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Mystic Crystal Revelations: Cosmic Visions by Purple64ets… Having FUN with Computer Art… Quest for Magic

July 4, 2018
Toltec Brujo Visions:  Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Eye in the Sky –  Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut… Not Upon the Hole

Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan

Text Art (~);-}      Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan
Twister – Psychedelic ART by Greg Vanderlaan

Top 25 List of Great Artists… with pictures and links… My Favorites!

April 6, 2018

#1 MC Escher


#2 Salvador Dali

#3 Duane Flatmo

#4 Agustus Owsley and Bob Thomas

#5 Hipgnosis

Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey Powell, and later, Peter Christopherson.

#6 Robert Crumb

#7 Gilbert Shelton

#8 Peter Max

#9 Piet Mondrian

#10 Leonardo Da Vinci

#11 Rene Magritte

#12 Andy Warhol

#13 Mouse/Kelly

#14 Wes Wilson

#15 Rick Griffin

#16 Joseph Parker

#17 Thomas Cole

#19 Pablo Picasso

#20 Vincent Van Gogh

#21 Rembrant

#22 Mati Klarwein

#23 John Pugh

#24 Richard Avedon



The unnamed artists at Farmville. Zynga has some REALLY fine art.

 #25 gregvanderlaan*

What if we planted Cannabis in the same Flower Pot as Psilocybin?  Would a new life form evolve?

April 6, 2018

Shared Root Experiment: What IF?

Remember to Place a Beehive nearby.

Keywords: cannabis, psilocybin, cross breeding, Bebop, Cubist, Goofball, shared root system, biology, evolve, hybrid, mushroom, weed, grass, magic, la la la la la la la live 4 today…

Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics.

Why not let Doctors and Patients

Choose Responsibly?

Atomic Sunset in Eureka, CA

Things I Remember Growing Up in Los Gatos, California… during the 1960s

March 4, 2018

I enjoyed growing up in Los Gatos starting in 1960 until graduation from LGHS in 1972… an Ideal Childhood… Then I Went to West Valley College, learned electronics and got a job at System Industries in Santa Clara… I live in Orangevale, CA (Near Sacramento) in an Old Folks Home. Quite a life and I’m looking forward to at least another 20 years of retirement… One peak experience in Los Gatos was attending the Tower of Power concert outdoors at the Chateau… In the Redwoods…  I remember going with Rich Field to the Tower of Power Concert and we saw how they achieved the flute to trumpet blending on “Diamonds Sparkling in the Sand”. One man walked towards his microphone while the other walked away… both were playing the same note… This amazed Rich as he was a jazz band member at school and this effect was a mystery to him until we saw it done… I also remember that the Hells Angels and The Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle clubs both arrived at the concert at the same time and I was concerned that there would be violence… so I walked to the other side of the concert as far as possible away from them…. Years later I learned that they OFTEN partied together at the Chateau and my fears were unjustified…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember playing my harmonica at a school play with Barry Hill. It was called “Sneaky Fitch is Dead” and I had a great time performing… We also performed “Hippie from Olema” by the Youngbloods at a talent show in the high school gym. Rich Field and Nancy King and Rachael Ludlum were also in the band.

Many of the students performed as Spearchuckers and Slaves in the Opera “AIDA’ at the San Jose Civic Auditorium. There was a touring opera company that filled the stage with locals… They instructed us to move our mouths BUT DO NOT SING… They had a choir that did the singing and we would have just been annoying and off key. Since the big scene we were in was when the hero came back from the Middle East with the spoils of war, we had to cover our bodies with dark brown stage paint… We were supposed to be playing the part of black people… I had long blond hair but they just tucked that up under a hat… Big Fun… Liz Dunbar was in the Opera also [LGHS ’73]

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

I remember going to a wonderful natural hot spring in Pfeiffer Big Sur State park. We hiked 12 miles into the Ventana Wilderness along the Big Sur River to get to “Sykes” Camp. The Park Rangers kept the Hot Spring maintained so that about 6 people could bathe at the same time. I went with my high school friend Joe Franck, his older sister Peggy and their cousin Katie. At our campsite a raccoon started to eat our food and Peggy went to shoo the raccoon away… The raccoon turned and hissed at her and bared it’s claws… She screamed really loud and in the end, we fasted for a couple of days… Wild animals would win any fight…
I also saw a cat that was about the size of a toy collie… I guess it was a Bobcat, not a mountain lion… There were also wild pigs that ran around at night… In my imagination, they were as big as “Wonder Warthog!”. Also on the Big Sur River close to the Pfeiffer Campground was a swimming hole with a waterfall at the upstream end. Very popular and private… perfect for skinny dipping. I sure hope that the hot springs are still being kept in good repair. It was Well worth the 12 mile hike in… I also went to the campground on the day that President Nixon resigned. I took LSD and had to go lie down in the woods when the hallucinations peaked so I missed the actual resignation. (oops, got stoned and I missed it.) There was great celebration at the campground that night.

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

My favorite beach in Santa Cruz was Manresa. It was about ten miles south of town and It always seemed to be sunnier and warmer. It’s a very long beach and you can walk far away from other families. No need to listen to their loud children… I also liked the Boardwalk. In the late 1960’s there was a Funhouse with slides and a giant record player that threw the kids off due to centrifugal force. I also loved the Merry Go Round and the automatic music box. My dad reached his limit when we rode the Wild Mouse. He swore that he would never go on another ride ever… and he never did. The Giant Dipper was a classic wooden roller coaster and vastly superior to the more modern ones that are made of steel (Like Great America). When we went to the beaches North of Santa Cruz we walked thru a Brussels sprout farm. We always ate the fresh sprouts but it was important to remember to wash off the poison in the ocean first. To this day I like Brussels sprouts and artichokes due to growing up near the farms. We grew Apricots at home (4 trees) and cut cots at a neighbors smokehouse. They let us use the sulfur smoker if we worked on their farm cutting cots. There were a lot of prune orchards in our neighborhood. The most famous was on Daves Ave and had the Billy Jones Railroad. We rode the train for a penny… just throw it into a jar…

~~~~~ (~);-} ~~~~~

Ezekiel’s Wheel – Cosmic Art by Greg Vanderlaan – Free Clip Art for you to use – Pirate at will!

February 16, 2018
The wingdings say Ezekiel’s Wheel
Fire Wheel burning in the Air
Bubble UP Economics – Raise the minimum Wage
Free Clip Art for you to enjoy… Pirate at will…

Free Marijuana – Medi-Cal Covers it.

April 11, 2016

Free Marijuana at the Medi-CAL office. Prescriptions for Medical Cannabis ARE COVERED in California. Stay High, Stay Dry is the patient’s Motto. (name withheld -HIPPA Security Requirement)

If you apply for benefits, it is possible that YOU will be eligible for FREE MARIJUANA. I’ve seen it happen. Try it. Could save you a LOT of money. FREE WEED! $15.00 an Hour Jobs. NorthCoast California is Heaven.

and now… Positive Worldbeat Music by WOMAMA – HSU Students You Rock! Yurok.

Build a Raft out of 12 Empty 2 Liter Coke Bottles and Filament Tape – Fun toy for the beach or pool.

If you took a Thousand empty Coke Bottles and Taped them together you would have an ocean going vessel. Strapping Tape is very tough.

World’s Greatest Pot Pipe – Take a standard Tobacco Smoking Pipe, Remove the stem and force it into a hole in the side of an Orange Juice Bottle (2 Liter)

The smoke fills the bottle and give a BLENDED puff.
Half Air and Half Smoke. Super for Nose Hits.
REMEMBER to smoke Sitting Down.
That way you won’t Fall Down and injure yourself.
The Nose Hit Headrush CAN cause total OOBE.

In Search of the Dolphin Riff by The Nudie Brose

April 7, 2016


Legalize Medicinal Psychedelics

April 7, 2016

Mushroom Visions: Psychedelic Art

April 7, 2016

Coloring Book Election 2016 – Arcata CA

March 19, 2016

Free Psychedelic Art by Greg Vanderlaan

January 10, 2015
psychedelic art

Ghost Over Misty Mountains

psychedelic art

Floating over Rainbow World

psychedelic art

Pyramid Power

psychedelic art

Space Colonization is our destiny

Question. a Quest for an Ion… Like CERN and subatomic physics…

July 15, 2012

So, there has been great strides forward in physics… The articles I have read make me wonder… since this discovery is of a truly fundamental nature, what IS the Higgs Boson and how will it effect our understanding of reality… It is FUN to QUESTION REALITY.Image

I do not pretend to actually understand what it is that they have discovered but… It seems that this particle is what causes mass to exist at all. AND it helps to explain why spiral galaxies don’t simply expand forever instantly… There is a fundamental mystery being explored there. Thanks CERN. For Your Information: That is where Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He needed a way to navigate easily from one computer file to another… so he invented the LINK. Pretty profound Idea… Here is a LINK:

Directly above is a LINK to my Zazzle Webstore and “Question Reality” Bumper Stickers…

Queen of the Mushroom People

February 6, 2012

Mom says: Eat your Mushrooms! They are a GOOD Vegetable.


Domino Theory 2012. Not so absurd anymore…

February 4, 2012

Consider this scenario:

If Wall Street in the USA fails due to bonehead mortgage lending… and the USA stock market self-destructs, that will cause the Hong Kong Bansai market to collapse… the collapse of the Hong Kong Bansai will cause the German Gotterdammerung Market to falter bringing down the London Picadilly Circus… With currency values plummeting so fast that the pound will only be usefull as toilet paper, the Brazilian ALCOOL futures market will boil over and leave a stinking mess on the floor. As everyone knows, Brazilian ALCOOL is directly related to college frat party drinking of ethanol right from the pump causing widespread panic among people over thirty. Since people over thirty are about half of the investors in feng-shui arrangement services, that entire business will effortlessly re-arrange itself into a zen masterpiece drawn in sand that subsequently gets washed away when the tide rushes in… The other half of the investors in feng-shui services (people under thirty) will start texting each other frantically causing an email flash mob to converge at the corner of 34th and Vine, Los Angeles… there they will demand little bottles of “Love Potion #10″… even though they have never even downloaded the song! RRRRIOT control special forces from Blackwater Incorporated will tazer the mob and they will all be taken away to secret government prison camps located in the Trinity Alps. Displaced Marijuana farmers, freaked out by the sudden population increase of texting nerds, will stop making their income tax payments, get a haircut and get a real job. This will disrupt the delicate balance of power between the Mexican Mafia, the Russian Mafia and the actual Mafia.

In order to keep the balance and prevent the end of Western Civilization, the US government nationalized the banking industry by purchasing banks for $700 billion dollars… causing Communism to have won… The means of production are now owned by the people! Or at least, the financing of production is now owned by the people… or the government… or someone… not you… not me either…

So, you can see that “The Domino Theory” was accurate!
If your pizza takes more than thirty minutes to deliver, you get $3.00 off the price.

If you have never heard of the Domino Theory…
During the late 1960’s a bizarre concept arose among wacky think-tank dwellers, Supposededly, if we lost the Vietnam war, then countries near Vietnam would fall to communism… First Vietnam, then Cambodia, the Laos, then Thailand and they would keep on falling like dominos until Mexico fell and we had communists at our border…

Sure, with 20-20 hindsight we can see that this theory was totally false, but at the time, it was widely believed by the gullible masses…


January 8, 2012

more at

Corn God Indian Mystic Symbol

December 25, 2011

Corn God Flying over the Desert

For Christmas, Read a Good Book…

December 24, 2011

UFO or Magic Mushroom?

More Ezekiel’s Wheel art at: CLICK HERE or More Ezekiel Art painted on Zazzle gifts… CLICK HERE

New Poster. “The Queen of the Mushroom People”

November 27, 2011

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from

November 14, 2011

Scroll down to see the image… Too much whitespace… 

Rainbow Circle Redwood Forest Postcard from

TGAN by gregvanderlaandotcom

August 20, 2011

A Science Fiction Story: Chapter Zero.

“You are under arrest” said THE MAN.

“Eat Lead, Copper.” said Merle Wayne Day.

and THE MAN did…

They were at a remote marijuana plantation in Humboldt County and Merle was not about to let Federal Law Enforcement interfere with his profit.

Too Bad, So Sad for THE MAN’s next of kin but everyone voluntarily selects their own career… It appears that  THE MAN’s choice was not the most brilliant idea.

The next puzzle was how to dispose of the body… Ecologically…

This area of the woods is home to BEARS and BIGFOOT… Someone was going to get a free lunch… and here comes one now…

“DANG” exclaimed Susan “These reality TV Shows are SOOOOO predictable… The criminal always gets caught in the end. BORINGGGGG. I’m changing channels right now. ”


“Whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Oh Boy, A Space Opera. ” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Who are you talking to?” aske Bob as he entered the room with a pizza, six pack of Sierra Nevada Beer and a big ol’ bag a weed…

“Nunya Beeswax” said Susan.

“Whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-KA BLOOOEY!” went the speaker in the TV set.

“Wow, Look at that!” said Bob.

“The SLIME from the dead alien is dripping onto the floor” said Susan.

“And it stinks” said Bob.

“That’s ABSURD. These new TV sets from [product placement] with ‘SMELL-O-VISION’ are more trouble than they are worth.”


TALKING HEAD: “In other news, Dr Ron Paul has accepted the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States.  We go live to the convention floor where a riot has broken out. ”


“Wait a second, go back to that news report. That’s an event that DID NOT HAPPEN.”

“Oh don’t be surprised, it’s FOX news… they often write fiction and present it on the TV as news. ”

“Are you sure? They seem so sincere.” said Bob

“Yep, they have meetings, get blasted on mind altering substances and write collaborative fiction…” replied Susan

“Sounds good to me. Would you like a puff?”

“Yes. We’ve got some fiction to write ourselves… because this story is starting to drag.” Exhaled Susan

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Let’s watch CNN, they tell the truth…


“In other news, President Obama Legalized Medical Marijuana today. Stating, “I was wrong… I asked my doctor and she said there IS medicinal value to Medical Marijuana… So we have stopped the DEAth Squads… ” said the talking head.

Oh… CNN has gone NATIVE also… have we a distortion of the spacetime continuum? asked Susan.


To be continued… Same Bat time… Same Bat Channel…

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