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Gavin Newsom for Governor of California in 2018… President in 2020… He’s Smart, Digital, Young and We Get Jennifer Siebel as FLOTUS.

July 6, 2018

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom…

She’s not on the ballot, but this woman could be ‘front and center’ in the governor’s office

In California, We can vote for Gavin Newsom for Governor in 2018 and then President in 2020.

May 2, 2018

He can beat Trump if Trump is still President then… Gavin is Smart, Digital and Handsome. He could start the New Age of CAMELOT 2.0… He is one of the first of Generation X to step up and lead. Please ask your friends and family to VOTE. Like and Share this message. 2018 is OUR YEAR!

Gavin Newsom for President in 2020

25th Amendment – How to replace a president who has health problems

July 17, 2017

There are a few ways to remove Trump from office… Impeachment is the obvious first choice but Disability has potential… If he becomes bored with being ‘resident he can voluntarily step down. He has a history of declaring bankruptcy in business deals, would this be any different? If his cabinet agrees that he can’t do the job they can force him to quit. If he goes to a hospital for example… Not that unlikely as he is older than dirt and lives a high stress lifestyle… He cannot serve if he is locked up in Jail…

Disability Clause
The 25th Amendment provides two remedies when a president is disabled. 1. The president of his own volition may turn over the power of his office to the vice president. 2. The vice president, with the assent of a majority of the leading members of the cabinet, may make himself acting president on a temporary basis.

Bubble Up Economics

June 9, 2012

What IS “Bubble Up Economics” and how does it work? Simply put, increase minimum wage and all those workers will have more money to spend at American Businesses. The increased sales will cause a need to hire more workers. The increased profits will cause more money to be paid in taxes and increased earnings by stockholders. Everyone WINS.


We have tried “Trickle Down Economics” for decades and it has clearly failed. Why not try something different? I have found that when I try something and it fails, and then I try the same thing and it fails again and the it continues to fail for the third, fourth and fifth time… It’s time to notice the trend and try something different. DUH.

Who could possibly be in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal? Corporations that are in the business of incarceration.
Follow the money: Law Enforcement makes money by arresting people, bringing them to trial and then warehousing them in jail. While REAL crime is on the wane, cannabis arrests are easy and low risk. REAL criminals are often dangerous.

Corporations that make products that compete with hemp. Let’s suppose the corporation makes paper, rope, cloth or medicine… Those businesses would lose sales to hemp. Who makes these products? The Koch Brothers. Paper Towels… Oil… Polymers…

and who makes Nylon Rope? Dupont.

and who makes Cotton Clothes? and if farmers made cloth from hemp… the cotton business would have increased competition…

and… Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporations. Imagine if a patient grew their own medicine? No profit for the pill makers… Some medicines are extremely addictive and dangerous to the health of the patients… All the makers of opium based medicines would face increased competition from the medical marijuana industry.

and… Recreational Drug Manufacturers… Beer, Wine and Whiskey… If there was FREEDOM OF CHOICE, many people would leave the booze on the shelf. No Cirrhosis, No Hangovers, No AA meetings…

and… Criminals who currently grow and sell Marijuana. Big Business here in the USA and Mexico. HUGE.

and… The DEA seizes property…

and… The ATF sells guns to Mexican Drug Gangs. Operation Fast and Furious…

That’s who is in favor of keeping Cannabis Illegal.

Re-Elect the President. Obama 2012.

February 11, 2012

Click on the picture to see it bigger...

Go Ahead, PIRATE this image and share it far and wide… what would REALLY be nice would be if people would MODIFY IT, deface it andĀ satirizeĀ it… GO NUTS! We will win this 2012 election and President Obama will enjoy 4 more years…

Classic Rainbow Squiral. (a Spiral made of Squares)

President Obama. A Man of Action

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