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Legalize Marijuana 2012

February 13, 2012

Write to the President... email, USPS, Smoke Signals... Whatever works.

Legalize the Kind Herb

December 31, 2011

Feel free to "pirate" this image... Have FUN.

Heart of Glass Artwork… by

April 28, 2009
This image is available as a Mousepad at as a Mousepad at

My favorite art… with a lot of help from the programmers at Adobe, I made this using their “random” butterfly paintbrush then a perspective/polar distort created the magic heart. My wife uses this mousepad everyday and finds healing joy in it.*

Bible Stories Illustrated.

April 26, 2009
Bible Story of Three Men on Crosses on a Hill.

Bible Story of Three Men on Crosses on a Hill.

Illustration of the Last Days of Jesus Christ. Showing him ascending into Heaven. Many good illustration subjects in the Bible. Read that book! It’s interesting! I especially like the description of Ezekiel and the wheel of fire in the sky. Did he see a UFO or was he tripping on Magic Mushrooms? What Really Happened is subject for debate… Read about a modern day Ezekiel by clicking HERE

Psychedelic FISH swimmimg in a Coral REEFER!

coral reefer fish. click on FISH for more Psychedelic ART.

coral reefer fish. click on FISH for more Psychedelic ART.

This image is for sale as a ZAZZLE gift at my webshop…*

Dear President Obama: Tax Marijuana

April 20, 2009

So, the war onĀ marijuana has not actually worked… millions of people have been arrested for grass but remain unrepentant. Why not try a different approach? I have found that the government needs money to pay it’s bills and Taxing Marijuana woud be a great way to increase revenues while cutting costs. Less money spent on jails, more tax revenues coming in. GEE, EVERYONE WINS! Of course, I don’t smoke grass and would pay zero taxes… Let the criminals pay! We would also benefit from all the other uses hemp has. fabric, paper, oil for fuel, medicine… We are wasting taxpayers dollars on a system that has proven itself to be a failure. The only people that benefit by the current system are the criminals that pocket the profits. Here in Humboldt County California people build marijuana plantations way out in the woods and burn diesel fuel to power grow lamps. Often there are diesel spills or fires caused by poorly designed lighting systems. We have about 3 fires a year at indoor grows in the city of Eureka alone. For safety: Legalize and Tax Marijuana and put the criminals out of business.

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