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6 petal flower Yin Yang Art

April 25, 2011

Peace thru Art

Mystical Maui… Postcard

January 2, 2011

ART by

4/20/11 “Overgrow the Government” March on Washington.

December 19, 2010

Everyone come to the giant protest march at our nations capitol. It will be a fun time for the whole family. Legalize Marijuana Nationwide.


You could organize your own local protest march… Here in Humboldt County California we traditionally meet at the JAIL~~~> 5th & ‘J’ Streets, Eureka…

Starting 1/1/2011 possession of less than an ounce is a $100.00 ticket in California. No jail time, No court appearances, No bail bonds, No criminal record… and you do not have to leave the event you are attending… OH HAPPY DAY… Decriminalization of Marijuana is the LAW. Thanks Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You are Numero Uno!

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Free the Kind Herb!

legalize marijuana worldwide

legalize marijuana worldwide

Patriotic Bumpersticker: Tax Hemp

June 5, 2009
Red and White, Blue Suede Shoes... I'm Uncle Sam, How do you do?

Red and White, Blue Suede Shoes... I'm Uncle Sam, How do you do?

Hemp for Victory. This is a bumpersticker for sale on

DO NOT PASTE THIS ON A CAR! That would attract attention from police and lead to you getting busted for the kind bud.

Even if you don’t have any of “The Nice” they will stop you for having a bumpersticker… Clearly a person that supports Sound Fiscal Policy: Tax Hemp, is a danger to the New World Order and should be stopped by the police…

Got Budget Crisis? Tax Hemp!

May 16, 2009
Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Yes, That is a REAL picture of a Wisconsin Tax Stamp for a producer of Marihuana… Yes, That is really Governor Arnold… “Yes, it’s real grass and I inhaled” is what he says… Go Ahead Arnold, Tax Marijuana… the state needs the money.

“found art” distortion effects in photoshop yield a iconic image…

April 26, 2009
Just twhirling and waving and zig-zagging in photoshop… looking for ideas…silly art that uses whimsical ideas to represent images...

silly art that uses whimsical ideas to represent images...

This is a classic example of doing random photoshopping and looking for images that represent a graphic idea. I saw a head of hair when I mirrored this abstract pattern and added butterfly eyes and a silly smile…

Visit my stumbleupon website to see the best of the internet (in my humble opinion).

RIP Geocities. Loved it dearly.

April 24, 2009

Yahoo geocities was my first website…

I built it starting in 1997 using the free computers at the San Jose public library. To this day, it still has a great ability to let a person that knows how to write html the freedom to make it exactly like you want it.



I really liked using the free service to build a website for my AA group. People could write in my guestbook and I would read and respond. This was a key part of my recovery from alcoholism.

We also used it as a convenient place to store Literature that people could print out and take to meetings… One thing that seemed to happen a lot was that we would lose the printed words that every meeting started with… “How it works”, “More about alcoholism”¬† etc… So my lovely wife typed the words into this website so we could print out a fresh copy at any time… all we had to do was walk over to the school’s library and use their computers to print a fresh copy… Later I added maps and meeting schedules… I know for a fact that at least one person found our clubhouse and made it to a meeting by searching the internet, finding my geocities page and following the directions… They thanked my in the guestbook…

They were on tour with AA and were driving around the USA in a mobile home… every new town they visited they found a meeting…

I myself have visited other towns and gone to meetings… It’s a great way to get a locals insight into what’s fun to do…


Thanks for all the good times we had on


May the content live on!

Dear President Obama: Tax Marijuana

April 20, 2009

So, the war on¬†marijuana has not actually worked… millions of people have been arrested for grass but remain unrepentant. Why not try a different approach? I have found that the government needs money to pay it’s bills and Taxing Marijuana woud be a great way to increase revenues while cutting costs. Less money spent on jails, more tax revenues coming in. GEE, EVERYONE WINS! Of course, I don’t smoke grass and would pay zero taxes… Let the criminals pay! We would also benefit from all the other uses hemp has. fabric, paper, oil for fuel, medicine… We are wasting taxpayers dollars on a system that has proven itself to be a failure. The only people that benefit by the current system are the criminals that pocket the profits. Here in Humboldt County California people build marijuana plantations way out in the woods and burn diesel fuel to power grow lamps. Often there are diesel spills or fires caused by poorly designed lighting systems. We have about 3 fires a year at indoor grows in the city of Eureka alone. For safety: Legalize and Tax Marijuana and put the criminals out of business.

Eco-Festival in Arcata April 25th HSU.

March 30, 2009

More info about the SLAMFEST at their official website…

Here is a picture of the Samba Parade band performing. Come dance with these people… it’s really fun…


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