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I’m in favor of Genetic Engineering of Humans. Let’s Design Better People… Smarter would be Great!

April 19, 2018

At Humboldt State University I took a class in Ecology. We would read a book or an article and have group discussions about it. We read ENOUGH! by Bill McKibben and that book opened up the subject of ACTUAL Intelligent Design of Humans… and Animals… and Plants…

ALL the other students were against genetic engineering of People… Their main objection was that it would be Racist… People would choose Blond Hair, Blue Eyes and White Skin… OR Redheads…

Others feared Frankenstein Monsters that would cause problems… For Example: What IF they don’t like us and decide to exterminate all currently living people to be replace by super humans…

However, I believe that we need smarter humans to solve the problems we have created… Global Warming will not be solved by the same thinking that created the Industrial Revolution.


Trump’s “base” is the 1% [the super rich]. They pretend that his “base” is uneducated white people but that’s a misdirection.

August 6, 2017

Like a magic act, they use misdirection to keep our attention focused on what they want us to see, not what they are really doing. Note that the Environmental Protection Agency has switched mission from Protecting the Environment to enabling corporations to increase profits by reducing expenditures for cleaning up pollution caused by their factories.

The Department of Education has switched mission also. It used to be about educating students but now it’s all about increasing profits for “Charter” Schools and reducing the quality of Public Schools through the concept of “School Choice”. Go Figure. That mission changed when Trump appointed a lobbyist as Secretary of Education. “Charter” Schools are often used to promote Christianity.

New Poster. “The Queen of the Mushroom People”

November 27, 2011

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