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Area 101 – an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center on the Redwood Highway in Northern California

March 5, 2018

Peace and Love:

Not Just a Good Idea but

a Practical and Efficient Way of Life.

Welcome Sign: Area 101

Eyes on the Garage

Main Mural

This is a Multi Religion Campground-Meeting Place

Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Aliens and Ganesh


Jesus Blesses the Weary Travelers

Ganesh Temple

Closeup Photo of Ganesh,

an Elephant God

Mary Stained Glass Window

Side View of the Ganesh Temple

Note the Seashells

Da Vinci’s Man on the Restroom

Long Hair, No Genitals… Go Figure…

Shower Room and TeePee at the Campground Entrance

Inside the TeePee looking UP

Buddha at Area 101

detail of Buddha’s Head

Peace Heart made out of Christmas Tree Lights


yet another Buddha in the Garden

Official Website:

We are an all-faiths Spiritual Sanctuary and Event Center dedicated to Personal Growth & Spiritual Enlightenment. We host regular healing and wellness gatherings, music performances and counter-culture events.


AREA 101,

54895 HWY 101


Tel: (707) 984-9174

and furthur up the road towards Eureka,

a fake cop car covered with stickers

at The Peg House Store…

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