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Gavin Newsom for Governor of California in 2018… President in 2020… He’s Smart, Digital, Young and We Get Jennifer Siebel as FLOTUS.

July 6, 2018

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom…

She’s not on the ballot, but this woman could be ‘front and center’ in the governor’s office

One of my favorite synthesizer performances was when I took a battery powered analog synthesizer [SH-101] to the banks of the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA in the middle of the night and made “spaceship taking off” sounds…

April 9, 2018

I was right across the river from DARPA and my goal was to FREAK THEM OUT. DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and they are most famous for inventing The Internet. They also invented Agent Orange and that was pure EVIL but… you can’t win them all. I had battery powered speakers and I made a really loud noise… might have been audible at the Lincoln Memorial… The basic idea behind “Spaceship” sounds is to turn the resonance of a band pass filter all the way up. That causes a sine wave with the frequency determined by the center point of the filter. Analog synthesizers have a Modulator that changes that center point. The note selected on the keyboard also determines the pitch… You have probably heard this sound on the Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations” oooh ooohhh oooh oh oh… Or Emerson, Lake and Palmer [the ending to “Lucky Man”].

Another performance was outside a Mickey Hart Concert at George Washington University. A few hours before the show a group of Deadheads formed a drum circle on the street. I brought a set of Chamber Chimes and made tinkley sounds in time to the beat. Usually a Chamber Chime player keeps the wooden bar horizontal but I held it vertical sometime to cause a more focused clank-clank… I did not have a ticket to the show so I walked over to the White House and Lafayette Park… amazing the tourists…

I took my acoustic guitar to Lafayette Park often. One song that got a good reaction from the crowd was “Deal” by the Grateful Dead. After I was finished singing a man complemented me on my song about a DEER. I also played outdoors at Wolf Trap and sang “Me an Bobby McGee” with all the La-di-ye-has sung correctly at the end of the song… At Merriweather Post Pavilion at the Grateful Dead Concerts. I had a 12 string and was sitting on top of my car strumming away when a passerby said that it was the most beautiful sound he had EVER HEARD… about 15 minutes earlier he had heard Jerry Garcia… I was honored. He was probably tripping on acid…

Read more of my autobiography at: 

I remember playing “Witchy Woman” in Chico, CA on Main street with a college girl… Busking for spare change…

April 9, 2018

When she sang I expected to see her head spin around like the exorcist… She was an enthusiastic singer and we collected a LOT more money when she was performing than when I sang solo.

I also played “Witchy Woman” with Mike Gardener (Lou’s Son) after the AA meeting at Campfire Council Ring in Bidwell Park. Then we played “Keep your Lamps Trimmed and Burning” to bring the listener back into the LIGHT… Send them into madness then bring them back with an Old Negro Spiritual..

I had a meaningful AA meeting with Lou Gardener. He was the Chairperson and we were discussing making amends. The 12 steps says you should make amends to PEOPLE where needed but it DOES NOT say anything about making amends TO CORPORATIONS. How would you even do that? Should you do that at all? Do we have Freedom to Screw Over Corporations at Will? Who did I really harm? The Stockholders? It was an interesting conversation… His advice was that IF it was bothering me and making me feel guilty THEN I should make amends to someone… Maybe an employee in Management… but if it did not bother my conscience, just let it fade into the past. The point of making amends is to help you stay sober and events that don’t bother my conscience are not really significant. He also recommended I stop bragging about my life of crime…

Other songs that were fun to play in public were… “People Are Strange” by the Doors, “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles and “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show…

Read more of my autobiography at:

Compulsive Hoarding of Money Disorder leads to global economic collapse.

April 6, 2018

We have let the 1% steal all the money and now the people have no bread to eat… “Let them eat Cake” is the not the answer.  The solution? Bubble UP Economics. Raise Minimum Wage. Raise all wages for all employees. They would spend the money increasing profits at local businesses… increasing need to hire more employees to serve the increase of customers… increasing taxes paid… everyone wins.

Bubble UP Economics. Raise Minimum Wage.

Learn more:

Compulsive Hoarding of Money Disorder Button

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Visit Dogs Against Romney at the link above.

Horses are against Romney too. Read the news about Ann’s Horse…  Mitt Romney, Michael Milken… The only difference is that Mitt has not gone to prison yet.

Think for Yourself and Question Reality – Carousel of Progress at EPCOT

April 6, 2018

Long Ago, When The Government Said: ‘Go To War’, You Just Went. Korea is a classic example. Does anyone know what the Mission was? Was it simply to give script writers help with the MASH TV Show?

Fighting Communism? What a Pathetic Joke!

I’d Rather take a ride on the Carousel of Progress.

In the Sixties, the General Electric Corporation Built a ride for the 1964 World’s Fair. It featured a Typical American Family traveling thru Time. Each diorama depicted a different era and the Technology Used by that Family to make life easier… Every time the audience rotated to view a new scene, they played the song… The Goal of the exhibit was to show how GE Technology had improved the quality of life for YOU and I… The exhibit was moved to Disneyland and EPCOT after the World’s Fair Ended.

The ’64 World’s Fair was also used as a set for the movie ‘Men in Black’. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones protected the Earth from Aliens.

********* (~);-} *********

Who said: “I KNEW there was something they weren’t teaching us in school” attributed to Jerry Garcia about his first LSD Experience?

March 4, 2018

At the end of the movie “Orange Sunshine” there was a lot of interviews with the members of The Brotherhood of Eternal Love…

One man made that statement… I can’t find any verification on the internet using Google Search…
Maybe it was said by someone else… It’s possible that the man interviewed was simply confused about history…

“For me it was a profoundly life changing experience. It has a lot to do with where I am now and why I’m here and why I do what I do and it all fits in and it was all happening as I was making the decisions to become who I am, you know what I mean? So it all steered me directly into this place.” – Quote from Jerry Garcia

from the Relix interview…

The last thing I want to ask you about, this is sort of an odd question but it’s a simple one: Why are you giving me this interview?
I want to be able to say to people in this time, with the big “Just Say No” where everybody is so roundly against drugs, that, hey, not all drug experiences are negative. I would like for that minority voice to be heard. Some drug experiences are quite positive and can be life-enhancing and can be pleasant and can be not dangerous and don’t necessarily promote criminal activity.
One of the quotes that I read was that you realized there was more than we’d been allowed to believe.
Who allows us?
That’s what I wonder. Who is the guy, where does it say, even in the ten commandments, “Thou shalt not get high. Thou shalt not change your consciousness” ? Who says? The way I understood it, it was helpful to change your consciousness sometimes.


Things I Remember Growing Up in Los Gatos, California… during the 1960s

March 4, 2018

I enjoyed growing up in Los Gatos starting in 1960 until graduation from LGHS in 1972… an Ideal Childhood… Then I Went to West Valley College, learned electronics and got a job at System Industries in Santa Clara… I live in Orangevale, CA (Near Sacramento) in an Old Folks Home. Quite a life and I’m looking forward to at least another 20 years of retirement… One peak experience in Los Gatos was attending the Tower of Power concert outdoors at the Chateau… In the Redwoods…  I remember going with Rich Field to the Tower of Power Concert and we saw how they achieved the flute to trumpet blending on “Diamonds Sparkling in the Sand”. One man walked towards his microphone while the other walked away… both were playing the same note… This amazed Rich as he was a jazz band member at school and this effect was a mystery to him until we saw it done… I also remember that the Hells Angels and The Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle clubs both arrived at the concert at the same time and I was concerned that there would be violence… so I walked to the other side of the concert as far as possible away from them…. Years later I learned that they OFTEN partied together at the Chateau and my fears were unjustified…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember playing my harmonica at a school play with Barry Hill. It was called “Sneaky Fitch is Dead” and I had a great time performing… We also performed “Hippie from Olema” by the Youngbloods at a talent show in the high school gym. Rich Field and Nancy King and Rachael Ludlum were also in the band.

Many of the students performed as Spearchuckers and Slaves in the Opera “AIDA’ at the San Jose Civic Auditorium. There was a touring opera company that filled the stage with locals… They instructed us to move our mouths BUT DO NOT SING… They had a choir that did the singing and we would have just been annoying and off key. Since the big scene we were in was when the hero came back from the Middle East with the spoils of war, we had to cover our bodies with dark brown stage paint… We were supposed to be playing the part of black people… I had long blond hair but they just tucked that up under a hat… Big Fun… Liz Dunbar was in the Opera also [LGHS ’73]

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember going to a wonderful natural hot spring in Pfeiffer Big Sur State park. We hiked 12 miles into the Ventana Wilderness along the Big Sur River to get to “Sykes” Camp. The Park Rangers kept the Hot Spring maintained so that about 6 people could bathe at the same time. I went with my high school friend Joe Franck, his older sister Peggy and their cousin Katie. At our campsite a raccoon started to eat our food and Peggy went to shoo the raccoon away… The raccoon turned and hissed at her and bared it’s claws… She screamed really loud and in the end, we fasted for a couple of days… Wild animals would win any fight…
I also saw a cat that was about the size of a toy collie… I guess it was a Bobcat, not a mountain lion… There were also wild pigs that ran around at night… In my imagination, they were as big as “Wonder Warthog!”. Also on the Big Sur River close to the Pfeiffer Campground was a swimming hole with a waterfall at the upstream end. Very popular and private… perfect for skinny dipping. I sure hope that the hot springs are still being kept in good repair. It was Well worth the 12 mile hike in… I also went to the campground on the day that President Nixon resigned. I took LSD and had to go lie down in the woods when the hallucinations peaked so I missed the actual resignation. (oops, got stoned and I missed it.) There was great celebration at the campground that night.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

My favorite beach in Santa Cruz was Manresa. It was about ten miles south of town and It always seemed to be sunnier and warmer. It’s a very long beach and you can walk far away from other families. No need to listen to their loud children… I also liked the Boardwalk. In the late 1960’s there was a Funhouse with slides and a giant record player that threw the kids off due to centrifugal force. I also loved the Merry Go Round and the automatic music box. My dad reached his limit when we rode the Wild Mouse. He swore that he would never go on another ride ever… and he never did. The Giant Dipper was a classic wooden roller coaster and vastly superior to the more modern ones that are made of steel (Like Great America). When we went to the beaches North of Santa Cruz we walked thru a Brussels sprout farm. We always ate the fresh sprouts but it was important to remember to wash off the poison in the ocean first. To this day I like Brussels sprouts and artichokes due to growing up near the farms. We grew Apricots at home (4 trees) and cut cots at a neighbors smokehouse. They let us use the sulfur smoker if we worked on their farm cutting cots. There were a lot of prune orchards in our neighborhood. The most famous was on Daves Ave and had the Billy Jones Railroad. We rode the train for a penny… just throw it into a jar…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

Psychedelic Poetry – ceremony and ritual: a story…

March 4, 2018
adrenaline, seratonin,synapses on fire !
adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!
adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!
adrenaline,serotonin,synapses on fire!
This was written after attending a Grateful Dead concert in JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was sitting up above the crowd in the bleachers and could see the dancers move more enthusiastically during peaks of the music… less motion during gentle passages… as the dynamics of the improvisation ebbed and flowed, the dancers moved accordingly… like sea anemones moving in the currents of the ocean… I also mention the Spectrum in Philadelphia… It has many blinking advertisements for Atlantic city casinos in the area where refreshments were being served…

I suffered an adverse reaction to Lithium when I was in a mental hospital. It increased my Paranoia and I became suspicious of my Doctor.

March 2, 2018

The chemical made my emotions more intense. For Example: A scary movie on TV became unendurable and I had to flee the room. I believed that the social workers were NOT on my side but were trying to keep me in the hospital (even though there was nothing wrong with me) just so they would have a large quantity of patients. As if they were commissioned salesmen paid by the head… That could be true but it’s unlikely. Yes, it is true that they justify their paychecks because they have enough patients to treat. Yes, it is true that there is no incentive to cure a patient. However, I have faith that mental health professionals in general are trying to help people. Under the influence of Lithium they all exhibited suspicious behavior. I felt that in order to be released from the hospital I ought to follow orders and do what I was told to do by the Doctors no matter what the side effects were. I imagined that they were all like Nurse Ratchet from “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest”. After 15 days I was released because (surprise, surprise) I did not have any mental health problems.

If you find yourself being prescribed Lithium, I recommend that you question if it is appropriate for you. It’s unlikely that the Doctor will continue to prescribe a medicine that is causing damage to the patient. Yes, it is true that some Doctors are evil but I believe that the majority are attempting to do good.

Under the influence of Lithium every song on the radio seemed to be written for specifically for me and the lyrics showed unbelieveable insight into my life. I would burst into tears over classic rock songs and get all choked up. Yes, it is true that some of those ballads ARE filled with meaning but… I felt like I was experiencing the same level of emotional revelations that one does reading Haiku on LSD. You know that AHA! feeling… Hey, maybe Lithium is good for you but… Think for Yourself and Question Authority…

The reason I was committed “5150” was that I was experiencing a Cannabis Psychosis. The effects of the marijuana wore off when I stopped smoking it. The entire trip to the hospital was an error. My ex-wife thought it was a good idea to have me introduced to the Butte County Mental Health Department. I have not seen her since I was committed against my will and that’s a good thing. Some people are simply toxic and she is one… I have forgiven her as she was tripping on Oxycontin for 20 years and had a lot of mental health issues herself.

Word is out “on the street” that if you are having mental health problems, the LAST place you want to go is Butte County Mental Health in Chico, California.

[CHANT] Hey, Hey, NRA, How many kids did you kill today? NRA chief calls for more guns at school. Arming teachers. Well, that wouldn’t have done anything to prevent the Las Vegas Mass Murder…

February 23, 2018

AND… The Florida High school Murderer was wearing full body armor and a helmet… Teachers with pistols would have had no chance to out gun an teenager with an Assault Rifle. AND… Reality shows that the more guns we have the more likely hood of gun accidents… Suicides… and what if an Armed Teacher “Goes Postal” and shoots up students and other teachers? Who will pay for all these new guns? We already can’t afford to buy basic school supplies like chalk and books… Who will pay for Gun Training? The real solution is LESS GUNS… OUTLAW Assault Rifles and Raise gun ownership age to 21 and increase background checks.
Remember, President Trump signed a Law that makes it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns. People that are getting a Social Security Disability Check for Mental Illness would be allowed to pass background checks. That’s what Trump’s ACTIONS have been… The exact opposite of his words…


Trump’s plan of ARMING TEACHERS is astonishingly stupid. What happens when a student grabs the gun and takes it away from the teacher? The Teacher gets DEAD. Many High School boys are bigger and stronger than their teachers and could wrestle away a gun. This is a classic BONEHEAD TRUMP IDEA… The answer to gun violence is making guns illegal… FEWER GUNS lead to FEWER DEATHS. #OutlawGuns
~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~
Why should we all vote against all Republicrimes Everywhere, Everytime? Because Republicrimes are the paid puppets of the NRA. The Gun manufacturers business plan depend on people that already own guns to buy more guns. Everyone who wanted a gun has already bought one and so the industry depends on people that want to increase their arsenal from 5 guns to 50 guns. The Gun Lobby publishes hysteria producing propaganda about dangerous evil strangers that plan to attack your family. The Brainwashing causes gun owners to spend money buying more and more and more guns to defend themselves from an imaginary enemy… In FACT, having a gun in the house increases the chance of having a gun accident… Families are LESS SAFE with firearms in the house because they are often used upon the family. Get Smart America! #OutlawGuns
~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~

Here in California it is possible to Register to Vote on the Internet. For people that are house-bound this is a way for them to vote by mail. Many old people never go out except to go to the doctor. Many have moved from their family house to an old folks home and need to re-register… Go visit your parents and help them register. This election is extremely important. We all have to join together and throw all Republicrimes OUT! Register and Vote for Green, Democrat or Libertarians…


Trump FAILS to enforce Russian Sanctions Law. Congress passed it, Trump Signed it but NO ACTION HAS HAPPENED.

February 23, 2018

The Deadline to impose sanctions to punish the Russian Government for Meddling in our Presidential Election was OCTOBER 2017… Trump  is behaving like a #PutinPuppet. Why does not the President defend our country from INFORMATION WARFARE? Because he has to do what Putin tells him to do. Like an obedient puppy. Let’s Impeach Trump for Dereliction of Duty. He’s in the Military [Commander in Chief] but he is refusing to follow orders… Lock Him Up, Jail Time in Leavenworth just like any other soldier that disobeys orders. #LockHimUp #BogusPOTUS

~~~~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~~~~

Why should we all vote against all Republicrimes Everywhere, Everytime? Republicrimes oppose FOOD STAMPS… Classic proof that Republicrimes are in favor of EVIL and opposed to GOOD. Food Stamps often are used to feed children. Children learn more at school when they are not hungry. Resulting in a more intelligent generation. Food Stamps also increase sales and profits for FARMERS. Money that would be used feeding children is freed up to be spent on other goods… like shoe, clothes, cars, rent,  bicycles etc. It has been estimated by a supervisor in the welfare office in Eureka, CA That every dollar spent on food stamps increases spending by THREE dollars in our local economy. Stores have to employ more clerks, stockers and truck drivers to handle the increased sales. Those employees receive paychecks that they spend on their own families… Everyone Wins! Remember to VOTE AGAINST ALL RPUBLICRIMES everywhere everytime..

Great Book: “Designing Reality- How to Survive and Thrive in the Third Digital Revolution” Gershenfeld Brothers It’s about Fab-Labs. Quantity of Three dimensional printers are increasing double every 18 months. Just like INTEL did with microprocessors…
Great Book: “Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age” by Leslie Berlin A history of the computer industry from mid 1960’s to 1976… including Genetech. Unknown people in the big startups… #3 at Apple, #2 at Atari etc.
Great Book: “The Know it Alls” by Noam Cohen Another history of Silicon Valley in the 2010’s. Computer Ethics.

Great Band: Sonic Youth. Three electric guitar players, bass and drums. They play elaborate instrumental jams in the grunge style. Frequently the melodies sound like synthesizer sequencers but they are all played live. Angry unintelligible lyrics. I can’t actually tell what words they sing but in general they are upset about something… Great feedback song too. Like Hendrix style noise. Intense.

Great TV Shows: Futurama and Ancient Aliens. Futurama is even better than the Simpsons… And they are both made by Matt G… Ironic Cartoon Shows… Ancient Aliens has a believable premise, we were visited by UFOs long ago and people documented the Close Encounters in The Bible and other ancient books… AND there are many Pyramids worldwide and other strange rock structures that have unexplainable construction methods… Very Mysterious… Why build a Pyramid anyway?

Ezekiel’s Wheel – Cosmic Art by Greg Vanderlaan – Free Clip Art for you to use – Pirate at will!

February 16, 2018
The wingdings say Ezekiel’s Wheel
Fire Wheel burning in the Air
Bubble UP Economics – Raise the minimum Wage
Free Clip Art for you to enjoy… Pirate at will…

Free Art! #DumpTrump #BerserkerPOTUS copy and paste at will… Feel free to Pirate! Mushroom Visions for your enjoyment…

February 10, 2018


Legalize Marijuana Nationwide bill introduced in the US Senate. Honorable Cory Booker author.

August 5, 2017

The US Senate has an opportunity to Legalize Marijuana and Release all Cannabis Prisoners. This would increase tax dollars flowing into the US Treasury and reduce payments for incarceration. It’s a Win-Win bill for the American People. Does Legal Weed help with the Opioid Addiction Death crisis? Would there be less use of actually dangerous drugs like OxyContin and heroin if there was a safer alternative? Watch Senator Cory Booker as a valid candidate for President in 2020. He just might win!

“U.S. Sen. Cory Booker is proposing a far-reaching bill that would both legalize marijuana at the federal level and encourage states to legalize it locally through incentives.
The New Jersey Democrat’s bill, called the Marijuana Justice Act, has virtually no chance of passage in the Republican-controlled Congress and in a presidential administration that’s decidedly anti-marijuana. ”

“Sen. Cory Booker Wants to Make Marijuana Legal Across U.S.— Could That Curb Opioid Epidemic?” – “I’ve seen a lot of very compelling preliminary data that shows there is a drop in opioid overdoses in areas that have better access to marijuana,” Booker said in a phone interview with NBC News on Tuesday, adding that he looked forward to seeing more research.

Free Marijuana – Medi-Cal Covers it.

April 11, 2016

Free Marijuana at the Medi-CAL office. Prescriptions for Medical Cannabis ARE COVERED in California. Stay High, Stay Dry is the patient’s Motto. (name withheld -HIPPA Security Requirement)

If you apply for benefits, it is possible that YOU will be eligible for FREE MARIJUANA. I’ve seen it happen. Try it. Could save you a LOT of money. FREE WEED! $15.00 an Hour Jobs. NorthCoast California is Heaven.

and now… Positive Worldbeat Music by WOMAMA – HSU Students You Rock! Yurok.

Build a Raft out of 12 Empty 2 Liter Coke Bottles and Filament Tape – Fun toy for the beach or pool.

If you took a Thousand empty Coke Bottles and Taped them together you would have an ocean going vessel. Strapping Tape is very tough.

World’s Greatest Pot Pipe – Take a standard Tobacco Smoking Pipe, Remove the stem and force it into a hole in the side of an Orange Juice Bottle (2 Liter)

The smoke fills the bottle and give a BLENDED puff.
Half Air and Half Smoke. Super for Nose Hits.
REMEMBER to smoke Sitting Down.
That way you won’t Fall Down and injure yourself.
The Nose Hit Headrush CAN cause total OOBE.

Butterfly Freedom ART and Rainbow Spiralism

January 12, 2015
psychedelic art

Butterfly Freedom original Potatoshop Creation

more art at:

psychedelic art

Full Moon over The Math Mountains

More art at:

psychedelic Art

Butterfly Freakout

More Art at:

psychedelic ART

Rainbow Spiral in Pastel Colors

more art at:

Free Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan

January 10, 2015
psychedelic art

Ghost Over Misty Mountains

psychedelic art

Floating over Rainbow World

psychedelic art

Pyramid Power

psychedelic art

Space Colonization is our destiny

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