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Mystic Crystal Revelations: Cosmic Visions by Purple64ets… Having FUN with Computer Art… Quest for Magic

July 4, 2018
Toltec Brujo Visions:  Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Eye in the Sky –  Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut… Not Upon the Hole

Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan

Text Art (~);-}      Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Twister – Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan

Photoshop Tutorial: Improve Portraits of your Friends… Improve Computer Performance: Delete Cookies, Restart Browser.

April 19, 2018

How to make everyone look better in Potatoshop. Resample image Height=106% Width=94%. Suddenly, Everyone got Taller and Thinner! It’s a Magic Trick. Do not tell your friends THAT it was done.  In order for this to really work, they must remain unaware.

They Just Think, Hey I look good!

Works in almost every photo image processing program.

Try blurring the cheeks and forehead on your friend’s faces.  Instantly Younger…

Eat Girl Scout Cookies – Delete Computer Cookies.

Internet Troubles? Fix Edge-Chat-Error… Delete Cookies, Restart Browser. Save Passwords but delete all unneeded files.  Fixes a LOT of problems… Why does Facebook store Thousands of thumbnails on my computer? Could I simply decline to store that useless information, supposed to fire my imagination… Adobe Flash gives control of that option.

Brookings Oregon

A Five Star Experience!

Just over the border [Welcome to Oregon]

~~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~


She said: “I question my beliefs. Do You?”

He said: “Sure, I Also question your beliefs… Duh”

She said: “What I meant was… Do you question your OWN beliefs. ”

Lie with Statistics – Learn How to Create Misleading Bar Charts – use a Photograph instead of a bar… constrain porportions/aspect ratio to exaggerate change.

March 5, 2018

Bar charts that use a resized photograph instead of a bar Automatically give the viewer an exaggerated idea… RESIZE the photo using constrained proportions. This gives the illusion that a increase of Two times is displayed as a Four times increase in area. This technique was used a lot by the newspaper USA TODAY.

Normal, Accurate Bar Chart.

Distorted Chart Using a Re-Sized Photo instead of bars in the bar chart. Double the Height = Four Times the Area. Visually Exaggerating Change. It’s an Illusion. A Magic trick. The viewer automatically assumes that the change in data over time is much more significant that actual reality.

Compare the two charts. What do you see? Report results in the comments section below. It appears to me that the bottom chart shows a situation that is More Significant than the top chart…

I learned this from Dr Kim of Humboldt State University. Thanks! Dr. Kim.

“TGAN” by greg vanderlaan – A silly Science Fiction Story:

March 4, 2018

Chapter Zero:

“You are under arrest” said THE MAN.

“Eat Lead, Copper.” said Merle.

and THE MAN did…

They were at a remote marijuana plantation in Humboldt County and Merle was not about to let Federal Law Enforcement interfere with his profit.

Too Bad, So Sad for THE MAN’s next of kin but everyone voluntarily selects their own career… It appears that  THE MAN’s choice was not the most brilliant idea.

The next puzzle was how to dispose of the body… Ecologically…

This area of the woods is home to BEARS and BIGFOOT… Someone was going to get a free lunch… and here comes one now…

“DANG” exclaimed Susan “These reality TV Shows are SOOOOO predictable… The criminal always gets caught in the end. BORINGGGGG. I’m changing channels right now. ”


“Whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Oh Boy, A Space Opera. ” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Who are you talking to?” aske Bob as he entered the room with a pizza, six pack of Sierra Nevada Beer and a big ol’ bag a weed…

“Nunya Beeswax” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-KA BLOOOEY!” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Wow, Look at that!” said Bob.

“The SLIME from the dead alien is dripping onto the floor” said Susan.

“And it stinks” said Bob.

“That’s ABSURD. These new TV sets from [product placement] with ‘SMELL-O-VISION’ are more trouble than they are worth.”


TALKING HEAD: “In other news, Dr Ron Paul has accepted the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States.  We go live to the convention floor where a riot has broken out. ”


“Wait a second, go back to that news report. That’s an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.”

“Oh don’t be surprised, it’s FOX news… they often write fiction and present it on the TV as news. ”

“Are you sure? They seem so sincere.” said Bob

“Yep, they have meetings, get blasted on mind altering substances and write collaborative fiction…” replied Susan

“Sounds good to me. Would you like a puff?”

“Yes. We’ve got some fiction to write ourselves… because this story is starting to drag.” Exhaled Susan

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Let’s watch CNN, they tell the truth…


“In other news, President Obama Legalized Medical Marijuana today. Stating, “I was wrong… I asked my doctor and she said there IS medicinal value to Medical Marijuana… So we have stopped the DEAth Squads… ” said the talking head.

Oh… CNN has gone NATIVE also… have we a distortion of the space-time continuum? asked Susan.

legalize marijuana spinner



Butterfly Freedom ART and Rainbow Spiralism

January 12, 2015
psychedelic art

Butterfly Freedom original Potatoshop Creation

more art at:

psychedelic art

Full Moon over The Math Mountains

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psychedelic Art

Butterfly Freakout

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psychedelic ART

Rainbow Spiral in Pastel Colors

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Free Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan

January 10, 2015
psychedelic art

Ghost Over Misty Mountains

psychedelic art

Floating over Rainbow World

psychedelic art

Pyramid Power

psychedelic art

Space Colonization is our destiny


January 8, 2012

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