. BORINGGGGG. I’m changing channels right now. ”


“Whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Oh Boy, A Space Opera. ” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Who are you talking to?” aske Bob as he entered the room with a pizza, six pack of Sierra Nevada Beer and a big ol’ bag a weed…

“Nunya Beeswax” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-KA BLOOOEY!” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Wow, Look at that!” said Bob.

“The SLIME from the dead alien is dripping onto the floor” said Susan.

“And it stinks” said Bob.

“That’s ABSURD. These new TV sets from [product placement] with ‘SMELL-O-VISION’ are more trouble than they are worth.”


TALKING HEAD: “In other news, Dr Ron Paul has accepted the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States.  We go live to the convention floor where a riot has broken out. ”


“Wait a second, go back to that news report. That’s an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.”

“Oh don’t be surprised, it’s FOX news… they often write fiction and present it on the TV as news. ”

“Are you sure? They seem so sincere.” said Bob

“Yep, they have meetings, get blasted on mind altering substances and write collaborative fiction…” replied Susan

“Sounds good to me. Would you like a puff?”

“Yes. We’ve got some fiction to write ourselves… because this story is starting to drag.” Exhaled Susan

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Let’s watch CNN, they tell the truth…


“In other news, President Obama Legalized Medical Marijuana today. Stating, “I was wrong… I asked my doctor and she said there IS medicinal value to Medical Marijuana… So we have stopped the DEAth Squads… ” said the talking head.

Oh… CNN has gone NATIVE also… have we a distortion of the space-time continuum? asked Susan.

legalize marijuana spinner



I suffered an adverse reaction to Lithium when I was in a mental hospital. It increased my Paranoia and I became suspicious of my Doctor.

March 2, 2018

The chemical made my emotions more intense. For Example: A scary movie on TV became unendurable and I had to flee the room. I believed that the social workers were NOT on my side but were trying to keep me in the hospital (even though there was nothing wrong with me) just so they would have a large quantity of patients. As if they were commissioned salesmen paid by the head… That could be true but it’s unlikely. Yes, it is true that they justify their paychecks because they have enough patients to treat. Yes, it is true that there is no incentive to cure a patient. However, I have faith that mental health professionals in general are trying to help people. Under the influence of Lithium they all exhibited suspicious behavior. I felt that in order to be released from the hospital I ought to follow orders and do what I was told to do by the Doctors no matter what the side effects were. I imagined that they were all like Nurse Ratchet from “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest”. After 15 days I was released because (surprise, surprise) I did not have any mental health problems.

If you find yourself being prescribed Lithium, I recommend that you question if it is appropriate for you. It’s unlikely that the Doctor will continue to prescribe a medicine that is causing damage to the patient. Yes, it is true that some Doctors are evil but I believe that the majority are attempting to do good.

Under the influence of Lithium every song on the radio seemed to be written for specifically for me and the lyrics showed unbelieveable insight into my life. I would burst into tears over classic rock songs and get all choked up. Yes, it is true that some of those ballads ARE filled with meaning but… I felt like I was experiencing the same level of emotional revelations that one does reading Haiku on LSD. You know that AHA! feeling… Hey, maybe Lithium is good for you but… Think for Yourself and Question Authority…

The reason I was committed “5150” was that I was experiencing a Cannabis Psychosis. The effects of the marijuana wore off when I stopped smoking it. The entire trip to the hospital was an error. My ex-wife thought it was a good idea to have me introduced to the Butte County Mental Health Department. I have not seen her since I was committed against my will and that’s a good thing. Some people are simply toxic and she is one… I have forgiven her as she was tripping on Oxycontin for 20 years and had a lot of mental health issues herself.

Word is out “on the street” that if you are having mental health problems, the LAST place you want to go is Butte County Mental Health in Chico, California.

Why should we all vote against all Republicrimes Everywhere, Everytime? Because they are the paid puppets of the NRA.

February 23, 2018
The Gun manufacturers business plan depend on people that already own guns to buy more guns. Everyone who wanted a gun has already bought one and so the industry depends on people that want to increase their arsenal from 5 guns to 50 guns. The Gun Lobby publishes hysteria producing propaganda about dangerous evil strangers that plan to attack your family. The Brainwashing causes gun owners to spend money buying more and more and more guns to defend themselves from an imaginary enemy… In FACT, having a gun in the house increases the chance of having a gun accident… Families are LESS SAFE with firearms in the house because they are often used upon the family. Get Smart America! #OutlawGuns

Trump’s plan of ARMING TEACHERS is astonishingly stupid. What happens when a student grabs the gun and takes it away from the teacher? The Teacher gets DEAD. Many High School boys are bigger and stronger than their teachers and could wrestle away a gun. This is a classic BONEHEAD TRUMP IDEA… The answer to gun violence is making guns illegal… FEWER GUNS lead to FEWER DEATHS. #OutlawGuns

Republicrimes are ANTI-Family Values. They supported an accused Child Molester in Alabama [Moore] and an accused Wife Beater in the White House [Porter]. They are opposed to Health Care and voted to end Obamacare and cause millions of people to lose their insurance… Causing untreated sickness and early death…

Here in California it is possible to Register to Vote on the Internet. For people that are house-bound this is a way for them to vote by mail. Many old people never go out except to go to the doctor. Many have moved from their family house to an old folks home and need to re-register… Go visit your parents and help them register. This election is extremely important. We all have to join together and throw all Republicrimes OUT! Register and Vote for Green, Democrat or Libertarians…

Digital Paintings of Tropical Fish… and Mao Quote about Country Joe and the Fish…

February 8, 2018


“The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea. ” – Mao
Origin on the name of Country Joe and the Fish.










Three Spaceships Landing on Planet X… and other COSMIC ART

December 9, 2017


Original Art created in Photoshop, WINPLOT, GIMP and Paint-dot-net…

all four programs used…

release all cannabis prisonersFeel free to Pirate these Images and set them free all across the internet.

A Brief History of the Vietnam War. 58,000 American Soldiers Died for Nothing…

December 2, 2017

During the 1950s Americans went into a Panic about Communists taking over the world. We built thousands of Nuclear Missiles and fallout shelters. The US Congress had witch hunts (Joe McCarthy-HUAC) to expose Commies who worked in The Hollywood Movie business and blacklisted folksingers that were leading our young people astray with anti-war songs. During the height of this hysteria Vice President Richard Nixon went on Television and explained “the Domino Principle”
while pointing to a map of Asia. His theory was that one by one those countries over there would turn Commie and soon they would take over Mexico and threaten the American Way of Life. Soon, President Eisenhower and Kennedy sent advisors to help the South Vietnamese soldiers fight the North Vietnamese soldiers. Then President Johnson sent even More American Soldiers to fight the Viet Cong. Then President Nixon continued the War for another 5 years before eventually he decided to allow the South Vietnamese to fight their own war and we left. Quickly the South lost and thousands of Boat People fled South Vietnam because they thought they would be killed.
As it turned out, The Domino Principle was false. Communism did not take over the world. The entire war was a waste of lives and money.

The main reason we ended the Vietnam War was the huge protest movement against the war. Lead by Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin of the Yippies, The Students for a Democratic Society and The Weatherman staged immense protest marches expressing the desire of the American People to end the war. Eventually the US government got the message…

Ho Chi Minh was the heroic leader of North Vietnam. He successfully threw out the French Colonialists and The Americans. He reunited his country and Vietnamese people ruled Vietnam.

The Vietnam War inspired many anti-war protest songs. Country Joe and the Fish’s “Fixing to Die Rag”, Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant, The Door’s “Unknown Soldier.and “Where Have all the Flowers Gone” and “Big Muddy” by Pete Seeger…

Then the Draft (forcing people to go fight in wars) ended and we were at Peace for Ten Years…

Many corporations profited from the War in Vietnam including Dow Chemical, Monsanto and Hughes Aircraft. The Government bought a lot of Napalm, Agent Orange and Helicopters.
Some say that corporations had President Kennedy Assassinated because he was going to end the war and they wouldn’t reap the profits…

President Lyndon Johnson was the main promoter of the Vietnam War. He is the one that changed from sending advisors to sending combat troops. Even after it became obvious that we could not win he continued to send more combat troops because he did not want to be the first President to lose a war. Robert McNamara was the Secretary of Defense at the beginning of the war and then he quit because all his experts said that we could not win. At one point, Barry Goldwater (The Republican Candidate for President) recommended dropping Atomic Bombs on Hanoi but he lost the Election to LBJ and we never dropped any. We did drop an astonishing amount of traditional bombs, Napalm
(jellied gasoline) and Agent Orange (a defoliant). That killed about two million Vietnamese people. Since they were fighting in defense of their own country they were able to outlast the Americans because they were interested in winning. The American public became opposed to the war in such numbers that eventually Richard Nixon ended the war. At one point, Nixon was so afraid of the protesters that he encircled the White House with Buses parked end to end so that people could not jump over the fence and attack. One protest march walked from the Lincoln Memorial in DC to the Pentagon in Virginia and encircled it. The plan was to hold hands, sing and chant until the Pentagon levitated into the air vibrated and collapsed into a pile of rubble. This march was documented in the Norman Mailer book “Armies of the Night”.

Many thanks to all who protested the war as we saved countless lives. Including my own.
———- (~);-} ———-
I participated in “The Moratorium” anti-Vietnam War protest march in San Francisco. We had protest marches that day in every city in the USA. At my high school we chartered a bus and many students rode from Los Gatos, California to San Francisco. The march ended at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park.There was a vast sea of people and The Beatles song “Come Together” was playing on the public address system when I walked over the hill leading to the field. I felt a feeling of “Oneness” with the crowd. It’s emotionally valid to be in favor of good and opposed to evil. The Vietnam War was pure evil. We cut school to participate in this protest march but the principal of our High School did not assign any punishment for our missing class. He told us to figure out for ourselves the meaning of not getting assigned detention. (he was proud of us for risking punishment in support of
our beliefs.)
I participated in a Candlelight March down Main Street in Los Gatos with my parents. I also collected signatures on an Anti-War petition from passers-by in front of the Post Office in Los Gatos. One man who was in favor of the war gave my father a book for me. “You can Trust the Communists” was the title and it’s contents explained the justification for the war.

The Movie “The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming” documents in a humorous way the PANIC Attack of the USA about Global Communism and the threat to our way of life. ALSO, “Doctor Strangelove” ridiculed the Pro War people… Both movies are worth watching. “Team America: World Police” is a more recent mockery.
Ironically, during the 1960s most Americans were in favor of the war because they believed in obedience. The concept was that if the government told them to do something that people should simply do what they are told. During the late 1960s there was a global awakening and people started
to think for themselves and question authority.

I protested against the war in Vietnam not only because it was pure evil but also to save my own life. I turned 18 in 1972 and registered for the draft but was NOT asked to go to war. I missed the war by exactly ONE year. Thanks to Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, Peter Paul and Mary, John Lennon and the millions of other people who protested the war. “All We are Saying, is Give Peace a Chance” …

How I meditate. I Lie down in a quiet room and close my eyes. I Look at what I see and pay attention to the patterns behind my closed eyelids.

December 2, 2017

I Focus on my breathing. Breathe very deeply and constantly.
This causes a great deal of oxygen in the body. Including my brain.
I feel tingling on my extremities, my nose and cheeks.
If they itch, I take a moment to scratch instead of paying attention to the itching…
If I’m breathing thru my mouth, I pay attention to the wind on my tongue and lips.
If I’m breathing thru my nose I can feel wind inside my nostrils and on my moustache.
This technique requires that I pay attention to many things at once.
My Eye-Closed Visuals, My Breathing, The Mantras and The Thoughts flowing thru My Imagination.
In “Real Life”, Multitasking does not work. Here it’s a technique I use to free my mind…
and visit altered states of consciousness…
Silently say these mantras… changing them at will… Make up new ones as they appear…
When I notice thoughts, I either pay attention to them if they are worthy and try to control their flow…
I ignore them, send them away and return my attention to my visuals, my mantras and my breathing.
This technique is part of an Idea Mining Practice… Hoping to Harvest New Concepts for Art, Lyrics and Tales…

[Inhale]…My Mind…[Exhale][Inhale]…is completely Relaxed…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…My Body…[Exhale][Inhale]…is completely Relaxed…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I’m going deeper…[Exhale][Inhale]…and deeper…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I’m going deeper…[Exhale][Inhale]…and deeper…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…Into a Hypnotic…[Exhale][Inhale]…Trance…[Exhale]{REPEAT}

[Inhale]…I can fly… [Exhale][Inhale]…I can fly… [Exhale]
[Inhale]…I leave my body [Exhale][Inhale]…and reach for the sky [Exhale]{REPEAT}


[Inhale]…BE… [Exhale] [Inhale]… HERE… [Exhale] [Inhale]…NOW… [Exhale]
[Inhale]…BE… [Exhale] [Inhale]… HERE… [Exhale] [Inhale]…NOW… [Exhale]{REPEAT}

When thinking the words “Be Here Now” focus on the meaning of each words and experience them…
For example: When focusing on them experience the experience of existing…
Realize that I am Here, right Now.

[Inhale]…When I Sleep…[Exhale][Inhale]…I will Dream…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Visit…[Exhale][Inhale]…An Art Gallery…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Remember…[Exhale][Inhale]…The Images…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…and Use Them…[Exhale][Inhale]…In My Own Work…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Read…[Exhale][Inhale]…An Imaginary Book…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…I Will Remember…[Exhale][Inhale]…The Words…[Exhale]
[Inhale]…and Use Them…[Exhale][Inhale]…In My Own Work…[Exhale]{REPEAT}

Hare KRSNA, Hare KRSNA, KRSNA KRSNA, Hare Hare, Hare RAMA,
Hare RAMA, RAMA RAMA, Hare Hare,
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas Christmas, Merry Merry,
Marijuana, Marijuana, Juana Juana, Merry Merry {REPEAT}

The Doors of Perception are Opening to Reveal Enlightenment.
Not Peppermint, Not Spearmint but Enlightenment…
Zoom… Zoom… Zoom… in my four cornered room.
Outer Space Whoosh Whoosh Music is the best.
Why Not? What IF? Where can we go? What Exactly is Possible?


[Inhale]…My Body…[Exhale][Inhale]…Will Feel No Pain…[Exhale]

State Dept. Declines to use $80 million in funds to fight Russian Propaganda. I guess it’s up to bloggers like me to fight the good fight.

August 5, 2017

Remember, if the story is from RT, FOX or Sputnik… It’s very likely to be FALSE. Beware of their “news” because they are trying to brainwash you… That’s how Trump became Putin’s Puppet. Donald Trump is a victim of MKULTRA style Soviet Mind Control program. OOPS, Just Joking!

“Rex Tillerson Rejects $80 Million From Congress to Fight Russian Propaganda Because It Would Anger Moscow.”

“Make America Hate Again” – Czar Donald the Wimpy speaks to the Young Pioneers.

July 26, 2017

Trump made a speech today in the rose garden to a crowd of teenagers in identical uniforms. That’s the same brainwashing that the USSR used to raise up their children to become “Young Pioneers”. It’s creepy how much Trump likes the style of government they have in Russia. Trump wishes HE had power like Vladimir Putin. He wouldn’t just Fire Robert Mueller, he’d ship him to Siberia…

What’s up with attacking transgenders? is Donald secretly Gay and lashing out at public symbols to help hide his own tendencies? Why did he campaign as a champion of the GBLT community and then now attack them? Promises Made, Promises Broken.

I oppose the NDAA as it funds the F-35 airplane. A corporate welfare program for Lockheed.

July 17, 2017

The F-35 is an incredibly expensive new airplane that the USA has no need for. If we simply reduced spending on war we could afford to pay for healthcare for all Americans. As it is we are stuck in Forever-War in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. We recently defeater ISIS in Mosul but the victory was not greeted with Parades and Cheering in the USA because ISIS has now spread to different countries and different towns… This huge increase in spending for the military encourages Trump to start another war in order to justify the spending… and get even more for the corporate greed machine.

House passes NDAA authorizing huge spending boost for Trump’s Defense Department

Rainbow Gathering 2004 California

April 7, 2016

Coloring Book 8 images

March 19, 2016

Hexagon Drafting Template – Paper Plate Crafts Project

February 1, 2016

Fold paper plate in half, then thirds. Clip edges. Automatic ‘Snowflake’ Design template. When folded, plate looks like a slice of Pie. Handy for all Six Sided Artwork…
Star of David, Peace Sign, Atomic Danger Icon, Recycling Icon… When drawing on T-Shirts be sure to use Sharpie Felt Pen Permanent Markers.



drafting-template-paper-plate-crafts-project-trace-felt-pens-vandergreg-art-gregvan-420-design-toolfold paper plate in half, ten thirds. Clip edges.
Automatic ‘Snowflake’ Design template.drafting-template-paper-plate-crafts-project-trace-felt-pens-vandergreg-art-gregvan-4201-design-tool




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Full Moon over The Math Mountains

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Butterfly Freakout

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Rainbow Spiral in Pastel Colors

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Free Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan

January 10, 2015
psychedelic art

Ghost Over Misty Mountains

psychedelic art

Floating over Rainbow World

psychedelic art

Pyramid Power

psychedelic art

Space Colonization is our destiny

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