EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigns in Disgrace… Policy of Enabling Polluters likely to continue… New Head of agency, Andrew Wheeler, is a former COAL Lobbyist, Climate Change Denier…


“Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss” – Lyrics from The Who Song “Won’t Get Fooled Again” 

Coal is the Main Cause of Global Warming

The new EPA chief is just as bad as Scott Pruitt as far as POLICY goes… Let corporations Pollute at will and let them save the money spent on keeping the ENVIRONMENT Clean. Remove Regulations on Water Pollution, Air Pollution allowing PROFITS TO INCREASE at the expense of PEOPLE’S HEALTH. Increase Fracking, Offshore Oil Wells on BOTH COASTS and allow Mining on public lands… 

A Total Disaster for People and Animals… a great increase of Corporate Profits. This is Trump’s Bizarro World.

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