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Compulsive Hoarding of Money Disorder leads to global economic collapse.

April 6, 2018

We have let the 1% steal all the money and now the people have no bread to eat… “Let them eat Cake” is the not the answer.  The solution? Bubble UP Economics. Raise Minimum Wage. Raise all wages for all employees. They would spend the money increasing profits at local businesses… increasing need to hire more employees to serve the increase of customers… increasing taxes paid… everyone wins.

Bubble UP Economics. Raise Minimum Wage.

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Do we really want to hand over control of our computer systems to a Russian Businessman?

August 5, 2017

Supposedly Kaspersky’s early KGB training ended when he started his own business but… What IF… What if Putin asked Kaspersky to upload a ransomware style attack on the USA? As a bargaining chip in the Sanctions debate… We recently saw an attack on the Ukraine with a virus that pretended to be ransomware but was actually just designed to destroy data… Frankly, I recommend buying your antivirus software from an American Company… Norton, PC-Matic or McAfey…

An anti virus program has access to all sections of your computer and receives frequent updates. This is the basic definition of a Trojan Horse. Here is a free gift from Mr. Kaspersky…

I saw Eugene Kaspersky on TV being interviewed by MSNBC… He seems like a nice man and appears to be trustworthy. However, he does live in Moscow and that’s because he is a Russian Patriot. He could live anywhere in the world and manage his business online but… He has selected Moscow because it’s a great city! He could live in Tahiti, Monaco or NYC or even LA but those locations do not appeal to him.

What IF… Well, it’s simply too late to worry about this because his programs are already installed on Millions of Computers… Have a nice day.

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