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Magic Mushroom Visions: Original Potatoshop Creations by Purple64ets… Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics: Let Doctors and Patients Decide for Themselves…

July 4, 2018
Bubble Up – Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan
Rainbow Gathering Utah – Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan
FireDance – Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan
BoinkFest 2025 – Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan

Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics: Great Book: “How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence”

July 4, 2018

How to Change Your Mind is a singular adventure into the experience of various altered states of consciousness, along with a deep dive into both the latest brain science and the thriving underground community of psychedelic therapists. Pollan introduces us to Silicon Valley professionals who take micro-doses of LSD to inspire creativity and innovation, seekers hoping for a mystical or religious experience, and terminal cancer patients who have had their fear of death diminished by a single psychedelic experience. Pollan also sifts the historical record to separate the truth about these mysterious drugs from the myths that have surrounded them since the 1960s.

A deeply researched and deeply personal exploration of human consciousness, Pollan’s “mental travelogue” is not just about psychedelic drugs but also how, in a world that offers us both struggle and beauty, we can do our best to be fully present and find meaning in our lives. In conversation with Alix Spiegel, co-host of “Invisibilia” and a reporter for NPR’s Science Desk.

I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior in 1976. If Christianity turns out to be the correct Religion, I’m Saved! but I’m Betting on THOR… Valhalla I am coming.

April 9, 2018

I was living with my first ex-wife and she was into me becoming a Baptist and I was interested in sex with her so… I went forward at a meeting, joined the choir and then got bored with it all… we rarely attended. I did like Communion… It’s a make believe Vampire, Cannibal Cult! Pretend to drink a persons BLOOD and Eat a persons BODY… OOOH! That’s Creepy!

However, I much later I did become addicted to crack cocaine and when I wanted to stop I went to a Baptist Church and gave my addiction to Jesus, and never smoked crack again. That evening I went to the Pink Floyd “concert” called “Welcome to the Machine” and that helped also because it gave me something to distract my attention while I was suffering thru the withdrawal symptoms. Another time I went to the Presbyterian Church founded by Annie Bidwell in Chico and prayed that God would find my friends a JOB… and later that week both Manuel and Victoria were employed. A miracle…  Not only that but if I ever stub my toe or hit my thumb with a hammer I shout out JESUS!

If the Hindus or Buddhists are right I’m set to reincarnate as a human or better because I’ve lead a good life. I have NOT killed any people but have eaten a few hamburgers… I love Bacon too… Oh Well… Maybe I’ll come back as a Cow… and then a Hamburger myself…

If the Mormons are right, I’m not in luck. I liked meeting the Mormon people in Utah but I just can’t believe that God is an Extraterrestrial… Moroni from a star in the constellation Orion… Not very likely to be true.

However, maybe the “Ancient Alien” theorists are right. There sure is a lot of really strange evidence of Alien Visitation… For Example: Why did Mexicans, Cambodians and Egyptians all build Pyramids? What is their purpose? Did they have Alien Help?

If Islam is correct I’m screwed… But then, their Religion JUST SUCKS.

I have a few members of my family that are Jewish and I think that on Judgement day they will let me in. I’ve been nice to them and that’s important in a world where some people put them in gas chambers and kill them.

Of COURSE, Gaia makes a lot of sense. I can really relate to the fact that all plants and animals are brothers and sisters… I really GROK this idea when I’m in a Redwood Forest. I lived on the edge of a second growwth forest for 15 years and I “owned” a specific tree in Eureka. I sat on it daily and smoked cigarettes… I sat on it more often that anyone else so it’s MY TREE and I’m It’s Human. I will share that tree with our cat Meadow as she liked it too.

Then there are the Goddess Religions… Thankfully, I’ve met a couple of Goddesses and I sure am glad. One was nicknamed “Nature Nurse”. She became my Second Ex-Wife.

Another was Ja-Kay R. from Chico. We played the drums in a band in Paradise, California  and performed “Miserlou” at the Farmers market in downtown Chico. A beautiful Blond Nordic Goddess.

Another was a GURU/Teacher named Sonya Sophia who lead a group healing seminar at the Utah Rainbow Gathering. I also bought admission to her weekly internet sessions where we studied “Tapping” a self-help Acupressure technique… I did that for about a year and learned as much as she could teach. “I Love and Accept Myself”

Rastafarians? Sure, I’ve smoked a lot of reefer… I can play reggae music… it’s got ONE CHORD! Easy but I find it boring even when I’m stoned.

Pastafarians? – The Flying Spaghetti monster is a good joke.

The Church of the Subgenius? OK, another good joke.

I’m a registered Minister in the Universal Life Church. Why Not?

Scientology? No thanks, that “E-Meter” is BOGUS science and I know enough about electrical engineering to see that the great OZ is just a man behind a curtain… It’s a GREAT religion for L. Ron Hubbard but not for any of the followers.

Timothy Leary and LSD? Ultimately it was disappointing and just an aamusing ride… Nomore meaning than a good roller coaster…

Ram Dass? He took a lot of LSD and then went all the way to India to find a GURU… Then he learned to “BE HERE NOW” from a 6 foot 7 inch surfer from Laguna Beach. He could have saved a lot of time wasted on air travel if he had just gone surfing in California FIRST and Ignored the Indians…

Ken Kesey and the Grateful Dead… Fun to dance to rock music on LSD. However it all has the creepy feeling that it was just an experiment in the CIA Project MKULTRA. What IF we dosed millions of people Nationwide? Would that be useful as a Weapon of War? Make the enemy too stoned to fight?

Surfing as a religion? Yes, that makes sense. Or to put it more simply, doing what you love to do as a way of life… Playing the ukulele or throwing pottery or oil painting or computer programming or dancing or bicycle riding or snow skiing or camping or taking photographs or … etc etc etc… Yes there is a bliss when a person is doing something they love and are totally focused… TIME itself seems to pass more rapidly… I have experience this myself while programming graphic arts… Suddenly hours have passed while I was “in the zone”.

A Christian fellow was giving a lecture at Humboldt State University one time and he said that there was only ONE WAY to go to Heaven, Jesus. He said that you couldn’t find God by Mountain Climbing OR Drugs… What he forgot to mention was finding God by Mountain Climbing AND Drugs. BOTH! at the same time! It’s not an either/or question… I have hiked to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite on LSD and I”m really glad I did…  He also said that Premarital Sex was a SIN. Like, BAD and you shouldn’t do it. What an Idiot. I bet that attitude prevented him from getting laid.

Remember, Bill Wilson invented Alcoholics Anonymous while tripping on Belladonna and Henbane. Both POWERFUL Hallucinogens. He saw the “White Light” and had a vision of God. Me TOO! Me TOO! LSD, DMT, Peyote and Magic Mushrooms all give you a vision of God. I do like AA so Bill’s Trip was a great help to mankind.

Once I read a book called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz and there was a lot of Toltec Wisdom there.

Another Book Series: The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda… Yaqui Indian Brujo Wisdom

I’ve played the Father Drum with Native Americans and THAT was “Big Medicine”…

“The Temple of the Screaming Electron” and Digital Immortality. Ray Kurzweil plans to  upload your entire Brain to the Internet and Living forever in the cloud.  I’m working on that too with my Blog by typing almost every event in my entire life and every opinion I’ve ever held…

So, if you don’t like your God simply FIRE him and Write your own Religion!

Read more of my Autobiography at:

Who said: “I KNEW there was something they weren’t teaching us in school” attributed to Jerry Garcia about his first LSD Experience?

March 4, 2018

At the end of the movie “Orange Sunshine” there was a lot of interviews with the members of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love…

One man made that statement… I can’t find any verification on the internet using Google Search…
Maybe it was said by someone else… It’s possible that the man interviewed was simply confused about history…

“For me it was a profoundly life changing experience. It has a lot to do with where I am now and why I’m here and why I do what I do and it all fits in and it was all happening as I was making the decisions to become who I am, you know what I mean? So it all steered me directly into this place.” – Quote from Jerry Garcia

from the Relix interview…

The last thing I want to ask you about, this is sort of an odd question but it’s a simple one: Why are you giving me this interview?
I want to be able to say to people in this time, with the big “Just Say No” where everybody is so roundly against drugs, that, hey, not all drug experiences are negative. I would like for that minority voice to be heard. Some drug experiences are quite positive and can be life-enhancing and can be pleasant and can be not dangerous and don’t necessarily promote criminal activity.
One of the quotes that I read was that you realized there was more than we’d been allowed to believe.
Who allows us?
That’s what I wonder. Who is the guy, where does it say, even in the ten commandments, “Thou shalt not get high. Thou shalt not change your consciousness” ? Who says? The way I understood it, it was helpful to change your consciousness sometimes.


Is there a cure for Compulsive Hoarding of Money Syndrome?

March 4, 2018



What if Donald Trump experienced a Dramatic Change of Values? The CIA Project MKULTRA had a technique for doing that… What IF?

Great Books: Project MKULTRA CIA LSD American History “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” by John Marks

MKULTRA: a CIA Mind Control Project in the USA during the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were looking for a way to use drugs as weapons of war. For example: LSD as a way to simply get the “enemy” to lay down their arms, voluntarily… like, too stoned to fight…

The project conducted tests on college students at Stanford University. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter both were employed. Later, Ken started having “ACID TEST” parties where the participants took LSD and danced to the Music of the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead.

Just co-incidence?
or were “the sixties”
a CIA experiment to test MKULTRA?

Source: The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks.

Coloring Book Election 2016 – Arcata CA

March 19, 2016

EYE in the Sky.

December 25, 2011

“When you Spy on the Government, it’s a Felony… When they Spy on YOU, it’s a Patriot Act.” – Quotations of

The Men who Stare at Goats is a really funny Movie.

November 19, 2011

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from

November 14, 2011

Scroll down to see the image… Too much whitespace… 

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from


July 24, 2011

Think 4 Yourself and Question Reality

Psychedelic Poetry

June 30, 2011

ceremony and ritual: a story…

adrenaline, seratonin,synapses on fire !

adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!

adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!
adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!


This was written after attending a Grateful Dead concert in JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was sitting up above the crowd in the bleachers and could see the dancers move more enthusiastically during peaks of the music… less motion during gentle passages… as the dynamics of the improvization ebbed and flowed, the dancers moved accordingly… like sea anemones moving in the currents of the ocean… I also mention the Spectrum in Philadelphia… It has many blinking advertisements for Atlantic city casinos in the area where refreshments were being served…


image search gregvanderlaan

May 7, 2011
Go ahead... do the image search... gregvanderlaan

feel free to copy and paste this image at will

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3 spirits artwork

April 26, 2011

We Three Queens of Orient "R"

6 petal flower Yin Yang Art

April 25, 2011

Peace thru Art

We Are All One NECKLACE.

January 2, 2011

There is room in our tent for you. Inspired by my GBLT friends… BUT it certainly applies to all…

We are all one

There is room in our tent for you.

Psychedelic ART available for sale as jewelry… or a button…

May 30, 2009
I've been facinated by rainbow Squiralism for years. Squares rotated and resized.

I've been facinated by rainbow Squiralism for years. Squares rotated and resized.

In this case, I took a picture, then resized it slightly smaller and rotated it slightly. Then repeated those actions. In paint dot net it’s a ctrl+shift d z once you set up the factors… SQUIRAL… Learned the idea from a “basic” programming book designed to help TRS-80 users. I really liked basic… and made screensavers to demo the computers I sold when working at Radio Shack… One thing about the RS Computers, they really hit the nail on the head with “The Sensation”. That was the first computer for sale to the public that had a cd-rom drive in it… quite a good idea!

On a different subject, I googled the name of this blog and find that it’s a common slogan… Earthday Everyday

here is a link the the US Department of Energy… and a lovely Illustration in that “isometric” art style…

Dear President Obama: Grateful Dead reunite. THANKS! You did it…

May 2, 2009
Saint Francisco CA named for Saint Francis...

Saint Francisco CA named for Saint Francis... somehow that fits perfectly...

The Grateful Dead reunited to play a benefit concert for the Obama campaign. Now I see that the dead all got to visit the White House for a special tour. I hope they had a moment or two to discuss policy… LIKE: Tax Marijuana…Perhaps this is the time to legalize LSD for medical use. For Example, in psychotherapy it could be useful… we just do not know… there was some interesting research being done in the 1960’s but then the government FREAKED OUT and made LSD illegal.

“When in danger, when in doubt, run in circleS, scream and shout!”

and that is exactly what the US Government did by making LSD illegal… PANIC!

Thank YOU President Obama for reuniting the Grateful Dead.

Thank YOU President Obama for reuniting the Grateful Dead.

MKULTRA: The CIA/LSD mind control project that escaped the laboratory and got out onto the DANCE FLOOR!

April 29, 2009
Think for Yourself and Question RealityThink for Yourself and Question Reality...

Words of Wisdom... by Timothy Leary

MKULTRA: a CIA Mind Control Project in the USA during the 1950’s and 1960’s. They were looking for a way to use drugs as weapons of war. For example: LSD as a truth serum to aid in interrogation or as a way to simply get the “enemy” to lay down their arms, voluntarily… like, too stoned to fight…

The project conducted tests on college students at Stanford University. Ken Kesey and Robert Hunter both volunteered to eat LSD and other mind control drugs and report on the effects. Later, Ken started having “ACID TEST” parties where the participants took LSD and danced to the Music of the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter wrote lyrics for the Dead.

Just co-incidence? or were “the sixties” just a giant experiment to see what would happen???

The OSS (predecessor to the CIA) agent Edward Hunter created a new word for the English Language: BRAINWASHING: to cause a person to radically change their beliefs… They wanted to test if it was possible to cause people to start believing what they were told to believe… useful for control of a nation of sheep…

We can see that many people believed the LIES told by George Bush and voluntarily supported the invasion of IRAQ… Congress funded the war and teenagers joined the ARMY because they BELIEVED THE LIES! Two people are required for LIES to be effective… The TELLER of the Lies and the BELIEVER of the Lies.  It would be a good survival strategy to become skeptical. That way, you don’t end up a gullible fool.

“Think for Yourself and Question Authority” -Timothy Leary

Would the knowledge learned by years of research be useful in our present day war in the Middle East? Could we use psychedelics to reduce the will of the enemy to fight? Change a whole culture into Pacifists?

What would happen if ten million muslims ate LSD ? Would they put down their guns and pick up a guitar? Write some POETRY? Become HIPPIES?  READ MORE at:


Grateful Dead Lightshow Image

April 26, 2009
Psychedelic Art-Eye in the sky 420

Psychedelic Art-Eye in the sky 420

At a show I saw this image projected on a movie screen behind the band. Later I found out that there was no movie screen or lightshow of any kind… My girlfriend insisted that it was all in my mind… She was right but what a dull way to live… without hallucinations. BLAH!

dancing fool at the rock concert

dancing fool at the rock concert

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“found art” distortion effects in photoshop yield a iconic image…

April 26, 2009
Just twhirling and waving and zig-zagging in photoshop… looking for ideas…silly art that uses whimsical ideas to represent images...

silly art that uses whimsical ideas to represent images...

This is a classic example of doing random photoshopping and looking for images that represent a graphic idea. I saw a head of hair when I mirrored this abstract pattern and added butterfly eyes and a silly smile…

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