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Is it possible to make a recreational drug from industrial hemp by extracting the THC?

June 21, 2013

Senator Dianne Feinstein believes hemp should remain illegal to grow in the USA due to the possibility of people making hash oil… It seems impossible to me… Most hash oil recipes use THC rich marijuana, NOT industrial Hemp. What is the truth? email me at gregvan [at] yahoo [dot] com

Who could possibly be in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal? Corporations that are in the business of incarceration. Follow the money: Law Enforcement makes money by arresting people, bringing them to trial and then warehousing them in jail. While REAL crime is on the wane, cannabis arrests are easy and low risk. REAL criminals are often dangerous.

Corporations that make products that compete with hemp. Let’s suppose the corporation makes paper, rope, cloth or medicine… Those businesses would lose sales to hemp. Who makes these products? The Koch Brothers. Paper Towels… Oil… Polymers…

and who makes Nylon Rope? Dupont.

and who makes Cotton Clothes? and if farmers made cloth from hemp… the cotton business would have increased competition…

and… Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporations. Imagine if a patient grew their own medicine? No profit for the pill makers… Some medicines are extremely addictive and dangerous to the health of the patients… All the makers of opium based medicines would face increased competition from the medical marijuana industry.

and… Recreational Drug Manufacturers… Beer, Wine and Whiskey… If there was FREEDOM OF CHOICE, many people would leave the booze on the shelf. No Cirrhosis, No Hangovers, No AA meetings…

and… Criminals who currently grow and sell Marijuana. Big Business here in the USA and Mexico. HUGE.

and… The DEA seizes property…

and… The ATF sells guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. Operation Fast and Furious…

That’s who is in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal.

Legalize Marijuana 2012

February 13, 2012

Write to the President... email, USPS, Smoke Signals... Whatever works.

Legalize the Kind Herb

December 31, 2011

Feel free to "pirate" this image... Have FUN.

2012. Big Election Year for Freedom of Leaf.

December 27, 2011

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from

November 14, 2011

Scroll down to see the image… Too much whitespace… 

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from

Tax Hemp Campaign Buttons for sale. MANY OTHERS ALSO.

November 6, 2011

2012 The year we Regulate Marijuana Like Wine...


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TGAN by gregvanderlaandotcom

August 20, 2011

A Science Fiction Story: Chapter Zero.

“You are under arrest” said THE MAN.

“Eat Lead, Copper.” said Merle Wayne Day.

and THE MAN did…

They were at a remote marijuana plantation in Humboldt County and Merle was not about to let Federal Law Enforcement interfere with his profit.

Too Bad, So Sad for THE MAN’s next of kin but everyone voluntarily selects their own career… It appears that  THE MAN’s choice was not the most brilliant idea.

The next puzzle was how to dispose of the body… Ecologically…

This area of the woods is home to BEARS and BIGFOOT… Someone was going to get a free lunch… and here comes one now…

“DANG” exclaimed Susan “These reality TV Shows are SOOOOO predictable… The criminal always gets caught in the end. BORINGGGGG. I’m changing channels right now. ”


“Whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Oh Boy, A Space Opera. ” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Who are you talking to?” aske Bob as he entered the room with a pizza, six pack of Sierra Nevada Beer and a big ol’ bag a weed…

“Nunya Beeswax” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-KA BLOOOEY!” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Wow, Look at that!” said Bob.

“The SLIME from the dead alien is dripping onto the floor” said Susan.

“And it stinks” said Bob.

“That’s ABSURD. These new TV sets from [product placement] with ‘SMELL-O-VISION’ are more trouble than they are worth.”


TALKING HEAD: “In other news, Dr Ron Paul has accepted the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States.  We go live to the convention floor where a riot has broken out. ”


“Wait a second, go back to that news report. That’s an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.”

“Oh don’t be surprised, it’s FOX news… they often write fiction and present it on the TV as news. ”

“Are you sure? They seem so sincere.” said Bob

“Yep, they have meetings, get blasted on mind altering substances and write collaborative fiction…” replied Susan

“Sounds good to me. Would you like a puff?”

“Yes. We’ve got some fiction to write ourselves… because this story is starting to drag.” Exhaled Susan

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Let’s watch CNN, they tell the truth…


“In other news, President Obama Legalized Medical Marijuana today. Stating, “I was wrong… I asked my doctor and she said there IS medicinal value to Medical Marijuana… So we have stopped the DEAth Squads… ” said the talking head.

Oh… CNN has gone NATIVE also… have we a distortion of the spacetime continuum? asked Susan.


To be continued… Same Bat time… Same Bat Channel…

WordPress delivers higher ranking on Google Image Search

May 16, 2011

It seems to me that images published HERE show up more than any other free webpage.

Thanks,  Wordpress. I’m promoting my webstore.* 

I figure with the TINY sales actually made on my zazzle webstore, advertising for pay is out of the question. I tried the $75 free Google adwords and have received many visitors… If I was actually paying for that service I would be taking a loss on my store everyday… While I recommend the free trial, be sure to cancel before they start charging you real money.

Learn MATH... It will serve you your whole life...


Yes, I had a fun evening playing with my image manipulation program… I could have wasted my life with a video game but it has been delivering error messages instead of fun. One fact of life to consider, If you do “cloud computing” all your work has to travel thru the internet to the server where your program resides. If you use WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX, you do not need to wait for all that communications software to perform. Often, the internet is simply broken here in Eureka, CA due to the fact that there is ONE fiber optic cable connecting us to the world. Conclusion: Think  Inside the BOX. Do your work on your own machine, save it on your own hard disk and then later… PUBLISH.

Avoid computing “FADS” and do what works best. Sure, I appreciate the fact that other people will give me disk space for free. Thanks. That way I have a safety backup if my machine fails. No, not IF… When. It is a certainty that my machine will fail so it makes sense to store your stuff “in the cloud” in many places…  Picassaweb, Office Live, Yahoo… Remember, if you just store it in one place, they can delete your files at any time. For example: GeoCities… So make multiple copies and store in many places… GEE, that sounds like the Human Brain and Holographic Memory.

image search gregvanderlaan

May 7, 2011
Go ahead... do the image search... gregvanderlaan

feel free to copy and paste this image at will

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Federal Police Attack the Weak Intentionally

May 1, 2011

With CRAZYLAWS[tm] we have the Federal Government arresting Medical Marijuana Patients. Amazingly, they feel that attacking the weak is a good idea… I can see their point, what’s someone who is dying of cancer going to DO when the Police break down their door in the middle of the night… They certainly can’t fight back. It’s a low-risk law enforcement task… If the police tried to arrest Murders, that’s dangerous… so they enforce laws where the victims are defenseless. Hauling bedridden grandmothers off to jail… What a bunch of Freaks.

Schedule #1 Drugs Have No Medicinal Value. That's a False classification for Hemp.

Cut Defense Spending by 400 Billion Dollars

May 1, 2011

I applaud President Obama’s Idea of de-funding the DoD. Many of the proposed projects are total wastes of our taxpayer’s dollars. For Example: Buying new aircraft carriers. Gee, don’t we have ENOUGH obsolete hardware already? We should refund the money to the taxpayers and we promise to spend it feeding our families, paying rent and putting gas in the car so we can get to our jobs… THAT would get the economy moving… We would spend it on useful things, or useless stuff, but we would employ clerks in stores and farmers…

Send President Obama a message: Cut spending at DoD and DEA. Do it for the KIDS!

We also could employ Americans growing Industrial Hemp. NO ONE can give a valid reason for Industrial hemp being illegal. I challenge ANYONE to tell me a reason.

Smart Idea: Legalize Industrial Hemp

6 petal flower Yin Yang Art

April 25, 2011

Peace thru Art

Mystical Maui… Postcard

January 2, 2011

ART by

4/20/11 “Overgrow the Government” March on Washington.

December 19, 2010

Everyone come to the giant protest march at our nations capitol. It will be a fun time for the whole family. Legalize Marijuana Nationwide.


You could organize your own local protest march… Here in Humboldt County California we traditionally meet at the JAIL~~~> 5th & ‘J’ Streets, Eureka…

Starting 1/1/2011 possession of less than an ounce is a $100.00 ticket in California. No jail time, No court appearances, No bail bonds, No criminal record… and you do not have to leave the event you are attending… OH HAPPY DAY… Decriminalization of Marijuana is the LAW. Thanks Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You are Numero Uno!

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

Free the Kind Herb!

legalize marijuana worldwide

legalize marijuana worldwide

Earthquakes and global warming: Linked?

February 7, 2010

Is there a cause and effect between the two? anyone know?
Write to me at: gregvan[at]yahoo[dot]com

Let’s suppose you take a balloon with two parallel lines on it. If you inflate the balloon the lines become farther apart. Now, suppose the lines are fault lines and the balloon is planet eARTh. If the fault lines move farther apart would we not get more slipping? more eARThquakes?

This question does not involve any discussion on causes of global warming… As we all know, The GLOBAL WARMING ON MARS is not due to air pollution… or greenhouse gasses.. or Driving cars… We have photographic Proof that MARS is heating up and the ice caps are shrinking… What we really need to do is start building THE SPACE PARASOL.
It’s cooler in the shade…

Human behavior has no effect on Global Warming

Human behavior has no effect on Global Warming

click here to learn about the SPACE PARASOL

Patriotic Bumpersticker: Tax Hemp

June 5, 2009
Red and White, Blue Suede Shoes... I'm Uncle Sam, How do you do?

Red and White, Blue Suede Shoes... I'm Uncle Sam, How do you do?

Hemp for Victory. This is a bumpersticker for sale on

DO NOT PASTE THIS ON A CAR! That would attract attention from police and lead to you getting busted for the kind bud.

Even if you don’t have any of “The Nice” they will stop you for having a bumpersticker… Clearly a person that supports Sound Fiscal Policy: Tax Hemp, is a danger to the New World Order and should be stopped by the police…

Got Budget Crisis? Tax Hemp!

May 16, 2009
Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Arnold Smoking Grass in the Movie "Pumping Iron"

Yes, That is a REAL picture of a Wisconsin Tax Stamp for a producer of Marihuana… Yes, That is really Governor Arnold… “Yes, it’s real grass and I inhaled” is what he says… Go Ahead Arnold, Tax Marijuana… the state needs the money.

Rebus: a Wingding Picture Puzzle…

May 7, 2009
a Wingding Picture Puzzle asks: What Rules the World?

a Wingding Picture Puzzle asks: What Rules the World?

Hidden under the yellow Wingdings is the answer in

Backwards Writing-gnitirW sdrawkcaB.

Print picture and hold it up to a mirror to see the answer…

Not only do you see the words, but you also see an example… Yourself!

Sure, Chemistry and Physics are powerful forces… but without an observer…

Who would admire their greatness?

Grateful Dead Lightshow Image

April 26, 2009
Psychedelic Art-Eye in the sky 420

Psychedelic Art-Eye in the sky 420

At a show I saw this image projected on a movie screen behind the band. Later I found out that there was no movie screen or lightshow of any kind… My girlfriend insisted that it was all in my mind… She was right but what a dull way to live… without hallucinations. BLAH!

dancing fool at the rock concert

dancing fool at the rock concert

Visit my main website for more GR8FUL DEAD Tales and Rainbow Gathering Pictures.

Ballet Dancers-psychedelic art by

April 26, 2009
Alien Ballet Dancers trip the light fandango

Alien Ballet Dancers trip the light fandango

Many thanks to the programmers at gimp, paintdotnet and adobe for creating such wonderful art manipulation programs.

Hours of fun for the whole family…

For more PSYCHEDELIC ART please visit

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