Communication with the System. Attention vampirestat and google

How to Build Your Own Wealth Distribution System- From the 1% to Me and You. With the help of vampirestat

Build a Popular Website and sell advertising space to Politicians.
[Like This Blog]

Money Flows from political candidates that want to advertise on the internet… to Me and Google.

Step #1: Build a blog like this one and allow Google to display 3 adsense advertisements.

Step #2: Add interesting Blog Posts and attract many viewers.

Step #3: Cash your check from Google.

DISCLAIMER: I did this last election and allowed Mitt to buy $100.00 worth of ads… I will NOT be doing this program again. I’m teaching You how to Do it for Yourself.
Link to Official Website Above. Vote for him!

Keywords: wealth, redistribution, system, politics, campaign, learn, how, blogger, adsense, free, money

or… How about attracting the attention of computers… like… known blogger annoyware…

false traffic reports vampirestat
vampirestat [dot] com creates false traffic reports on my blog. CEASE and DESIST vampires… Does anyone know how to kill this vampire website? They “visit” my blog and pretend to be a REAL HUMAN looking at my words and pictures. Yet, this is just a computer program collecting statistics about the blogosphere in general… While they are not EVIL, they do annoy.

Summary of Comments: Ignore them and they will go away in a month… Unless I want to Attract their attention then… Build a Vampire Trap! and there it is… the endless hyperlink loop…

I should focus my attention on creating great content… Like:

DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS in the statistics page when you notice a lot of visits by vampirestat. That just causes more visits.

I deleted the original post because it has become the #1 most popular page… and I believe it is all referrer spam. Let them see a 404 not found instead.

and this technique worked. My vampirestat traffic has ceased.

so I copied and pasted these search results from a Google Search. About 21,400 results (0.52 seconds)


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