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Reefer Madness is Real. I stayed stoned continuously for a month AFTER I STOPPED SMOKING.

April 9, 2018

Something to be aware of now that Cannabis is Legal and you can buy as much as you want… When the Great State of Oregon legalized Marijuana I drove north every other week and bought an ounce. I did that for seven months during the winter of 2016… I smoked about a pound total… Then I decided to take a driving vacation in the spring and I left the marijuana at home. I didn’t want to risk having an ILLEGAL drug in the Van while driving around California and Nevada. What I failed to realize was that my body contained enough THC to impair my ability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. For Example: I believed that I won $10,000 in a casino playing a slot machine… I really won a few HUNDRED dollars but in my imaginary paradise I was confused. Then I came to believe that the owner of the Casino was angry at me for winning so much money… In retrospect, Mr John Asquaga probably didn’t have any opinion at all about me… I got all worried about nothing!

Yes,  it’s true that this was a beautiful driving vacation… I left Eureka, California on a bright sunny day and drove first to The College of the Redwoods. During that seven months of continuous smoking I had lost about a hundred pounds of weight. For some odd reason, Marijuana did not make me hungry but was actually an appetite suppressant… Go Figure… At that time I was also eating Caffeine/aspirin/acetaminophen pills and smoking tobacco. I find that for the first hour after smoking I don’t feel like eating because I’m sort of queasy… During this time I smoked a puff or two EVERY HOUR and so I didn’t eat except once a day at bedtime…

At the college of the Redwoods I enjoyed kicking a soccer ball around with some students… Since I had lost so much weight I enjoyed running… I had a Spring to my Step… Lighter than Air… Then a fat security guard came over and kicked me off campus because I wasn’t a student. I told him I was an ALUMNI and he insisted I leave. I got angry and ridiculed him for being fat and uneducated… HE wasn’t an Alumni… He was a FAT FUCK and couldn’t catch me because I could run faster than he could… I ran rings around him and then Left… Why stay at a place I wasn’t wanted? Those Caffiene pills shorten my fuse and I’m not very tolerant of mindless vegetables.

Then I drove south and picked up a couple of Hitchhikers in Fortuna and we drove over the amazing route 36 to Red Bluff. 36 is a twisty mountain road thru the Redwood Forests of rural Humboldt County. Then I let him drive and we went to Los Angeles via highway 5. On “The Grapevine” the CHP were creating a “Rolling Roadblock” so people would not drive too fast. The week before there was a horrible auto accident with many cars crashing so the CHP actually stopped traffic when we were traveling. The CHP trucks were driving back and forth across all four lanes while we were parked. It seemed to me like the trucks were dancing… like a square dance… You don’t see THAT every day of the week!

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Legalize Marijuana 2012

February 13, 2012

Write to the President... email, USPS, Smoke Signals... Whatever works.

Legalize the Kind Herb

December 31, 2011

Feel free to "pirate" this image... Have FUN.


July 24, 2011

Think 4 Yourself and Question Reality

image search gregvanderlaan

May 7, 2011
Go ahead... do the image search... gregvanderlaan

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Federal Police Attack the Weak Intentionally

May 1, 2011

With CRAZYLAWS[tm] we have the Federal Government arresting Medical Marijuana Patients. Amazingly, they feel that attacking the weak is a good idea… I can see their point, what’s someone who is dying of cancer going to DO when the Police break down their door in the middle of the night… They certainly can’t fight back. It’s a low-risk law enforcement task… If the police tried to arrest Murders, that’s dangerous… so they enforce laws where the victims are defenseless. Hauling bedridden grandmothers off to jail… What a bunch of Freaks.

Schedule #1 Drugs Have No Medicinal Value. That's a False classification for Hemp.

For safety’s sake, Legalize and TAX Hemp!

August 16, 2009

Crazy LAWS make reefer farming profitable, attracting idiot criminals that burn down the forest accidentally.

~~~~~newspaper article~~~~~
Fire Investigators Suspect La Brea Fire Caused By Marijuana Cultivation

Evidence Points to Illegal Cooking Fire As Cause of the 84,000-Acre Blaze
Saturday, August 15, 2009
By Ray Ford

A week-long investigation by U.S. Forest Service Special Agents, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, and Fire Investigators revealed that the origin of the La Brea fire is the result of a marijuana drug trafficking operation. Specifically, officials believe the fire started from flames or sparks from a campfire used for cooking.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit has confirmed that the camp at the origin of the fire was an illegal marijuana operation believed to be headed by a Mexican National drug organization.
~~~~~newspaper article~~~~~

So, how’s that PROHIBITION working out for you? Not too good.

Here in Eureka, California we have had many housefires caused by faulty electrical lighting systems at indoor grows. The lights used to grow the hemp are often installed by people that have no idea about safety AND THEY ARE OFTEN STONED.

Public safety is endangered by the idiot LAWS that make grass farming profitable. We could have regulation of the industry with OSHA safety inspections.

Got Budget Crisis? Tax Hemp!

May 16, 2009
Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Yes, That is a REAL picture of a Wisconsin Tax Stamp for a producer of Marihuana… Yes, That is really Governor Arnold… “Yes, it’s real grass and I inhaled” is what he says… Go Ahead Arnold, Tax Marijuana… the state needs the money.

Dear President Obama: Tax Marijuana

April 20, 2009

So, the war on marijuana has not actually worked… millions of people have been arrested for grass but remain unrepentant. Why not try a different approach? I have found that the government needs money to pay it’s bills and Taxing Marijuana woud be a great way to increase revenues while cutting costs. Less money spent on jails, more tax revenues coming in. GEE, EVERYONE WINS! Of course, I don’t smoke grass and would pay zero taxes… Let the criminals pay! We would also benefit from all the other uses hemp has. fabric, paper, oil for fuel, medicine… We are wasting taxpayers dollars on a system that has proven itself to be a failure. The only people that benefit by the current system are the criminals that pocket the profits. Here in Humboldt County California people build marijuana plantations way out in the woods and burn diesel fuel to power grow lamps. Often there are diesel spills or fires caused by poorly designed lighting systems. We have about 3 fires a year at indoor grows in the city of Eureka alone. For safety: Legalize and Tax Marijuana and put the criminals out of business.

Eco-Festival in Arcata April 25th HSU.

March 30, 2009

More info about the SLAMFEST at their official website…

Here is a picture of the Samba Parade band performing. Come dance with these people… it’s really fun…


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