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When I started College I voluntarily stopped smoking marijuana. It’s really easy to quit.

April 2, 2018

I realized that it would be impossible to learn computer programming and get stoned at the same time. I decided that learning was more important. Parts of the schoolwork was incredibly difficult to understand. Especially Oracle’s Structured Query Language. I had to take that class twice in order to pass it. Calculus was very difficult also. I managed to pass that class but never understood why anyone would want to use calculus ever. As it turned out, I never used calculus in any class or in real life. Someone said that without calculus the atom bomb and atomic energy would have been impossible to design. So maybe calculus is not just difficult but actually evil…

My experience with smoking tobacco shows the difference between drugs that are actually addictive and drugs that are not. Tobacco is addictive and it’s really difficult to quit because I felt pain when I did not smoke. With marijuana, I just wished I was stoned… I have a great sympathy for the people that took the Doctor Drugs and got addicted to painkillers… I meet a lot of them at my NA meetings.

It was easy to avoid Marijuana as a student in Arcata, California because everyone I knew was a student in the computer science department. In general, nerds don’t smoke dope. Arcata is in the geographic center of the illegal marijuana farms of the Emerald Triangle. Some say that 90% of the weed in the USA is grown in the North west corner of California. Humboldt, Mendocino, Shasta, Siskiou, Trinity and Del Norte counties are famous worldwide for Marijuana farming. Southwestern Oregon too. It’s the same locations that Bigfoot is said to inhabit.

Now that marijuana is legal in California, the underground economy of Humboldt County is undergoing a crisis. It used to be that a vast amount of cash came into the county due to the illegal farms… Now, that business model has changed… The last few decades have been difficult for the economy there. First, logging stopped when all of the really profitable trees were cut down. Lumber mills closed in Fortuna, Carlotta and Arcata. MAXXAM went bankrupt. Then the fishing industry fell on hard times because many of the fish had already been caught in the ocean. No work for fishermen when the catch is small. Now, with legal marijuana it makes more economic sense to grow it in vast plantations in the central valley. More sunshine, black dirt… The only reason people grew weed in remote mountain farms was to avoid the police. I grew tomatoes in Chico and that central valley dirt yields bountiful harvests…

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Photographs of The Arcata Creamery Festival: a once a year event in August. Humboldt County California

March 27, 2018

Official website:

Entrance to the Creamery District
Fire Dancers
Octopus and Jellyfish Float

Jesse and Students playing Steel Drums
They’re from Dance and Drum in Humboldt’s summer camp.

DDH is a DreamMaker project of the Ink People. Go Jesse!

Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir
Bill the Librarian’s Blues Band
Dancing Dragon waiting patiently for a Parade
Flowers painted on plywood up close and the building is far away so the flowers appear to be giant.
Owl Puppet in front of Circus Tent
Stuffed Horse in front of Arcata Playhouse
A Band called Firesign
Dell Arte Giant Puppets
Happy Flowers

Dell Arte Giant Puppet
Kinetic Bicycle
Giant Puppet Parade
at the crafts fair…

a Metal Sign that says: “Welcome Home”

Elf and Child Amazed by the Mushroom
Sunset into the Pacific Ocean

Humboldt State University Homecoming Parade is Friday, October 9th at 4:15pm!

October 9, 2015

Join in the fun! Come watch the Homecoming Parade as it leaves campus and tours around the Arcata Plaza.


antique-firetruck-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Antique-Police-Car-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Axe-Float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 basketball-team-float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 be-inspired-shop-window-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 crew-team-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 green-baloons-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Homecoming-Parade-in-Arcata,-CA-Humboldt-State-University keep-calm-and-lumberjack-on-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Kiss-Me-Kate-Drama-Students-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Lomax-Bus-and-Sea-Creatures-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Lumberjack-Mascot-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 ski-club-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 soroty-girls-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Tan-Oak-Originals-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 University-President-HSU-Arcata-California-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Womens-Basketball-Team-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015

Humboldt Calypso Band Arcata CA

October 8, 2015

HSU Calypso Band 

Belly Dancers and HSU Calypso Band

Belly Dancers and HSU Calypso Band


HSU Calypso Band

HSU Calypso Band

New Art… Totally Blissed Out.

January 28, 2012

Dancers in Arcata, California

AngelWing420 a blissed out state…

Alien standing at the gateway to a new dimension…

Ghost Hotel… The Eureka Inn a center for paranormal activity.

Mystic Crystal Revelations.

Do Science, Tell the truth and Pass Laws that Honor Reality. For example: The DEAth Squads tell us that Medical Marijuana has no Medicinal Value… Totally Absurd.

Occupy Eureka photographed from the city BUS.

An anti-gravity trick photo… That Flag look odd because it’s been rotated out of it’s normal orientation…

Hive Queen… The Mother of the BUGS in “Ender’s Game” a fantastic science fiction book… by Orson Scott Card. Official Website:’s_Game

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Kinetic Sculpture Race 2011 Arcata CA

May 28, 2011

Art Bicycles Travel over Land, Sand and Sea…These pictures were taken at the Manila Cultural Center where the Sculptures change wheels to SandWorthy Tires for a run thru the dunes and on the Beach.

Duane Flatmo Dragon


Rutabaga Queen (left) Mushroom Sculpture

CD Sparkle Fish

Whirrled Peas

Tiger Amazon

WASA Space Shuttle

Banana Slug


These Vehicles are Human powered ART bicycles some with as many as 8 people pedaling. Amazing. The mechanical engineering is quite complex as some people sit sideways and the chain drive is coupled together. They float and use paddles to propel the machines… also, they travel on sand dunes and down a very steep sand hill nicknamed “Deadmans Drop”… If we could just use this engineering knowhow to build a better auto, we could use less foreign oil.

Official website of June Moxon, Ken Biedelman and Duane Flatmo:

Dreadlocked Lady admires a Kinetic Sculpture

Private Eyes Kinetic Sculpture

Milk Wagon

Checking Chain Drive at the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Compact Disc Swirling behind Magic Leaf.

Compact Discs and Magic Leaf

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