Cut Defense Spending by 400 Billion Dollars

I applaud President Obama’s Idea of de-funding the DoD. Many of the proposed projects are total wastes of our taxpayer’s dollars. For Example: Buying new aircraft carriers. Gee, don’t we have ENOUGH obsolete hardware already? We should refund the money to the taxpayers and we promise to spend it feeding our families, paying rent and putting gas in the car so we can get to our jobs… THAT would get the economy moving… We would spend it on useful things, or useless stuff, but we would employ clerks in stores and farmers…

Send President Obama a message: Cut spending at DoD and DEA. Do it for the KIDS!

We also could employ Americans growing Industrial Hemp. NO ONE can give a valid reason for Industrial hemp being illegal. I challenge ANYONE to tell me a reason.

Smart Idea: Legalize Industrial Hemp


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3 Responses to “Cut Defense Spending by 400 Billion Dollars”

  1. gregvan Says:

    Read more at: North American Industrial Hemp Council

  2. gregvan Says:

    It is possible to make rope out of hemp. or we can continue to make rope out of nylon, a plastic that comes from OIL. Nylon does not bio-degrade well. When a hemp rope has outlived it’s usefulness it returns to the Earth and adds nutrients to the soil. That’s the basic choice… Send money to Saudi Arabia to buy their oil or grow hemp here in the USA. NOT ONLY ROPE… also fabric, paper, medicine, food… Industrial hemp is a great opportunity for the USA to do the right thing. read more:

  3. hoboduke Says:

    The USA has paid and continues to pay for foreign military bases all over the world. We have sons and daughters dying all over the world. The World War II defense strategy may have needed armored forces all around the globe to protect borders. Let the foreign countries invest in their own peace of mind. If we come home, a lot of our money comes home too! The foreign countries not only get protection FOR FREE, but they get our money spent in their countries too! I propose that we host foreign military bases from Russia, China, and India in the USA to protect us. We will get their money,and reduce our military budget!

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