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Nationwide Anti-Trump Protest: Hundreds of Thousands March in the Streets to end “Zero-Tolerance Immigrants Policy”. KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER… ABOLISH ICE…

June 30, 2018
End Trump’s Child Abuse Policy

Protesters march against Trump’s immigration policy

How can we NOT SEE that Trump is taking America into a Totalitarian Future… Secret Prisons, assassination of JOURNALISTS, Rallies with screaming people… Blaming Minority Groups for all our problems…

It’s like Germany in the 1930s… and Drumpf (AKA Trump) wants to Lead a Thousand Year Reich.

Another name that was popular during this period was the term Tausendjähriges Reich (“ThousandYear Reich“), the millennial connotations of which suggested that Nazi Germany would last for a thousand years.

Great News Show: ACT OUT! with Eleanor Goldfield. An alternative to depressing negative newscasts. On Free Speech TV.

April 2, 2018

This week, Margaret Flowers thinks it’s about fucking time we got some more activists in the halls of the mighty – from occupying the streets to occupying Congress. Next up, here’s how you can make your community an anti-corporate land of the free PLUS rice paper against the TPP and finally, let’s google how NOT to be over-consuming, plastic ass hats. But first, YOU ARE an activist.

In this first installation of Act Out! Eleanor takes on a multi-national corporate trade deal and celebrates the effectiveness of a national movement to protect the internet from corporate interests. Breaking down the Trans Pacific Partnership, she hi-lights the work of activists around the country as well as shows you how you can get involved, whether it be a phone call, a meme or a late night adventure. In celebration of the tremendous victory of people power vs. corporate power, she showcases some of the amazingly diverse and creative ways that people worked to raise awareness for and defend Net Neutrality, including dance parties, hand puppets, projections and showing a clip from the award winning documentary, Killswitch. From tweets to marching in the streets, this is Act Out! episode 1!

The Time Has Come for the Violet Overgrow of the Government. Register, Vote and Remove All the Old White Men from Office.

March 13, 2018

Eventually, ALL the Baby Boomers will be dead and UNABLE to rule the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. NOW would be a good time for GEN X to rise up and seize control. Buy Dianne Feinstein a Freaking Rocking Chair and a front porch and she can take up Knitting…

Hey Millennials! Wake UP! We the Baby Boomers have left you a Seriously F*cked-UP Planet… Sorry… But we were really stoned when we were making decisions… OOPS!  Like driving all over the country burning huge quantities of gasoline following the Grateful Dead around… Who could have imagined that all that air pollution would cause Global Warming?

grassley Feinstein 84 years old

Compulsive Hoarding of Money Syndrome CAN BE CURED.

August 5, 2017

While the historical solutions of the USA in 1776 and France in 1789 appear appealing on first glance, they would simply not work in a global economy of 2017. A 12 step program might be more efficient. Greed Freaks Anonymous can help the most absurdly addicted capitalists.

Occupy the Voting Booth

January 3, 2012


Imagine the effect of an Occupation at every polling place nationwide…

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