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People will write anything if they are paid enough… Check out this pro-nuke article by a Fellow at The Heritage Foundation… Stephen Moore

July 17, 2017

He spends half a sentence on atomic waste in this article… That’s the fatal flaw of Nuclear Power… You have to store it for thousands of years and guard it as well… We can’t have terrorists stealing the radioactive waste to build a dirty bomb.

He says: “I’m not a cheerleader for nuclear power. The storage of nuclear waste and the accidents such as Fukushima make everyone understandably nervous.” He’s Right! People ARE nervous… Nukes are dangerous!

I heard that people near Three Mile Island could Taste The Air… It tasted “Metallic”.

One thing he fails to notice is that power companies hate Nuclear power and love solar/wind. No new nukes have been built since the 1970’s and hundreds of solar/wind plants have been built… That’s reality. PG&E and SoCal Edison simply refuse to go Nuke.

Stephen Moore: Author of “Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy”


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

December 25, 2011

what the universe looks like if you could stop time and space for an instant... or maybe not...

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