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When I started College I voluntarily stopped smoking marijuana. It’s really easy to quit.

April 2, 2018

I realized that it would be impossible to learn computer programming and get stoned at the same time. I decided that learning was more important. Parts of the schoolwork was incredibly difficult to understand. Especially Oracle’s Structured Query Language. I had to take that class twice in order to pass it. Calculus was very difficult also. I managed to pass that class but never understood why anyone would want to use calculus ever. As it turned out, I never used calculus in any class or in real life. Someone said that without calculus the atom bomb and atomic energy would have been impossible to design. So maybe calculus is not just difficult but actually evil…

My experience with smoking tobacco shows the difference between drugs that are actually addictive and drugs that are not. Tobacco is addictive and it’s really difficult to quit because I felt pain when I did not smoke. With marijuana, I just wished I was stoned… I have a great sympathy for the people that took the Doctor Drugs and got addicted to painkillers… I meet a lot of them at my NA meetings.

It was easy to avoid Marijuana as a student in Arcata, California because everyone I knew was a student in the computer science department. In general, nerds don’t smoke dope. Arcata is in the geographic center of the illegal marijuana farms of the Emerald Triangle. Some say that 90% of the weed in the USA is grown in the North west corner of California. Humboldt, Mendocino, Shasta, Siskiou, Trinity and Del Norte counties are famous worldwide for Marijuana farming. Southwestern Oregon too. It’s the same locations that Bigfoot is said to inhabit.

Now that marijuana is legal in California, the underground economy of Humboldt County is undergoing a crisis. It used to be that a vast amount of cash came into the county due to the illegal farms… Now, that business model has changed… The last few decades have been difficult for the economy there. First, logging stopped when all of the really profitable trees were cut down. Lumber mills closed in Fortuna, Carlotta and Arcata. MAXXAM went bankrupt. Then the fishing industry fell on hard times because many of the fish had already been caught in the ocean. No work for fishermen when the catch is small. Now, with legal marijuana it makes more economic sense to grow it in vast plantations in the central valley. More sunshine, black dirt… The only reason people grew weed in remote mountain farms was to avoid the police. I grew tomatoes in Chico and that central valley dirt yields bountiful harvests…

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After graduating from Humboldt State University I got a job at the Welfare Department of the County of Humboldt in the “General Relief” office.

April 2, 2018

GR is cash payments to clients that do not have children. Families were served by a different department. GR is designed to help people that cannot help themselves. Typical clients included Veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who were suffering from PTSD and found themselves homeless. We also served people recently released from prison. Some clients could not support themselves because they were disabled. We would help people pay rent and find a job.

Since I worked there for seven years I got to know many of the chronically homeless people in Humboldt County. A couple of my clients died. One man was always argumentative and annoying whenever he came into the office. He also had tattoos on his face. He was murdered a by knife wound to the stomach. What happened was that he was argumentative and annoying to a man who worked at a fish cannery and the man simply stuck him with his filet knife. Remember this, you can be an asshole at the Welfare office because we are being paid to serve the public but DO NOT try that lifestyle out there in the real world! The police solved the murder by watching all the surveillance cameras in Eureka at the time of the murder. Yes, my client was seen getting into a yellow Chevy at a gas station about ten minutes before he died. The police asked “Who drives a yellow Chevy?” and it turned out that a man that was already incarcerated at Humboldt County Jail on a different charge was the owner…

Another client died from overexposure to the weather. He was an old drunk who slept outdoors. A cool and rainy climate killed him.

A third client overdosed on Heroin. This fellow took advantage of our one way transportation program. Basically, if a client wanted to LEAVE Humboldt County and travel to ANYWHERE in the Continental United States where they had family or friends who would take them in… we would buy them a ONE WAY Bus ticket or gas for their car. It’s a very inexpensive solution to homelessness to simply ship a problem citizen somewhere else… and then that problem citizen is NOT OUR problem! Anyway, Robert was from The South and we gave him enough money to buy gas and food all the way from Eureka to Tennessee! So Robert drove to rural Humboldt County and bought enough Heroin to finally kill himself… He was supposed to drive all the way home but instead he just got high… and it was a ONE WAY ticket to the morgue.

We did have some successes. We were very good at sheltering battered women. We introduced our clients to employees of the State Employment Office. They would find jobs and help with transportation to interviews. We also made arrangements for people that had lost their Photo ID to get a CAL-ID card. An ID card is required for every job. If a person loses their wallet (for example: if they were mugged), they have great difficulty getting a new ID card because they have no money or proof of US Citizenship. We also assisted people that were applying for Social Security Disability. We would provide food and shelter during the LONG and involved process of getting SSDI. Usually it would take a client OVER a year to qualify. The federal government makes it extremely difficult to get paid in the hopes that applicants would simply give up…

Many of our clients couldn’t work due to mental illness. We had our own psychologist who could verify if the client was actually mentally ill or if they were just faking it in order to get Welfare Benefits. Our psychologisst was a charming and sympathetic person and she was very helpful to me while my Father was dying… If a client couldn’t work due to physical health problems they were required to go visit a doctor and get verification. Most clients had Medi-Cal insurance paid fo by the State of California and Food Stamps paid for by the Federal Government. Often the task of attending a free doctor’s appointment was too much for my clients. That required a client to be aware of time and space. A doctor’s appointment is at a specific location at a specific time… and for people applying for Welfare… they just can’t do it. Lost in Time and Lost in Space… We did have social workers that rounded up clients that were in remote locations and would bring them to the office to attend appointments. Fundamentally, it was cheaper for the Taxpayers of the State of California for these people to receive General Relief than it was to Incarcerate them… And many clients spent large parts of their lives incarcerated.

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Photographs of The Arcata Creamery Festival: a once a year event in August. Humboldt County California

March 27, 2018

Official website:

Entrance to the Creamery District
Fire Dancers
Octopus and Jellyfish Float

Jesse and Students playing Steel Drums
They’re from Dance and Drum in Humboldt’s summer camp.

DDH is a DreamMaker project of the Ink People. Go Jesse!

Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir
Bill the Librarian’s Blues Band
Dancing Dragon waiting patiently for a Parade
Flowers painted on plywood up close and the building is far away so the flowers appear to be giant.
Owl Puppet in front of Circus Tent
Stuffed Horse in front of Arcata Playhouse
A Band called Firesign
Dell Arte Giant Puppets
Happy Flowers

Dell Arte Giant Puppet
Kinetic Bicycle
Giant Puppet Parade
at the crafts fair…

a Metal Sign that says: “Welcome Home”

Elf and Child Amazed by the Mushroom
Sunset into the Pacific Ocean

Area 101 – an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center on the Redwood Highway in Northern California

March 5, 2018

Peace and Love:

Not Just a Good Idea but

a Practical and Efficient Way of Life.

Welcome Sign: Area 101

Eyes on the Garage

Main Mural

This is a Multi Religion Campground-Meeting Place

Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Aliens and Ganesh


Jesus Blesses the Weary Travelers

Ganesh Temple

Closeup Photo of Ganesh,

an Elephant God

Mary Stained Glass Window

Side View of the Ganesh Temple

Note the Seashells

Da Vinci’s Man on the Restroom

Long Hair, No Genitals… Go Figure…

Shower Room and TeePee at the Campground Entrance

Inside the TeePee looking UP

Buddha at Area 101

detail of Buddha’s Head

Peace Heart made out of Christmas Tree Lights


yet another Buddha in the Garden

Official Website:

We are an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center dedicated to Personal Growth & Spiritual Enlightenment. We host regular healing and wellness gatherings, music performances and counter-culture events.


AREA 101,

54895 HWY 101


Tel: (707) 984-9174

and furthur up the road towards Eureka,

a fake cop car covered with stickers

at The Peg House Store…

Beyond Counterculture Book…

March 5, 2018

Paradise weed eureka california chico redding red bluff arcata mendocino rainbow gathering lost coast pacific ocean

Mateel is between the Lost Coast and the Avenue of the Giants.

The Watershed is formed by the Matole River and the Eel River.

 Highway 101 North from San Francisco… take a left at Fernbridge, drive over the bridge… to Victorian Ferndale. Drive down main street and make a Right at Ocean Drive (at the Big Hotel )… Left on Wildcat Ave (sign points to Capetown Petrolia)… drive over the mountain to the pacific ocean…. Where cattle graze on the beach…

Beyond Counterculture is the History of the Hippies who fled The Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco and Moved to Southern Humboldt County to Earn their living farming Cannabis. Originally a Doctoral thesis.

Between the Eel and Matole Rivers, Garberville and the Lost Coast.

Mateel is a Sunny and Warm.

Once PALCO logged the area, the land was really cheap. Perfect for growing Marijuana Outdoors. This location is Not on Google Streetview.

Beyond Counterculture: The Community of Mateel

Paperback – June, 1990 by Jentri Anders.

Humboldt State University Homecoming Parade is Friday, October 9th at 4:15pm!

October 9, 2015

Join in the fun! Come watch the Homecoming Parade as it leaves campus and tours around the Arcata Plaza.


antique-firetruck-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Antique-Police-Car-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Axe-Float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 basketball-team-float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 be-inspired-shop-window-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 crew-team-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 float-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 green-baloons-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Homecoming-Parade-in-Arcata,-CA-Humboldt-State-University keep-calm-and-lumberjack-on-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Kiss-Me-Kate-Drama-Students-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Lomax-Bus-and-Sea-Creatures-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Lumberjack-Mascot-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 ski-club-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 soroty-girls-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Tan-Oak-Originals-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015 University-President-HSU-Arcata-California-Homecoming-Parade-2015 Womens-Basketball-Team-Arcata,-California-Humboldt-State-University-Homecoming-Parade-2015

Humboldt Calypso Band Arcata CA

October 8, 2015

HSU Calypso Band 

Belly Dancers and HSU Calypso Band

Belly Dancers and HSU Calypso Band


HSU Calypso Band

HSU Calypso Band

occupy Eureka California

October 23, 2011

Photographs of the Occupation at the Humboldt County Jail County Courthouse. Eureka is a small town about 200 miles North of San Francisco. These people have been here for about two weeks 24 hours a day. Thanks to all who do the work of occupation. One fellow recommended moving my money OUT of the Bank of America and into a local Credit Union called CCCU. Good Idea. The money stays in Humboldt County and they are NOT planning to charge for the use of a debit card.

12 volt dc human/bicycle generator:

April 5, 2009

This machine converts human fat to electricity. By riding the exercise bike, a person spins the automobile generator creating power. Designed and Built by the Humboldt State University Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, this generator is used to power the public address system at SLAMFEST and many other gatherings on campus.

12 volt power generator

12 volt power generator

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