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Voting in 2018 can lead to an end of Donald Trump’s attack on Mexican Americans.

May 2, 2018

When the Democrats take over the House of Representatives and the Senate we can have Impeachment Hearings Started. At the very least, a Democratic Congress will stop further evil being done. Ask your friends… Is it a danger to vote? Does that act put undocumented family members in danger of being deported? I believe that it is safe to vote. I believe that it is safe to fill out the Census. I may be wrong.

Trump’s war against Hispanic people has lead to Actual American Citizens being chased by police and dying in a car crash. The ICE police target anyone that looks Mexican. Spanish Names… Brown Skin… Trump’s ICE Army is a danger to those people. We can rise up together and throw out the Politicians that support this war on immigrants and anyone that LOOKS like an immigrant.

Register and vote. Make your voice heard. Did you notice that the herbicide Roundup is widly used in California’s Central Valley? Roundup Causes Cancer. The main use is in the valley South of Sacramento. The people that live and work there are mainly Latino. They are being poisoned so that Monsanto can make a profit. Politicians are  not outraged by this poisoning because the victims are Latino… They just don’t care!

Let’s elect people that are Brown, Black, White, Yellow, Red, male, female and Paisley! The era of Rich Old White Christian Men ruling the USA is ending soon. Vote!


“Make America Hate Again” – It’s ABSURD to Blame Immigrants for all our troubles….

August 5, 2017

The Federal Police force called ICE is stopping and questioning anyone who looks like an illegal alien. That means Latinos… Including people that were born in the USA. Including people who’s Great Great Great Grandfathers were born in the USA. Since California was settled by Europeans from Spain in the 1769 and most of the cities were named for Saints in the Catholic Church it seems absurd to blame all our troubles on Latinos. San Jose, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles are words from the Spanish Language. Viva Junipero Serra, the father of California.

The new bill designed to reduce the number of legal immigrants by half delights Trump supporters but is rejected by big business. Who will harvest the crops of California if we don’t have Mexicans do the work? Corporations that hire Mexicans are GLAD to have them here. Hungry? Eat some grapes… Caesar Chaves will look down upon you from Heaven and smile.

The plan to build a Wall to protect us from “those people over there” has a mega failure history. Consider the Great Wall of China. It was built to keep people on one side safe from people on the other side yet… There are Chinese people on BOTH SIDES now.

Consider the Berlin Wall… It didn’t work so good after all… Why not spend our time and money repairing our Infrastructure? Another “Promise Made, Promise Broken”. When will Trump accomplish anything? Anything at all? HUH?

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