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Two Occupies by Tom Nash – Opinion Piece about Occupy Eureka Movement

April 6, 2018

Most of us are aware of the continuing occupy protest near our county courthouse.  What you may not know is that there are actually 2 separate occupations underway.  The one known at Occupy Eureka is composed of a core group of about 3-5 committed regulars.  They are occasionally joined a few semi-regulars and on special occasions by larger numbers local progressive activists. The members of the core group are polite, considerate and thoughtful patriotic citizens who deserve our collective admiration for their unwavering dedication to the betterment of America. You might disagree with their politics, but you should at least appreciate the sacrifice required to sit daily in quiet protest, rain or shine, because they believe that things have gone terribly wrong with our country.

The other occupy has no name. It is much larger than Occupy Eureka. They occupy the streets, parks, greenbelts and courthouse steps of our city 24 hours/day because they have no home to go home to. They are lost souls who have become untethered from American society. They are seldom appreciated nor often admired. They are less committed to lofty social causes and more dedicated to basic survival. They have always been a lightning rod for indignant social disapproval and castigation. Whether you choose to blame them or find fault in social inequity is a subject worthy of discussion, but not relevant to this letter. Suffice to say that most of our citizenry would prefer not to walk past, look at, or otherwise interact with these people.

My point is that the occupation of our public spaces by the homeless has very little to do with Occupy Eureka. That some of these people have chosen to exist, and sometimes misbehave, in the vicinity of the courthouse should not reflect on or influence ones view about Occupy Eureka. O.E. is a healthy counterbalance to the undue influence that moneyed interests have on our political discourse. The other occupation is a social issue that is not going away, even if they are driven from the courthouse steps.

Great News Show: ACT OUT! with Eleanor Goldfield. An alternative to depressing negative newscasts. On Free Speech TV.

April 2, 2018

This week, Margaret Flowers thinks it’s about fucking time we got some more activists in the halls of the mighty – from occupying the streets to occupying Congress. Next up, here’s how you can make your community an anti-corporate land of the free PLUS rice paper against the TPP and finally, let’s google how NOT to be over-consuming, plastic ass hats. But first, YOU ARE an activist.

In this first installation of Act Out! Eleanor takes on a multi-national corporate trade deal and celebrates the effectiveness of a national movement to protect the internet from corporate interests. Breaking down the Trans Pacific Partnership, she hi-lights the work of activists around the country as well as shows you how you can get involved, whether it be a phone call, a meme or a late night adventure. In celebration of the tremendous victory of people power vs. corporate power, she showcases some of the amazingly diverse and creative ways that people worked to raise awareness for and defend Net Neutrality, including dance parties, hand puppets, projections and showing a clip from the award winning documentary, Killswitch. From tweets to marching in the streets, this is Act Out! episode 1!

Vote Against All Republicrimes. Old White Men Should Retire. 2018 is OUR YEAR!

March 5, 2018


Why not have congress represent the people? Instead of Old White Men that have accepted bribes from the NRA and Wall Street, Why not have Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Whites and Women?

Majority Rule is an EXCELLENT Idea… Most people prefer it to Corporate Rule.

We live in Feudalism 2.0 with Wage Slavery. Employee Owned Businesses or Customer Owned Businesses are a better way.

July 18, 2017

What we have today is an economic system where the super rich have purchased Senators and Congressmen who pass laws designed to steal from the poor and give to the rich.  It’s a lot like Feudalism where the Lords owned the land and the peasants worked it as serfs. Nowadays we are wage slaves. There IS an alternative…

WINCO is an example of an employee owned business.
North Coast CO-OP grocery store is an example of a customer owned business.
Coast Central Credit Union is an alternative to Giant Banks like Bank of America. It was “Too big to fail” so the taxpayers paid for their real estate gambling addiction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Great Book: What Then Must We Do… Gar Alperovitz talked about his book, What Then Must We Do?: Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution, in which he argues that the U.S. economy needs to be more responsive to ordinary citizens. He also talked about the need to build on the “Occupy” movement.

Democracy Collaborative engages with communities and institutions to connect them with innovative strategies, models and training to build community wealth in their neighborhoods.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yes, there is an alternative to capitalism: Mondragon shows the way by Richard Wolff.

Are we to believe, with Margaret Thatcher, that an economic system with endlessly repeated cycles, costly bailouts for financiers and now austerity for most people is the best human beings can do? Capitalism’s recurring tendencies toward extreme and deepening inequalities of income, wealth, and political and cultural power require resignation and acceptance – because there is no alternative?

The Mondragon Corporation is a corporation and federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque region of Spain

Richard Wolff official website:

An open letter to Republicans. by Tom Nash

June 3, 2012

Do you miss the good old days when conservative Republican statesmen were thoughtful, considerate, kindly gentlemen like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan? Do you yearn for a time when civility, propriety and decorum ruled the day? Are you fed up with the regressive, belligerent, obstructionist stridency of the current Republican Party?

On behalf of the Democratic Party, I am putting out the welcome mat to any patriotic Republicans who are unhappy with the decline of your party. You will find us to be a friendly, civilized party who champion the American principles of freedom, fairness, justice, tolerance, integrity and truth. We appreciate civil discourse and diverse opinion, so there’s plenty room over here for anybody who truly loves America.

You could be one of those Blue Dog Democrats. They are basically reasonable, conservative, decent Christian folks who believe that we can all work together to solve America’s problems. They would probably be Republicans if they could tolerate the smell over there. Most of them are about as conservative as President Reagan was.

Christian patriots are welcome too. All of the Democrat Presidents down through history have been good Christians. Despite what you hear on Fox News about President Obama being an Islamic terrorist, he is actually a devout Christian who practices good family values. Jimmy Carter was even a born again Southern Baptist. What would Jesus do? He was a man of peace who healed the sick and fed the poor. With values like that, he wouldn’t feel very welcome in today’s Republican Party.

So anyhow, come on over here and join with the Democrats for the betterment of America. We can all work together to undo the damage caused by that radical Republican free market agenda that concentrates all the wealth at the top. We can rebuild the middle class back to those good ole days before trickle down economics. We can create new opportunities for our children to prosper. We can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and make our schools great again. Even rich Republicans would be wise to join with us. When the middle class is healthy again, they will spend lots of money, and you can get even richer.

Your new Democrat friend,
Tom Nash

Occupy the Voting Booth

January 3, 2012


Imagine the effect of an Occupation at every polling place nationwide…

What REALLY Occupies Wall Street… Numbers.

December 25, 2011

Numbers have Flavor, Meaning... Emotion attached to them...

Read More:

For Example: Everybody SING!
“1, 2, 3, 4… Can I have a Little More…
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… I Love You.” ~ The Beatles

Goal. Take the corporate funding out of campaign financing.

November 16, 2011

When Karl Rove’s group [Crossroads GPS] spends $600,000 on TV advertisements that removes democracy from the election process. Take a moment to join the discussion on their facebook page. Explain WHY the occupy movement is a good idea.
We ought to have majority rule in the USA. Sadly, when corporations fund the election process… this is lost. Many people still watch TV and their minds have been brainwashed. More pictures of #occupyEurekaCA  click here

32 arrested in occupyEurekaCA – Jack Nounnan

November 16, 2011

Subject: Worsening police brutality of non violent protestors.

From: Jack Nounnan <>
To:  Press Release Nov 15, 11 for immediate release

Late report due to regrouping (See calls to make below)

Counties worsening vendetta against ‘Occupy’ Eureka

In this obvious long night before dawn of America’s awakening, cops again raided the ‘Occupy’ Eureka encampment, arresting 32 people, ganging up on one protester in maliciously beating him with batons, he bruised badly, suffering from a concussion, police tearing apart this newest Action Encampment rebuilt only 3 days ago before at a crowd on Veterans Day in honoring Scott Olsen, Iraq vet, a victim of cop brutality in Oakland’s Occupation. This was a great collective effort in also establishing an outreach center and library as part of its ongoing demonstration encampment, after the first camp had been destroyed only days earlier.

This followed on the heels of the day before cop brutality of Hans Ashbaucher, all of which have been witnessed by many and also filmed.
“Why!” But we know why and thus it need not be asked. Constant reports coming in now from across the country of raids in attempts to shut down these non violent protests by state law enforcement troops goes right on arrogantly ignoring Ist amendment rights, crushed under this regimes practices and what is becoming this sea change of American cultural, political and spiritual identity.

This raid, striking before sunup, was meant to arrest all involved and confiscate everything, end such audacity of this public protest, obviously to avoid the newly created village being seen by Monday’s work day traffic and the massive canvas depicting the Declaration Of Independence at the Courthouse entrance….framed for all to see. . .of what freedom was meant to mean in America;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,
and to institute new Government.”

This reminder torn down again, walked upon and shoved in a truck, discarded again!

Nothing of Eureka police intentions to ‘eliminate’ has diverted ‘Occupy’ Eureka’s purposes of refocussing on the irreparable abuses the huge majority of Americans face in the hands of the governing few.

With this renewed public participation in re-assessing
what’s long been ignored of critical degradation of human and environmental life, we most certainly have our chance!

November 17 ‘Occupy Eureka plans to march on Walmart and military recruiting centers locally, possibly starting before noon. It’s hoped other Occupy sites across the nation will join us in this beginning move to boycott and expose the terrible vices of this giant chain store corporation. Treatment of those without homes and their immediate needs will continue to be part of ‘Occupy’s deepest concerns.

Those who believe reports of this encampment, written by those who make assumptions without closer connections, while almost ignoring altogether their part of 4th estate responsibilities, it’s best to be clear. ‘Occupy’ Eureka has been a virtual ‘clinic’ for the wounded and oppressed, and faces daily serving of needs and problem solving with people this system has deemed expendable and are determined to eliminate, as certain as they are this protest movement. It’s also a high spirited sanctuary for those awake to peoples diminished chances of sustaining on earth and strongly speaking out for these crisis’ times, while facing the unforgiving practices of this systems relentless use of force toward anyone choosing to deeply question its dominance.

What does it take to live in a fish bowl, live publicly 24/7 with the merest of basic needs, facing constant attempts to destroy what little one possesses, while knowing ones work must succeed over any further compromises or ignoring whatsoever of these complex issues, which the majority of humans must embrace in demanding urgently needed changes! Will you be known for what you do or by how you look? Will you be known by your passion and vigor for telling the truth, or how you say it?

It’s time we woke to the real substance of our dilemmas on planet earth and the willingness to get on the side of sustaining life.

Remembering Gandhi’s walk to the sea in protesting the crowns taxing of salt, which lead to terrible government violent attempts to subdue and re-establish their dominant controls over the Indian people, but aired for all the world to see, of the emptiness and moral bankruptcy of their governing policies.

Reach these County official – Tell them what you feel
Call Board Of Supervisors Clerk 476-2390 To reach all Sups
Or E-mail

Occupy Eureka, In Solidarity
Occupy Wall Street, Humboldt

Reported by . . .
Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co. Ca.
Sending out reports and research studies, exposing media bias,
holding government accountable.

occupy Eureka California

October 23, 2011

Photographs of the Occupation at the Humboldt County Jail County Courthouse. Eureka is a small town about 200 miles North of San Francisco. These people have been here for about two weeks 24 hours a day. Thanks to all who do the work of occupation. One fellow recommended moving my money OUT of the Bank of America and into a local Credit Union called CCCU. Good Idea. The money stays in Humboldt County and they are NOT planning to charge for the use of a debit card.

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